Who Was Behind Roger Kwok’s Kidnapping in “Dead Wrong”?

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Who Was Behind Roger Kwok’s Kidnapping in “Dead Wrong”?

A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄> has strong competition. Netizens are now sweeping discussion forums with their thoughts and feelings after watching TVB anniversary drama Dead Wrong <致命復活>, which premiered last Sunday. Despite its low debut of only 1.36 million viewers (at 21.1 points), thousands of more viewers are tuning in by the day.

The Lam Chi-wah (林志華) drama stars Roger Kwok (郭晉安) as Vincent Wai Yat-sing, a business consultant, who was imprisoned for ten years in an abandoned island in Vietnam. He escapes and returns to Hong Kong, only to find that his life could no longer be the same as before. The drama costars Joey Meng (萬綺雯), Kenny Wong (黃德斌), Vincent Wong (王浩信), and Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗).

The first two episodes were aired back-to-back on Sunday night, November 20. The episodes centered on Vincent’s kidnapping, his wife’s attempts to find him, as well as his subsequent escape ten years later.

While it appeared on the surface that Vincent’s kidnapping was due to a mishandling of a client’s case, later episodes that aired this week have shown that there was more to Vincent’s case than it meets the eye.

Two theories have been circulating around the web in regards to Vincent’s kidnapping. The first one centers on Vincent’s wife Cathy (Joey Meng) and close friend Ho-yan (Kenny Wong), whom she later remarries. The theory says Cathy discovered Vincent’s illicit one-time affair with his secretary Ivy (Toby Chan 陳庭欣), and hired a gang to kidnap him. Another theory points at Vincent himself, that he had planned his own kidnapping for an unknown reason.

There are still about 20 episodes left to see if any of these theories hold true.

After the broadcast of the first two episodes, Roger left a message of gratitude to his fans on Weibo, writing, “I’ve received your support and encouragement! Even if it’s criticism, I’ll read it. Thank you! There are still 22 episodes left for you to enjoy! Signed, Wai Yat-sing.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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17 comments to Who Was Behind Roger Kwok’s Kidnapping in “Dead Wrong”?

  1. lileric says:

    The time when Kenny Wong shot that unarmed gang member in the head.

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  2. ivan says:

    Roger deserves best actor for his role in the drama

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  3. funnlim says:

    TVB not that creative so I don’t think either.

    I will say

    1. his partner KK due to business stuff
    2. Kenny because he is in love with his wife. He shot the only guy who knew where he was, so he is suspect. Kenny was also there in Vietnam at that time. Yes he lost his leg but that made him not a suspect, like diverting attention. You don’t get Kenny in a role just to be the understanding nice husband. Moreover when he found out his wife remarried, Joey can’t just go away like that. She is a leading lady so there must be more story to tell.

    I don’t think Roger would kidnap himself. If this is gone girl but twisted, maybe the wife is that insane but I don’t think so.

    By the way why spoil the show with Fala Chen lookalike, Rebecca Chu whose acting is as natural as Roger’s vietnamese? She was god awful. But her cantonese has improved.

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    • kelli replied:

      @funnlim Completely agree with your two guesses. It’s actually pretty obvious that KK was involved from what is shown via the theme song clips, and yes, there has to be more to Kenny’s role than being an understanding/supportive friend and husband. What doesn’t make sense thus far is, why didn’t the person just kill Roger? Why hold him captive for so long and risk the chance of him escaping and getting revenge? What is the motive/reason behind keeping Roger alive? Hopefully there is a reason and not just for the sake of “it’s just a movie”.

      I don’t think TVB can pull-off a Gone Girl-type of story.

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      • m0m0 replied:

        i’d be shocked if they could and even if they did, it’d likely so poorly executed that it’d look like a straight copy of gone girl…. gone girl was pretty darn awesome.

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  4. loveruco says:

    Dont understand what the hype is all about. I watched the 1st 2 episodes n find it boring. Cant continue to watch any further!!!

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    • ivan replied:

      @loveruco the story takes time to develop and this drama is doing just fine at that imo . Also, rogers acting is top notch in here

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  5. funnlim says:

    I fast forwarded a lot because I felt I didn’t need to know. But Roger was magnificent. Ok I shall take a guess, later can come back to compare.

    I did speculate a bit but let me be specific;

    1. KK is the main villain for perhaps business reasons or maybe fraud reasons, I don’t know.
    2. Kenny was in Vietnam when Roger went missing. I feel Kenny agreed to whatever KK was doing because he wanted Joey for himself. Him losing his leg was a diversion. No way you get Kenny in this series and just be the 110% nauseatingly understanding dude. No way.
    3. Kenny will die protecting Joey and she forgives him before he dies. Maybe Joey will die also.

    Ok, that’s as far as I can speculate.

    Surprise me!

