With Quivering Lips, Shirley Yeung Discusses Spilt In An Exclusive Interview with TVB’s “The Scoop”

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After Shirley Yeung’s (楊思琦) one-sided announcement on breaking up with her boyfriend of nine years, Gregory Lee (李泳豪), her image had been burdened by the scandal. Accepting an interview with TVB’s The Scoop <東張西望>, Shirley’s face was drenched with tears. Explaining the rumors, Shirley reiterated that since last year, cracks had started appearing in her relationship with Gregory.

Asked exactly when the formal break-up occurred, Shirley fumbled that it was during the month of February to March, when she had formally moved out of [Gregory’s] apartment. When questioned why she still turned up at Gregory’s birthday party last month, even though they had already broken-up, Shirley explained, “Our mutual friends were all there. Gregory really wanted me to be there. As a friend, although we had broken-up, I did not want the happy occasion to disappear.” Shirley mentioned that days before her official break-up announcement with Gregory, she had revealed her intentions to do so in a phone call with him.

With her lips quivering, Shirley denied marriage intentions with Gregory. While noting that she could not entirely let go of her relationship with Gregory yet, Shirley stated that she wanted to find someone who can truly take care of her. Asked about third party rumors, Shirley said that there were friends who cared about her by her side. Although she said that she was not pregnant, she liked children and hoped to have children soon. Her family would be very happy if there were grandchildren.

Source: On.cc

This article was translated by Ah K for JayneStars.com

Shirley’s interview on The Scoop can be viewed at below link:


89 comments to With Quivering Lips, Shirley Yeung Discusses Spilt In An Exclusive Interview with TVB’s “The Scoop”

  1. Ashley says:

    I have never comment anything before but this is the first time. Shirley is all fake, all her crying on the interview. She is the worst. She makes me want to vomit. She is disgusting. Making All Women including me feel ashamed. She has no dignity. Cheating on your bf of 9 years. No shame at all. She has the guts go on tv , pretending to be sad, hurt . All lies n fake. I think she won’t has any futures on being actress . Sorry Shirley u have no future, u cAn be with the scumbag Andy. He is ugly. He is the worst man on the planet . U can be wit him , u guys deserve each other. Andy is such asshole, Scumbag. What goes around, come around, soon or later he will dump u. Shirley has a pretty n cute face , but underneath , just an ugly,***t ,*****h. U won’t have a future been actress u can go depend on your ugly bf Andy, he will dump u. I feel sad n bad for Gregory. U will find someone better than this girl, she doesn’t deeserve u. Shouldn’t feel sad . It takes time to recover, there are plenty of fishes in the ocean . Hope u will feel better. Good luck wit ur career. Feel like you will be more successful than ur ex and the ***hole Andy

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    • jayne replied:

      I edited your comment to hide your e-mail address in the user name, which I think may have been an accident since it is your first time posting. Next time you post, make sure you only have Ashley in the “Name” section and not the entire e-mail address, as your computer cookie may remember the past info you entered.

      Since Shirley agreed to appear on a television interview, the first intention is to clarify the situation to her favor and try to salvage her image. Of course, she would deny the third party and pregnancy rumors (if they are true), which are the most damaging.

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    • Kas replied:

      Shirley might be fake, so is Gregory and everyone in this industry.

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  2. jayne says:

    I took liberty in editing Ah K’s translated article from on.cc, which was released prior to Orientaldaily’s more detailed article. Since the video clip of the entire interview was available, I added the below info (extracted from the interview video) to provide the critical points in Shirley’s interview:

    1) Shirley said she can not entirely let go of past love with Gregory, but she was interested in finding someone who can take care of her due to her advanced age of 33. She denied being pregnant but she hoped to have children soon, which would make her family very happy.

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    • Ah K replied:


      Sure sure, of course, I won’t mind! ((:

      In fact, I think I shouldn’t even have been credited cause you did a great job of adding significant details from the “Scoop”‘s actual interview of Shirley
      to the article! Heehee! I’m just riding on your coat tails lahs! 🙂

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  3. jayne says:

    Shirley’s interview was obviously released in an attempt to salvage her image. If she owed an explanation to anyone, it would be to Gregory. She has been ignoring his calls and messages. Allegedly, Gregory’s emotional state is very unstable, even to the point where his family is afraid he may commit suicide. If there is anything Shirley owes Gregory, it is a better closure so he can move on with his life.

