“Once Upon a Song” Stars Kelvin Kwan and Evelyn Choi Criticized for Poor Acting

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HKTV’s musical ensemble drama Once Upon a Song <童話戀曲201314> is blamed for the station’s recent drop in viewership ratings since its premiere on January 16. Starring Kelvin Kwan (關楚耀) and Evelyn Choi (蔡穎恩) as two young CEOs who fall in love, the drama has been criticized for its bad acting and script.

Kelvin and Evelyn openly acknowledged that they still have much to learn about acting. Kelvin said, “There is no excuse. I still have a lot of room left for development, and I will continue to work hard. Evelyn said she actually agreed with her critics, “I also think I still have many things to work on as I watched the series. I hope the audience will give me another chance. I will slowly improve!”

As Hong Kong’s original musical drama, there were many difficulties behind the 16-episode series. Kelvin said he filmed the drama over two years ago and was quite taken aback at its refreshing and daring genre. He praised HKTV’s sincerity behind the production, and was very honored to have HKTV’s CEO, Ricky Wong (王維基), personally meet with him to explain about HKTV’s situation and progress.

Although HKTV’s bid for a free-to-air license was rejected, Kelvin and Evelyn said they are confident that HKTV dramas will spread to a wider audience. Evelyn said, “Actually, having dramas aired online is a trend. It can reach to more people!”

Once Upon a Song, which will conclude on February 6, also stars William So (蘇永康), Shek Sau (石修), and Bernice Liu (廖碧兒).

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“Once Upon a Song” Stars Kelvin Kwan and Evelyn Choi Criticized for Poor Acting

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    1. Alastair says:

      Despite all the negative feedback, I really liked this ahow.

      Agreed that the feeling endures after show finishes. I think I have fallen in love with Evelyn Choi (or her character more likely XD). Despite her acting and voice hate, I love it =D

      Does anybody know the song that plays when they remember each other in the last episode? Its not on any of the lists. Thanks glue.

      Hope they make more…

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