Netizens Disappointed with “Bachelors at War” Premiere Episode

TVB reality dating show Bachelors at War <求愛大作戰>, the male counterpart to the successful Bride Wannabes <盛女愛作戰>, premiered this Monday to mixed reviews, as reported by Apple Daily.

Netizens were quoted saying that the premiere episode was “boring and disappointing,” with viewers uninterested to tune in again to watch the second episode.

Recapping the Premiere

The episode introduced twelve male contestants of different backgrounds going through a series of random examinations ranging from personality quizzes to “gentleman ratings.” Eight men will be selected to advance to the next episode of competitions. The final contest will take place in Bali, Indonesia, where they will attempt to impress their “goddesses.”

In a hidden camera examination, the men were tested for their courtesy – a woman drops a stack of documents to the ground and the contestants were tested if they would proceed to help the woman. In the oral examination, the contestants were asked for their thoughts on romance and their experiences in dating.

A contestant that humorously caught the netizens’ interest was Brian, age 31, who claimed to have dated five times in the past. He expressed that he mainly dated women of mixed ethnic backgrounds and rarely dated Hong Kong women.

Queenie Chan (陳莉敏), the show’s “beauty specialist” asked, “Are you discriminating Hong Kong women?” Brian nervously responded that he only dated a mixed-race woman once, countering his previous claims that he rarely dated Hong Kong women. Image consultant,Karl, laughed at his response and said, “Only once? What about the others?” Brian replied vaguely, “Er… some in Hong Kong… high school! Some before…” Brian failed to advance to the next round of contests.

Another notable competitor was 28-year-old Thomas, a manager of an estate agency. Thomas claimed that he never dated before, and when Queenie asked if he was still a virgin, Thomas stuttered and awkwardly rubbed his head. Queenie then asked, “Would you mind if your girlfriend isn’t a virgin?” Thomas shook his head and said, “That’s impossible… no, I mean, I wouldn’t mind.”

The Canadian-born Vincent, 29-year-old financial planner Rocky, and 26-year-old Jin also caught the interest of netizens for their distinctive backgrounds. Vincent boldly stated that he had only dated Canadian women in the past and is interested in finding new love with a woman from Hong Kong. The muscular Rocky revealed that he used to weigh over 200 pounds, and Jin, a swimming constructor, impressed the judges with his six-pack body.

While the episode was entertaining, the premiere lacked substance and failed to entice viewers to continue the series.

Meet the Contestants

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Source: Apple Daily

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  1. I guess I’m a shallow person, but at first glance (and throughout the first two episodes), I don’t find any of the guys attractive/appealing.
    But then again, appearance isn’t the point. Interested to see how their personality and the process of it all unfold

    1. this is a REALITY show. guys are suppose to be dorky. good sample of HK men

      1. I thought America’s Bachelor/Bachelorette is a REALITY show too, but I guess that’s rigged since everyone’s good looking.

        I’m just kinda disappointed that there’s isn’t at least ONE that caught my eye

      2. >good sample of HK men (who can’t get a girlfriend)

        Look, if they had the means to get a girlfriend, they wouldn’t be doing it on a TV show and have this Queen-b*tch ask them questions that can ruin their workplace and peer-relationships like “are you still a virgin(ir)?” and “do you discriminate against HK girls?”.

        Especially in HK, where it only takes an hour to traverse one corner to the other. People are going to recognize you.

      3. I’d probably get several restraining orders for asking the ladies if I could wash their feet or smell their hair or something.

      4. I think one of the ladies dropped out already. LOL 🙂

      5. “are you still a virgin(ir)?” LOL. Very good one dd. 🙂

  2. the consultant judge Karl is reported to be “she-man” and already been critisize seriously for his outlook and attitude…jayne should highlight about “Karl” news

      1. really? i find him somewhat of a knockoff version of Ms.J from American’s Next Top Model, but maybe it’s shocking for asians?

      2. Yeah that’s who I thought too. But this is the first I’ve seen of this sort in hk.

      3. I loved Ms. J and Janice Dickinson on America’s Next Top Model. Now I have to go see what this Karl can do.

      4. I loved Ms. J and Janice Dickinson on America’s Next Top Model. Now I have to go see what this Karl can do.

  3. Wished they hadn’t changed the format of the show!!!

    They were so mean to the girls but not to the guys.. BOO!!

    1. I think you must be watching the wrong show…the men are getting ridiculed and destroyed by the women on the show and off the show…as you can see from the comments on this article.

  4. i’m enjoying the show! and rooting for cyrus. he’s so sweet and gentlemanly.

    the girls were so disgustingly shallow in the dating in the dark episode. although they are not ugly girls, i don’t think any of them are good looking enough to be so critical about other people’s looks. and when they interviewed those random girls on the street, omg. who do they think they are? these are the girls/women who may end up in the brides wannabe 10 years later.

    1. What hope does the future hold? At this rate the the population of HK is going to be extinct in a few hundred years.

    2. im rooting for cyrus and rocky!

      I honestly dont see what the flaws everyone is saying about rocky? they make him sound so unbearable!

  5. Gosh, some dorky-looking guys can really surprise you. Cyrus took full advantage when he carried Whitney. His hands were up her butt when he carried her.

    As for Vivien, I feel sorry for whoever she likes (unless he likes her back) cuz she will stake her claim and stand in his way of other women.

    Poor Justin, all the guys see him as their biggest threat/competition and want to eliminate him. LOL 🙂

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