    From the interview, Shirley mentioned twice that she wanted to find someone who can truly take care of her. This implied that Andy Ng can take care of her better, whether due to his better financial status or take-charge personality. She denied marriage intentions with Gregory, but his entire family was under the impression that marriage was forthcoming, even 1 month prior to their official break-up. Along the way, Shirley must not have made her intentions clear, if she was decisive to begin with, and misled Gregory and his family. It is one thing if Gregory were in denial, but his entire family was as well?

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    • pandamao replied:

      I’ve been in relationships like this. The guy is a coward and falsifies the truth to the parent in hopes of exerting some pressure on the girl.

      I don’t believe Gregory was truly blind sided as he claims, instead, he ignored the signs and shrugged them off as minor hiccups in all relationships. Men are infamous for doing this. There reaches a tipping point where the girls slowly become available on the market.

      No one wants to cheat … Shirley was with him for 9 years. I’m sure she suffered equally in this whole fiasco.

      Shirley had to do something big to shake Gregory up and make him face reality, this was it! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

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      • hailee replied:

        i agreed with you…he knew it all along but hes now taking the pity card…peeps always be attacking the girls but never the guys side…only they really know wat happened…and he is definitely one of those guys who think she will never leave his ass since they been together for so long…and she may have said its over but to him its watever she’ll always run back…whether pregnant or not…im going with shirley on this one…

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      • Kas replied:

        Can’t agree more. Seeing Gregory playing pity here, I just have to say that Shirley had done the right thing to leave him, even risking her image. Risking her image better than staying with this man.

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    • Sammie replied:

      Jayne, your website is awesome. 🙂 Anyway, what the family think and what Shirley WAS thinking of doing are two completely different matters. Obviously the George’s family wanted Shirley to marry him but hey the girl has to think about her future….Gotta admit Shirley was not very convincing during the interview. I hope this drama ends soon as I’m tired of reading about them. A not so pretty Miss Hong Kong and a down and out actor who was only famous when he was a child should not dominate the news.

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  4. AC says:

    Hmm.. I don’t know what to believe, especially since I don’t think Shirley is a good enough actress to fake the tears for this interview. haha

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  5. Lola says:

    She says her family will be very happy if she has children soon. Will they really be happy if she got pregnant by another man so soon after breaking up?( if she isn’t pregnant already) That would clearly prove she has someone waiting on the side. I think what she did to gregory was s*****. Only time will tell. She can’t hide a baby bump forever. We can do the math even if she announces marriage and then has a baby right after.

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    • Economist replied:

      She’ll probably have an abortion.

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  6. gwen says:

    she is an actress ..of course she will be able to fake the tears..anyway guess people should leave them alone and let them sort out their problems..time will tell whether she is pregnant or now fankly i think marriages for actors and actress never last due to other attractions good luck to shirley we don;t know the truth wwhy she cheated on gregory..perhaps gregory is not such a good boyfriend after all nine years take her for granted and don’t give her a sensce of security and she on the other hand still looking for bigger and richer fish…marriage is a business transection and investment.who can blame her for it take no sides

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  7. ohno says:

    i guess for Andy, who says money can’t buy love? it can even buy someone else’s girlfriend of 9 yrs. sorry, interview or not, i ran out of pity for Shirley at this pt.

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  8. Joan says:

    Shirley was never a really good actress, she’s lying through her teeth!

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  9. spectator says:

    I watched the video, from about the 1:54 mark where she starts breaking down it tears, it just seems a bit fake. Just my opinion though..

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  10. JJ says:

    It seems very clear that by her looking for someone who can “take care” of her is likely to be in monetary terms. Perhaps, age is catching up with her and it is now a make or break decision. I feel sad for both parties and hope both find their eventual happiness.

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  11. Mich says:

    I’m confused, not sure which side of the story to believe.

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  12. Cynthia says:

    This whole drama needs to end.

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  13. Funn says:

    Seems like only Shirley and Andy got the memo and everybody else didn’t. Maybe Gregory is some wishy washy guy, but looking at his reaction which I am convinced is sincere and really shocked look, I will say Shirley is now trying to explain something which she should have done properly and thoroughly. And if she looked shifty, she probably is. Maybe Gregory is someone who doesn’t want to accept reality, hence his OTT reaction but I believe Shirley led him on. And I do believe she is or was pregnant. If she isn’t, then I believe she had an abortion. Either that it was a false alarm. Either way, she probably used the pregnancy excuse to break off a relationship she no longer wants but don’t know how to do it.

