Xu Kai Responds to Fans Who Say He Can’t Spell

By on October 11, 2018 in NEWS

Xu Kai Responds to Fans Who Say He Can’t Spell

Story of Yanxi Palace <延禧攻略> star Xu Kai (许凯) shoots back at netizens who are calling him illiterate.

Recently, a fan known as “Malatang” (麻辣烫) shared online that she met Xu Kai at a fan signing, but when it was her turn to introduce herself and get a signature, Xu Kai hesitated for a long minute before writing down her name. Instead of writing “hot” (; tang), Xu Kai wrote  “soup” (; tang), and his character for “spicy” (; la) was indiscernible.

Fans found the mistake hilarious, joking, “What kind of genius?” Other fans said they found the mistake cute and endearing. However, there were netizens who used this opportunity to fuel more hate. One commented, “I don’t understand what’s so funny here. I can’t believe a guy as illiterate as him has fans.” Another harshly said, “Is he ready to get disability?” One said, “It’s scary. Although I found Fuheng [Xu Kai’s role in Yanxi Palace] handsome, I think people like him should be shut down. If even an illiterate can earn big money and get popular, then this world is hopeless.”

Xu Kai responded to the comments by sharing that he had “punished” himself to correctly write Malatang over and over again.

Source: HK01.com

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Xu Kai Responds to Fans Who Say He Can’t Spell

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  • 5 comments to Xu Kai Responds to Fans Who Say He Can’t Spell

    1. says:

      We all mispell at times because English is weird, but compare to Chinese that’s hard and no kidding

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      • replied:

        @davy I agree, especially when one has to sign so many fan items with complex Chinese words, I would assume his hand must hurt. I remember getting in line to get a signature from an English author, and it wasn’t even a legible signature, it was more of a chicken scratch.

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    2. michelle2805 says:

      wow they need to calm down. might just be a mistake. i mispell all the time :/

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    3. littlefish says:

      Jackie chan can’t write either? Like if he’s born poor, illiterate is understandable, if he’s dyslexic, again, forgivable. None of those, yea, dude possibly just pass by with his good look! But as long as he has a good heart, all good? Time will tell. Smart response from the actor though

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    4. says:

      Wow, celebrities shouldn’t even read netizens’ comments, as people can be too critical at times. I hope he doesn’t take it too seriously and move on.

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