With Myolie Wu Away Filming, Bosco Wong Parties All Night in a Drunken Stupor

Although Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and Myolie Wu’s (胡杏兒) relationship was emotionally stable, Bosco possessed a playful side which remained unsettled.  Taking advantage of Myolie filming in mainland China, Bosco took the opportunity to party wildly at a Central nightclub, attracting the attention of several sexily dressed women. Drinking until 4 AM, Bosco fell into a drunken stupor, requiring his friends to carry him to the car upon leaving.

Dating for 7 years, Bosco and Myolie were sweetly in love, even regarding each other as marriage candidates. However, Bosco’s wild side still remained unsettled, often generating rumors. As a result, Myolie moved to the apartment unit above Bosco’s apartment in the same residential building, keeping a tab on her playful boyfriend’s behavior.

Praised As Handsome and Requested to Take Photos

Since Myolie was filming for a lengthy period in mainland China, Bosco was unable to spend the Spring Lantern Festival with her. Last night, Bosco and several friends partied at a Lan Kwai Fong nightclub. Despite wearing a cap, Bosco attracted the attention of the patrons upon entering the club. At first, Bosco and his friends entertained themselves in the VIP area. However, when he went to the restroom, Bosco attracted numerous women flanking his side. The women praised him for being handsome and requested to take pictures.

One of Bosco’s male friends attempted to block him from the other club patrons. However, one sexily dressed woman was successful in coming into close contact with Bosco, who appeared to be merrily in conversation.  At this time, a second long-haired woman joined their conversation. Keeping his limits within control, Bosco excused himself and rushed back to his friends in the VIP area.

In A Drunken Stupor

Bosco and his friends continued to drink and laughed loudly. After drinking for more than an hour, Bosco appeared to have gone into a drunken stupor. One friend offered Bosco a hot cup of tea, but he had no response and remained sluggish.

Supported by two friends on both sides upon exiting the nightclub, Bosco’s body went completely limp. Escorted by four friends, Bosco was driven home by one of his male friends.

Contacted by the press the next morning about being flanked by women at the nightclub, Bosco said, “Several of my friends from Malaysia came to Hong Kong, thus we went out together. Actually, it has been a long time since I have gone out [to a nightclub]!” When it was pointed out that he was so drunk he had to be carried by his friends into the car, Bosco said embarrasingly, “Ha ha, yes I was asked to drink a lot, but I was not afraid since there was so many friends present.” (Are you concerned that Myolie will get upset?) “No, I’m not afraid! Myolie also knows my friends!”


Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: Wah, the paparazzi is so efficient. They manage to even get multiple photos of Bosco chatting with friends at the nightclub. Fortunately no “salty pork hands” although he was drunk and he was escorted away by his male friends and not female friends. From the article, his friends seem quite protective of the drunk Bosco.

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    1. If he has good friends…they would have set him up for an orgy with those gals and let him enjoy some real women instead. How can anyone in their right mind get turned on by looking at Myolie….?

      1. Yuaida,
        “If he has good friends…they would have set him up for an orgy with those gals and let him enjoy some real women instead.”

        Orgy? How often does that happen in real ife? Coupled with your other messages, maybe you’ve been watching too many pornos.

  1. Haha, yes. It seems that Bosco has good friends that protect him and not push him out to mingle with girls since Myolie’s away. It also seems like he’s still coherent to know that he should get away from the girls.

    1. He was coherent to excuse himself because he was still sober, but if it’s in his drunken stupor and unresponsive, he will never realize even if those bold women climb on top of him and take pictures or worse being manhandled like a man doll. Being totally drunk is dangerous!

  2. I’ll never understand the need to drink oneself drunk… and I hope I never do. Ah well, at least his friends were there to keep him safe.

    1. What if he had to under peer pressure??? Many people don’t want to drink but are pressured by others.

      1. Myolie announced in news that Bosco was a party lover young man in his early 20’s during TITS days. Some habits might die hard. Myolie might be severely hurt to see him drunk since she herself is a very well mannered and non party type woman.

      2. I think once in a while is ok. I meanx she also partied after winning best actress. I think, she seems a reasonable girlfr

      3. I bet we will see news of Myolie’s bitter remark at Bosco tomorrow ROFL

      4. @lol

        Nobody force Myolie to pick the wild cat and she knew that he’s a wild cat too. She could’ve chosen the domestic cat like Kenneth but her own choice to pick the wild cat ROFL.

      5. @lychii04

        If your bf constantly having girls ready to jump on him how will you feel and react LOL

  3. He’s lucky his friends act like his bodyguards ROFL! Those are the kind of friends you need!

  4. Bosco is lucky to have such good friends that are there for him when he needed them. That’s what friends are for….

    1. Yes he’s lucky to have those friends who take care of him well and are very protective.

      1. What I hate is how the nightclub women in this news sound like predators who will pounce on the guy if those friends are not around. This kind of news make women look cheap.

      2. The way they praise him sounds fake too. ROFL there are lots of guys more handsome than him even on the streets!

  5. Keep these friends Bosco!!!!
    You need them!

    And what’s with these girls?
    Never see cute guys before???

    1. Not just cute guy, but a celeb!

      I think most guys like Bosco don’t mind the attention.

      1. If the nightclubgirls flank Edison I think he will love it lots more. There might even chance to end up somewhere than just the nightclub LOL

  6. Good job Bosco’s friends!
    Nightclub girls, stay away from Myo’s man!!

  7. As long as not drunk into someone else’s bed, I am sure Myolie thinks it is ok.

  8. I’m sure Myo is ok with it as 7 years is a long time to know and accept a person. Good to destress and let go as long as one’s conduct is under control. Not really a norm for celebrities to party in Chung Wan though, although there are a few members only clubs like Volar. Too much exposure in that area. Usually celebrities go to underground clubs in Wan Chai, TST etc., where they can really be themselves, drunken swearing and all! Lol!

  9. Bosco is so lucky to have great & protective friends. Hope there won’t be new batch of “salty pork hands” photos by the paparazzi or people in the club:)

  10. It seems to be hard to find a friend in Hong Kong. A very normal situation in Asia and people say “good, protective friend.” If they had been protective, then he would have not been drunk

  11. Report asks “Will Myolie gets upset?”


    Bosco answered “No, she knows my friends too…” (but reporter isn’t asking if Myolie will get upset over his drinking session with his Malaysian friends, they were asking whether will Myolie gets upset when he was seen chatting happily with sexy girls!)

    Bosco is really good at “tai chi” answer.

  12. Actually this story could go either way with the press, knowing how they like to spin things.
    Maybe they like Bosco, that’s why this didnt get a negative spin in it. Or his friends REALLY did a very good job in protecting him!

  13. hmmm, is he good looking? he’s not my generations, i still like the late leslie cheung the best.

  14. Jayne, haha..it turns out that the “long haired lady” in this article is the secretary of one of the “business partners” he’s meeting with that night..He pointed it out jokingly in his event yesterday..hahahh..source from below:


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