    Whatever it may be, I find all of them despicable. And I don’t understand why she wants to salvage her image when it is time to retire and marry comfortable if that is what she wants. As far as I am concerned, she is a terrible actress to begin with so her retirement means 1 less annoying actress to look at. Considering her ex future father in law probably has many friends in the industry, I will say she is probably blacklisted now.

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    • yaya replied:

      I totally agree with you. Gregory is in denial right now and refuse to accept what Shirley already made public. However, Shirley probably led him on with those SMS saying she still loves him and what not. The video is so stupid; she says it’s hard for her to let go, but she still does because she needs someone who can care for her. Looks like as she gets older, she thinks money is more important; even more important than how the whole world views her.

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      • spectator replied:

        Well to Gregory’s defence, him and Shirley dated for 9 years. That’s a long time to be married to someone for, let alone date. It’s not really something you can get over in a week and especially since this relationship was (allegedly) broken off in a sudden. Not surprised that he may be in denial at all.

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      • Lacey replied:

        @spectator – agreed with you about Gregory’s situation. It will take him a long time to get over this relationship especially they have dated for 9 years. The wound is deep and what he needs right now is to have a great support system from his family and friends. As for Shirley, she publicly humiliated him. There is a better way for her to end it. This is no way to treat a guy after many years of courtship. Seriously, I don’t think she will last long with Andy. As for Andy, you are a slimeball! Gregory, you deserve better, there will be a nice girl in the near future for you.Shirley is not worth your tears any more. She is history and hopefully she gets what she deserves in the near future. Karma can be a b****!

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    • Sammie replied:

      Spectator, I disagree with your comment. Relationships do not terminate suddenly without multiple snowball of issues forming until the relationship runs its course. Either George has his head buried so deep in the sand he was clueless that his girlfriend wanted out or Shirley has been very successful hiding her other “sweetheart” from him…or….The girl wanted to end the relationship years ago and her man was to wimpy to accept the decision. Either way, no one will ever know the truth except, Georgie boy, Miss (average looking) Hong Kong and Andy Randy.

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      • spectator replied:

        I think Gregory was probably completely heads-over-heels for Shirley at that point. Considering how Shirley still went out with Gregory’s family on a weekly basis until the breakup announcement he probably still thought everything was okay.

        Whether he knew or not, it was a 9 year relationship, it could take weeks, even months till he’s ready to date and move on with his life.

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      • Funn replied:

        My feeling is there were signs but he didn’t see it. And she didn;t make it clear. That’s why if you wanna break up with someone so in love with you, don’t go be friends with them or expect to be friends after a breakup. I can never understand someone who says “Let’s be friends” when you know the break up was not on good mutual terms.

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    • Economist replied:

      Agree with you on the 1 less annoying actress part.

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  14. sehseh says:

    Shirley just applied for 9 months leave. Coincidence?


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    • Funn replied:

      Campur tolak bahagi kali.. it all amounts to the same thing doesn’t it? So her baby is going to be the longest gestation for a baby or a near miracle that it happened?

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      • sehseh replied:

        IF she is indeed pregnant for 2-3 months, taking 9 months leave makes sense as she will need 2 months to recuperate after giving birth.

        Otherwise, she could be ‘looking for a man who could take care of her’ in this period of time… nursing a wounded ima— I mean err, heart.

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      • Kidd replied:

        Sehseh is correct. The time is just right.

        Pregnancy + confinement

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    • Aly replied:

      Taking a 9 months break? What a coincidence. Just enough time for her to give birth and rest. But how would that help the situation? She’s just going to hide in the house all day? As for Gregory, I also believe that he was in the denial stage for awhile. He seems genuinely depressed and lost, but at the same time, I’m sure he must have saw some signs of Shirley’s change of heart. He just loves her too much and was trying to save this relationship. At this point, it’s hard to see which side to believe. Shirley’s responses are very vague and inconsistent with what has been seen though. I highly doubt they broke up already at the time of Gregory’s birthday because I doubt that he would have been all smiley as he was then compared to now when their breakup is official. His demeanor and her demeanor was not consistent with a couple who broke up already. If so, why would Gregory act the way he is acting now? I doubt he is faking it. Why would he cry like the way he is now for the sake of just getting sympathy from the viewers.

