William Chan’s Dwindling Popularity

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William Chan’s Dwindling Popularity

Debuting in the music scene in 2004, William Chan’s (陳偉霆) career followed a lukewarm trend for many years. It was in 2014 when he starred in the fantasy action drama Swords of Legends <古劍奇譚> that his popularity skyrocketed and he won the Most Popular All-Around Artiste and Media’s Most Anticipated Actor awards at the 6th China Television Drama Awards. He was labeled as one of the four popular young male stars in China, alongside Lu Han (鹿晗), Kris Wu (吴亦凡), and Li Yifeng (李易峰).

Met with success in acting, William shifted his career to China soon after. However, his popularity may be dwindling in more recent days. He recently filmed and shared a video blog with fans online. In the vlog, William said he will be sharing a “get ready with a popular celebrity” routine. After demonstrating how he washes up and prepares to tackle the day, the video shows William heading out of his hotel. To his own surprise, there were no fans waiting for him outside the hotel.

William jokingly lamented, “Why is there not a single fan during filming today? Yesterday, there were so many. Why didn’t anyone come? It’s probably because it is still too early. Usually, they would wait until night time before leaving.” This segment of the vlog was met with some criticism, with netizens pointing out that perhaps William is too egotistical. On the flip side, however, many fans were supportive of him and praised him for his confidence.

Although the vlog was intended to be a good-natured joke, many are beginning to wonder whether William’s popularity is indeed dwindling in the Chinese market. After filming Age of Legends <橙紅年代> and Only Side by Side with You <南方有喬木> last year, William has not taken on any new filming projects this year.

China is one of the largest entertainment consumers in the world. With its 1.4 billion population, China churns out young new artistes by the dozens every year. In order to secure a lasting position as a leading actor, the 33-year-old actor may need to consider revamping and evolving from his “fresh meat” image.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Huynh or JayneStars.com.

7 comments to William Chan’s Dwindling Popularity

  1. hazel says:

    Ooh, that day can’t come soon enough. I’ve always disliked Taxi Chan; not good looking (has a 賤 look), can’t act or sing. He is lucky that he has EEG backing him and Chinese fans who don’t have taste.

    I was honestly surprised that he gained popularity with Swords of Legend, considering how bad the drama was.

    Also, this video is never not funny.

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    • yoyo replied:

      Wrong, he was paired up with Dilireba in Swords of Legends and they both were not liked in there, instead, ridiculed for their stupid looks in those ugly purple costumes.

      He got known because of the dramas he starred with Zhao Liying. If u think Swords of Legends is bad, Legend of Zu and Mystic Nine are way more worser.

      :’-) :’-) :’-) Haha lol! That video is very funny. At least he can sing. Reminds me of his partner, Zhao whom actually can’t sing. They are a pretty good match. Too bad they didn’t end up together.


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  2. prettysup1 says:

    Actually he is just taking a break from filming now to prepare for his upcoming concerts next year. I don’t think his popularity is dwindling yet seeing the number of endorsements he currently has in mainland China.

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  3. hayden says:

    I always find him overrated

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  4. seriously? are you certain what you’re writing? He’s endorsing many products, an upcoming variety show, and preparing for his concert. It’s not because you can’t see him in dramas it doesn’t mean his dwindling already, lol

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  5. myden26 says:

    I think William Chan should calm down with his arrogance. What is he known for really? His acting is really bad, singing and music is terrible and looks are mediocre. I mean he is not unattractive but he gives off the “f**k boy vibe. It’s probably the thin and curvy eyebrows. Don’t understand why he’s so popular.

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