    I know I shouldn’t be saying this because it sounds wrong but I feel so annoyed with Roger’s son and Kenny’s cousin and Vincent’s super beyatch female colleague. These 3 just slows the series and makes it nothing to cheer for. I get the kid’s problem but I feel like slapping him. And I want to slap the therapist too. How come Rebecca knows to pull down the curtains to calm that annoying young man and yet the therapist don’t? Perhaps it is time to CHANGE therapist? I can’t stand the cousin for acting cute at moment when no one should ever be cute. I especially dislike that rude female colleague and I am shocked she is not yet fired or someone slapping her.

    And I feel someone please slap the awful sister in law.

    So many people who are so unlikable, I feel sorry for Roger’s Vincent. In some way I am also not liking Kenny because.. well..I get it the wife suffered so much but he took advantage of her vulnerability. In the end she chose him in episode … 7(??) because he did so much for her and she feels grateful. What a way to be in a marriage. Make it even more valid that that guy will do anything to get the girl.

    If not for Roger and Vincent, I would have switched off the TV. The characters are mostly so despicable on so many levels, it feels like this series is trying to hard to be REAL but it just feels a bit caricature. However Roger was superb in the “I lived for you and Chi Chung!!” moment. I feel for the dude.

    Can’t blame the wife. His family as despicable too. Brother a bit but the mother is despicable too for being so weak.

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    • babyfaced replied:

      @funnlim KK definitely is involved. His surgery was so convenient for him to miss the crucial moments in the search and rescue for Roger. He probably wanted full control of the company. Kenny is involved as well, seeing as he headshotted the last person with knowledge of Roger’s location when he could have easily just shot him in the leg.

      Completely agreed on that annoying girl in the company, how can she talk to her bosses in such a disrespectful way or keep bringing up Roger’s 10 year disappearance. That girl would have been fired immediately.

      Sister-in-law is completely unlikable as well, they’re overdoing it so much. She would be sleeping on the streets if not for Roger’s money/insurance, yet is completely ungrateful to him and doesn’t want him to stay in the apartment that Roger’s money probably paid for. Every line she has is a direct attack on Roger. Honestly, her character would have divorced her husband years ago…

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    • hannah replied:

      @funnlim omg completely agreed with all your comments!!! need to get rid of all those annoying peeps.

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    • kelli replied:

      @funnlim TVB always ruins a potentially good story with ridiculously annoying characters (i.e. *itchy girl in the company – who the hell talks like that in a professional environment??) and over-the-top nasty family members.

      Frankly, nobody is really worth watching here except Roger. Joey is not an appealing actress to me (her voice) and Kenny’s wooden face is a poor choice for this particular role. Bad guy or not in this drama, he just does not draw in audiences.

      Unfortunately for Roger, the supporting cast and all the unlikeable characters brings down the drama more than actually supporting it. I will skimp through each chapter and watch only scenes related to the main (kidnapping) story.

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    • elcmei replied:

      @funnlim yes… agree with you. This is not a welcoming drama to worth watching. I am not in favour of Roger Kwok his look appears to me ‘village bumpkin’. Also, somehow his way of talking probably his denture makes him looks funny.

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  6. sherla1019 says:

    Another good drama Rogers acting is excellent the story line is getting more and more interesting

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  7. dramadrama says:

    Just started to watch the first few episodes. The pace is good, so far not naggy. I really wanted to slap the son. Isn’t he just minor issues of autism?

    I think kk is the main mind in kidnapping. Kenny have no participation in it, but he hide clues that can saved Roger in the first place, due to his secret love for Joey.

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    • funnlim replied:

      @dramadrama I really hope Kenny is the ultimate villain. Instead of the love struck villain or the really nice guy and not even a villain. Why? Because I feel with Kenny’s wooden unreadable expressionless face, he can be the ultimate villain. It would make his character scarier where he is willing ti imprison a man for 10 years, even cut off his own leg so that he can get the girl. Like how calculating and manipulative he is that will make viewers perhaps wonder perhaps he did it all for love but you must question a man who is willing to torture someone else that way, someone who can hide in a facade and could be so pretentious, can he really understand the meaning of love?

      Like Bosco’s character. But I doubt TVB will do that. Which is a pity.

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  8. hannah says:

    So far so good! Cant wait to see Vincent to revenge

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  9. smurf says:


    – Roger Kwok as Vincent has been amazing. I think I’m the only person in the world who didn’t like Square Pegs series. I hope he does get recognized for Best Actor in this one.

    – Greedy/selfish sister in law is so overdone and even more overused than evil stepmother in Asian dramas.

    – Was it implied that his brother/SIL actually fake stole half the ransom money?

    – Don’t understand the criticism about wife (Joey Meng’s character) being unfaithful. She fought and risked her life for him, visited Vietnam several times a year leaving special needs child at home with uncaring SIL, and didn’t even get married until he was declared dead for 2 years.

    – HK media is usually all over everything. Dead man comes back to life after being marooned on island for 10 years and not a single scene about the paparazzi chasing him down??

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