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  15. yina says:

    i think the whole celebrity doing interviews to clarify personal issues is really unnecessary.

    however, i did watch that clip. but really in the long run…who cares? i thought she had interesting things to say. but not really. (yea for some odd reason i was hoping i’d be entertained)

    i know the news kept adding on articles, but it’s really hectic seeing all these articles on this site being updated with not much new details to the story.

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    • yina replied:

      can’t there be like 8 of these lil articles compressed into one?

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      • Ah K replied:


        Erm…maybe it’s because I had translated 3 articles about Shirley and Gregory’s news in one go hence the overlapping! Sorry! 😡

        Anyway, I have decided not to translate any more articles relating to this particular ex-couple anymore. (:

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      • josie replied:

        @ah k: oh no, please don’t stop translating articles!

        It’s just a little boring now b/c it’s basically a battle of the waterworks version of “he said, she said.” We’ve grown so accustomed to celebrity scandals that we get impatient waiting for the juicy details to come out.
        Oh well, maybe we can go back and look at Bosco’s naughty pictures in the meantime.

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      • Ah K replied:


        I had the same sentiments as you that this whole Shirley-Gregory issue of “He Said, He Said, He Said and She Said” is turning a little too draggy for my liking, like wth, until today there’s still no confirmed photo of the alleged third party Andy Ng!

        Which is why I have stopped translating articles relating to this as there seemed to be no new and shocking progression to the case but today it seems like Shirley had provided an explanation about why she didn’t clarify the wedding rumors back then, during Gregory’s birthday party.

        Thought it would be nice to hear Shirley’s side of the story for a change but still contemplating whether I should translate but anyway not to worry, I won’t quit translating articles for Jayne all together but probably looking at translating more lightheartened ones or news about other celebrities for a change (:

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  16. Ah K says:

    Battle of the crying skills!!!

    In my opinion, either Shirley or Gregory deserve the best acting award man! One of them must be lying since there is quite a huge disparity between their statements. 

    Shirley, on this hand, insisted that they had broken up 4-5 months ago while Gregory’s last statement was that they only abruptly broke up after Shirley announced her singlehood to the media. 

    Not really sure who to believe since both of them can act really well. If anyone remembered, as a child, Gregory already gave an astonishing performance  in “Looking Back In Anger” as the young Ding Yau Kin. Even in his adult years, he also acted convincingly as an over-ambitious son of a social worker in “The Seed of Hope” and as a patient intent on dying in “Healing Hands III”.  (credits to the respective commentators for listing the shows he acted in)

    As for Shirley, she also gave a resounding performance in the “Brink of Law” as the double-faced Sung Ka-Yee who could be all sweet and innocent in front of everyone but faking a tear and all evil the next. (probably one of her best performance to date) and in “Forensic Heroes II” where she played Sharon the sweet-faced popular singer who was actually selfish and manipulative in real life. 

    Not to doubt Shirley but evidence seemed to prove otherwise. Back in the article, “Shirley Yeung and Gregory Lee to Get Married Soon”, on Gregory’s 31st Birthday Celebration (the case in point), 
    “Realizing that reporters were still present, Shirley smiled and linked arms with Gregory while chatting with reporters. Asked about their wedding plans, Gregory said straightforwardly, “Yes, we will get married.” (When will the wedding take place?) “Very soon””

    If they have already broken up back then, and insisted that she was attending his celebration as a capacity of a friend, why did she even link arms with Gregory? It’s as akin to giving him false hopes after a breakup.

    When the reporters asked about their wedding plans, Shirley was just directly beside Gregory, so if they had broken up, why didn’t she just come up with some excuse to leave with Gregory, instead of letting Gregory rattle on and on about their wedding plans (that won’t happen if they have, as Shirley said, broke up) to the reporters? 

    “When Shirley was asked whether Gregory had already proposed, she did not reply but looked sweetly at Gregory, who added, “Anyway, we will let everyone know when the time comes.””

    If they had already parted ways, why didn’t Shirley say anything back then when asked if Gregory had already proposed? Instead she chose to remain silent and look sweetly at Gregory? Why keep silent then but announced the break up after one month? 

    And in the interview with Scoop, I thought she denied there was no plans of marriage with Gregory? Then, what was the earlier article about them getting married all about? 

     And in this photo (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-dvTsND259MQ/TgvvDah9pfI/AAAAAAAADCI/-vNVahZl2eE/s1600/shirley3.jpg)—-> Credits to tvbnewsworld, it is evident that Gregory had still placed his hand on Shirley’s waist while posing for a photo together, would Shirley allow Gregory to do so if they had already broke up? 

    However, Gregory’s statements has been rather inconsistent too, saying one moment that Shirley did tell him about being pregnant and asking to break up, days before the announcement and then changing his mind and saying that Shirley only notified him via text message after the announcement. 

    And so far, two sources close to Andy have rattled on him while none have rattled on Gregory as yet, does it mean that Andy wasn’t a good person or friend in the first place? 

    And if Shirley wasn’t pregnant, then why didn’t she clarify it in the first place when reporters stalked her neighborhood and asked her about those pesky pregnancy rumors? (re: See article, “Shirley Yeung retains silence over pregnancy rumors”)

    Why did she wait till the “Scoop” interview to deny that she’s pregnant? Was it due to Ms Virginia Lok’s instructions to only give TVB the exclusive coverage? 

    If Shirley’s excuse (on why she didn’t clarify matters back when she was asked about marriage plans on Gregory’s birthday) was that it’s Gregory’s birthday after all and she didn’t want to upset him, then I think she should have handled this entire matter with better aplomb.

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    • Lily replied:

      I agreed. Even if Gregory insisted on staying together, Shirley could have handled the situation a little better. Because even if I believe her (wow the tearing part looks a little fake, no offense), it’s true that they still seemed like a couple in that birthday article with the hip hugging, and wedding talk. Well there’s obviously no chance of reconciliation in this relationship from the looks of it.

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      • Lily replied:


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    • Funn replied:

      I don’t think Gregory is lying or faking it. He looked utterly devastated whilst Shirley fidgets in her interview. Experts will definitely say Shirley had something to hide.

      And again 620 herself should be sacked, She is the worst possible PR guru ever.

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    • Funn replied:

      And you brought up some good points. Obviously she is lying and now backtracking to cover her lies. I just wish sometimes everyone just be a bit honest and all these mess wouldn’t exist.

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      • Kidd replied:

        But, she did deny the the impending wedding after Greg announced it. So, this part, she was telling the truth. I remember reading that article. When asked about the wedding, she said she wants to concentrate on her work first.

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      • Funn replied:

        And now we know why there never was a wedding.

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      • Ah K replied:

        @Kidd & @Funn:

        Found an article that addressed what Kidd had mentioned about Shirley saying that she wanted to focus on her work and not marriage first, she also provided an explanation about why she didn’t clarify the wedding rumors back then, during Gregory’s birthday party.

        The article also includes Gregory’s brother saying that they have some substantial evidence against Shirley to prove that she was lying.

        Hmm…wonder whether I should translate this article since we have been hearing Gregory’s side of the story all this while, would be nice to strike a good balance and hear what Shirley has to say.

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        Hm… it sounds more like Shirley is lying, but not sure anymore who is lying and who isn’t…

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        @Ah K,
        I think I know which article you are talking about.. I guess if people are bias against Shirley, then they will be inclined to think badly of her regardless of what she does or say… Sigh…

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  17. Faith says:

    It’s time for them to stop talking to the media and move on.

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    • Funn replied:

      If Gregory can move on so quickly, then all the tears and heartbreak is faked. Shirley certainly wants everyone to move on. Let him cry, let her get bashed a bit, no doubt in 9 months time and when baby arrives and she secretly marries Andy, everyone will give her the blessing she wants now which she can’t have, right now.

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        I think this will all die down eventually and everyone will be able to move on… But I don’t think it was a good idea for Shirley to lie about her pregnancy if she is indeed pregnant since everyone will know eventually…That is something that she cannot hide. Her lie will come back and haunt her.

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      If they can sell papers and make money off of this, then why not continue to do it?? They want to milk as much money out of the public as possible….I think that is will be a long drama just like the Nic and Cecilia case….

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      • exoidus replied:

        latest news is that Nic. have another girl in mainland a 21 year on model or something. LOL can’t really blame him for finding a less crazy girl but that new girl seems like yet another gold-digger..

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        I have heard that many times…. Who knows for sure if anything is really true anymore… I am getting tired of seeing of this news. I guess the reporters are trying to make as much money as they can while the stories are still fresh…

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      • Sammie replied:

        Haha HeTieShou, thanks for letting us know about Nic’s new girly friend. 😛 Nic should continue dating older females, old enough to be his older sister, he fancies them, eg: Faye Wong and the Rebecca, the TV actress with short hair.

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  18. hailee says:

    should of put a ring on it when he had a chance…9 yrs to be with someone who never put a ring on it…smh…

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  19. Melody says:

    Fake was all I felt when I watched her interview. If she wants the public to give her sympathy points, she should improve her acting first.

    She said she was there as a friend to help Gregory celebrate her bday and she didn’t know the media will be there. I mean yes, you can pretend to still be a couple but was it necessary with the waist hugging as a friend?

    Two of them, they should learn more acting skills from Nic, the film king! Too many loopholes in both sides of the story!

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  20. victoria says:

    Let’s just take a minute to look at this situation in another point of view. Shirley is older than Gregory so I think woman matures faster then men. So she’s getting in her mid thirties, there is nothing wrong with a woman wanting to find a person who can take care of her. And it seems like this guy name Andy really wants to. Shirley has indicated that the 9 year relationship has problems and she had already moved out so doesn’t that kind of explained itself that the relationship is not working out. Sometimes, when you’ve been in a relationship for so long you felt too comfortable but since that didn’t bring marriage, maybe something is wrong. I didn’t think she cheated because there were signs but Gregory is just in deniel. I think she is doing the right thing. She deserves to find happiness. I wish her luck. If I dated someone for so long and we still didn’t get married, I would just move on. But then that’s just me.

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    • Funn replied:

      No one is saying she can’t find another. Everyone is wondering why she had to do it the way she did. Again if the rumours if 1 year relationship with Andy is true, then dumping Gregory with a call/SMS/public notice, and then lying about their relationship in recent weeks, then that’s despicable.

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        If she truly did what Funn said, then she is despicable. It would make it worse if she is indeed pregnant but is lying about it. I guess she no longer cares since her career and positive image are pretty much gone…

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      There are many couples that live together for many years without getting married and are fine with it. But yea, if she did move out like she said, then that should have showed something. However, she said that Gregory and his family already knew about that, but now they are acting all surprised and said that they did not notice any signs of breaking up.. Hm… so it really does make me wonder is Gregory and his family lying or is Shirley the one that is lying??

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  21. sehseh says:

    Stephen Chan have to thank Nic-Cecilia and Shirley-Greg for taking away the media attention from his ongoing court trial. No one seems to be translating his news. LOL…

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  22. Pineapple says:

    I agree with every single word written by Ashley – good for you. I also think that Shirley is nothing but a fake and I sincerely hope that she gets hurt one day, I mean really hurt. Let her taste some of her own medicine and then she will know what its like to be dumped. How would she like it if Gregory finished with her and be so open about starting a relationship with someone else. Someone who is a million times prettier than her and a milltion and one times wealthier. I bet she would have wanted to commit suicide. Stupid, silly, greedy, good-for-nothing, selfish brat she is. Yes, her career is finished unless she wants to do porn!!!

    Hey Greg, forget about the stupid b****, find a decent human being for heavens sake. There are not plenty but millions more fish in the sea. There is nothing special about this woman. As for winning the Miss HK title. All I can say is that those judges must have lost their spectacles at the time and couldn’t see properly. She has no charm, not exactly pretty and too short. How on earth did she win beats me!! Definitely a terrible error.

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  23. Bridget says:

    This interview reminds me of Gillian Chung’s on ‘Be My Guest’ after Sexy Photos Gate. Seriously, Shirley – don’t insult our intelligence. If anything this interview just made your image worse. Let’s not insult the audience’s intelligence, shall we? Same goes to 620. That woman either needs to be fired or get some serious PR training.

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  24. Lana says:


    Base on the picture above, Gregory looks very happy, doesn’t seem like they break up at all.

    Login or Register before you can reply to Lana
    • moon16 replied:

      Agree,,,, I believe in Gregory, she said he can’t take the break up, or he never knew about it, no wonder the guy and his family so SHOCKED,,,

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      Yea, they did look happy in that picture so who would believe that they have already broken up?? Unless, they are the type that can get over break up really fast…But in their case, it doesn’t seem that way at all.

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  25. Loekie says:

    She is fake person who desperate need the media attention! The whole interview is fake. She don’t clearly answering the questions, and hiding some thing.

    I mean you just broke up. Then she still repeat that she want’s to finds a men who can take care of her. I mean she just broke up, you don’t want a break?

    Maybe I am from Europe. I can not imagine, she is 33 years old, has a career, why need a man to take care ($$$) of her? You can own your money right?

    So that’s mean she only can be happy to have a man who can give her a baby and take care of her ($$$).

    OMG She is so silly person. I feel so sorry of her. She have to learn to love her self. Only her self can make her self happy and not another ($$$) person.

    I am sick of her!!!

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  26. Tony says:

    This is starting to get old. They broke up. Now move on with your lives and stop talking to the media. Jesus christ. I think all of this is an attention ploy for Shirley to get more media coverage. Seriously, who breaks up and tells the whole world about it.

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  27. HeTieShou says:

    Hm… Ok, this is all getting complicated just like Nic and Cecilia’s case… Not sure what to believe anymore. I wonder if she is lying or is Gregory and his family the ones that are lying??? I guess time will tell some truth but not all since I don’t think they want to expose everything to the public.

    I still have a feeling that her pregnancy is true since for her to ask for a 9 month from TVB sounds just too coincidental… We will find out with time if she is pregnant and if she does keep the baby anyways…

    Login or Register before you can reply to HeTieShou
    • exoidus replied:

      it’s obvious that she is the one lying since Greg. still wants to be with her! Makes no sense of her to talk about finding love again so quick after breaking up with someone you have been with for the past 9yrs if you listen to her interview.

      She is likely to announce that she have found love again in a couple of months and maybe even pregnant.

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        I guess we can’t say that since we don’t know the inside story… Things can be really shocking if we did really know what was going on…

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      • Lana replied:

        I also believe Shirley is the one lying in this case. If they did break up months ago, why wait until now to publicly announce it? And if Greg. couldn’t accept the break up, why she still showed up at his birthday celebration in arms & arms like that with him? Doesn’t make sense at all.

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  28. HeTieShou says:

    She looks a bit like Charmaine in the above picture.

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  29. Masaharu says:

    “The truth” is out there and only Miss Yeung and Mr Lee know what happened between them. My blessings.

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  30. jim says:

    sweet finish throw rubbish.

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  31. gwen says:

    aiyoo tired of these two fellows..the news has gone long enough..same old news and comments…let them move on .. the truth is out there like masaharu says and they will only know the truth and it is not of importance to anybody elses so let us move on the other news and comments

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  32. Veejay says:

    I really feel pity for Gregory for being cheated by Shirleybehind his back with Andy but the news of Gregory and shirley are getting too much with them accusing each other who’s right here and it’s getting a bit annoying here.

    Yeah, there is a high chance of Andy being the bad guy and Shirley being the nothing but an unfaithful lover but what triggers Shirley to seek for other love? There msut be something to do with Gregory’s treatments right? I’m not trying to understand how Gregory treated Shirley in the past but I just want to say that Gregory really should move on because he’s acting like a crying baby now…there is nothing he can to save the relationship, Shirley has publicly announced their breakup and it shows that she NO LONGER loves Gregory anymore and I believe Gregory is trying to damage Shirley’s image as bad as possible by creating a cheater image to the media. I doubt someone who claimed he’s still inlove with his other half would make a big deal to the public. The more he tell the media of when the breakup happens, who hurt the most will just make people irk of his crying.

    I am not supporting Shirley here but I notice Shirley has tried to let the wound to heal slowly but because of Gregory’s immense and constant crying to the media make Shirley has no choice but to step up to accept media’s interview.

    I mean in term of moral, Shirley is wrong but isn’t it common in all broke up relationship to have bad terms in the end? There is no such thing as fair and equality in treatment. Every couple have their selfish self when it comes to love and I don’t think dating for a long period will guarantee you’ll marry him or her and Gregory’s acting is getting annoying to look at, he should just shut up and move on. The Public alone will know who’s right and wrong in the end when time pasts!

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    • Funn replied:

      Right now, Shirley kinda accuses Gregory, Gregory didn’t accuse anything, HIS family however…

      He is not acting like a crying baby. If she was his first love as said by his family, and he was planning a wedding when he was dumped so suddenly, I can understand his reaction. And I don’t believe he is damaging her image. She has damaged her own image, that she doesn’t need any “help” at all and Andy didn’t help either. In fact Andy damaged her image more than anyone else.

      The issue hear is not morality love or breakup. It was how she did it which made me feel she is despicable.

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    • Melody replied:

      There are people who breakup peacefully and can still remain friends.

      Even if you can’t be lovers, there isn’t a need to be enemies.

      Login or Register before you can reply to Melody
      • Sammie replied:

        Melody, your theory works only if both parties decide to end the relationship peacefully. Unfortunately, if you got dumped, would you want to be friends with the dumper? I sure wouldn’t because if I was on the receiving end of being given the flick, I would still having feelings for the ex and being “friends” isn’t going to help me move on. 🙂 Obviously now if I was the person doing the dumping (pardon the pun), being friends with them wouldn’t bother me as my feelings would be elsewhere. 🙂

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  33. jim says:

    cry cry cry until dry her eye.

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  34. ang says:

    It is sad when a relationship has to come to these: tears, accusations and denial. Though it’s different in so many ways, this news is coming so soon after Nic/Cecilia’s case.
    But in both, all parties are affected and their reactions/responses sometimes can show something about themselves…unless they are such good actors.
    I felt Nic handled his case well and with dignity. Cecilia is now painted as the raving and ranting one.
    In this case, from his crying and words, Gregory is seen as a tad soft and the cheated-on partner. His father’s protective stance also added to this but I remember some previous reports about how Shirley is unhappy with him and even pictured as afraid of him/his ways. (Maybe Jayne can help recall/verify this?)
    I believe it takes 2 to clap & Shirley’s responsibilities in this situation is lost. She subcumbed temptations and accepted Andy’s attempts to woo her.
    To me, Andy is the ugliest of all – wooing someone else’s girlfriend, bedding her and even posting his ‘victory’ online. The sms he sent to Gregory was low!

    Login or Register before you can reply to ang
    • jayne replied:

      I think Shirley got along very well with Gregory’s family in the past. Lee Ka Ding only had good things to say about her prior to the break-up. Since Lee Ka Ding and Augustine are such vocal people unafraid of mincing their words, their anger may be clouding their view of Shirley’s past behavior. It is also easy to focus on talking bad of the person, but this may not be the collective picture. The Lee family didn’t complain about her in the past.

      Perhaps Shirley didn’t buy a moon cake. Maybe the Lee family do not like to eat moon cakes and as she is a frugal person, she did not want to go to waste. Maybe Gregory never allowed Shirley to touch poop and pee because he believed a man should do the dirty job? Maybe Shirley offered to pay, but Gregory insisted on her not paying for living expenses? We don’t know all the details behind the actions, but if we were to believe the Lee family’s accusations, it depends on whether you judge the actions based on the final results only.

      Login or Register before you can reply to jayne
      • Funn replied:

        Or maybe they loved Gregory so much they were willing to excuse some of her behaviour?

        Login or Register before you can reply to Funn
      • Nemo replied:

        Hmm… I agree with Jayne. I guess the reason Lee’s family revealed some of the stuff of Shirley is because they feel Gregory and they have been so good to her and if she wants to break up, she shouldn’t do it this way. That is why Augustine ask Shirley to ‘justify his brother’s name’. Anyway, this is my thinking only.

        Login or Register before you can reply to Nemo
      • exoidus replied:

        So Greg. treated her like a queen however she wasn’t satisfied because she was earning more than him. Makes me wonder if she really loved him at all.

        Greg. should be more manly he was more like a maid to her than bf. No wonder alot of men in HK prefer finding partners in mainland.

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  35. hui says:

    shirley is so fake.. as from the video where the part she begin to sob, its just like acting in a drama. for some actress the same goes to them, when they are offered better suitors why not? they just get marry to the rich and might as well can retired, instead of marry some1 who is not rich enough for their so call expenses.. really feel disgusted when see shirley that faked acting. what comes around goes around.. soon andy also will be dump by shirley when she found another richer 1..

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  36. raz says:

    I loved them how sad. What is with all Hong Kong women marrying rich guys gosh. Thank god my Kenix Kwok is not like that.

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