“Outbound Love” Shoots in Malaysia

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Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), and Matt Yeung (揚明) were spotted filming their upcoming TVB television drama, Outbound Love <單戀雙城>, at the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia on April 11. Supported by the Penang Tourism, the TVB romantic comedy will feature many famous Malaysian tourist spots and landscapes, including the Penang National Park, the Petronas Twin Tower, the Batu Caves, and Sekinchan.

At Outbound Love’s Malaysia press conference held last Sunday, the cast expressed their hopes to explore the city during their free time between shoots. However, Kuala Lumpur’s recent rainy weather conditions affected the serial’s shooting schedule and many scenes had to be either re-shot or postponed.

Despite the hot climate, Ruco expressed that the filming process had been quite easy as fans and pedestrians were very cooperative and quiet during the shoots. His hardest challenge, however, were the scenes that involved his character introducing Malaysian delicacies to tourists. “I had to talk about the dishes’ cooking styles and history. It took a lot of effort to memorize the script.”

Ruco also exclaimed that Malaysia has many pretty women and especially praised costar Belle Chan (陳翠媚). Having to appear shirtless in several scenes, Ruco joked that he does not want to be alone and hopes to see his female costars wear bikinis.

Aimee Doesn’t Have Time for Moses

As Aimee’s boyfriend, Moses Chan (陳豪), will be turning 42 years old on April 16, the leading star was asked if she has plans to celebrate the birthday occasion with him. Aimee smiled, “I will be busy filming. Since my birthday was on April 1, we decided to celebrate both of our birthdays together. He may visit us on set for a few days to celebrate some more, but I will be busy! I won’t have time to be with him.”

Aimee affirmed that she will not request for a vacation leave when Moses visits, expressing that filming is more important. “We can eat some Malaysian cuisines together, and hopefully we’ll have time to come back here for vacation in the future.”

However, when it comes to food, the 32-year-old actress groaned that she did not realize she was allergic to durians until recently. Her throat had been feeling uncomfortable all day and she needed to take anti-inflammatory medication.

Matt Cries Over Souvenirs

Matt said he has filmed several travelogues in Malaysia before and is already familiar with the culture. “When I have free time, I will go out to eat some of Malaysia’s bak-kut-teh and search for some souvenirs for my Hong Kong friends. They’re very interested in Malaysia’s chicken jerky and bak-kut-teh bags. I really don’t know how I’m going to ship all of it home.”

Outbound Love is a joint production between TVB and Malaysia’s Astro Television. Astro artists will also guest star in the serial, including Justin Lan (刘界辉), Jordan Sen (盛天俊), and Jocelyn How (侯诗玲). The serial is slated for a late December 2013 release on Astro on Demand.

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.  

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  1. Mazeltov says:

    Haha, Viviene can show them around since she is a Malaysian…

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  2. UNI says:

    wow Elaine is almost unrecognizable! She looks good after her dental surgery and possibly some other ones.

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    • H replied:

      She got dental surgery? That’s great if she did!

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      • Woot replied:

        What dental surgery? Surely it’s just a pure guess. How can you tell just from the pic above?

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      • UNI replied:

        WOOT, she stated in an interview she did receive dental surgery and her face is slimmer.

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  3. Daisy says:

    Woah release in December? In Astro on Demand? Does that mean its gonna be warehoused?

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  4. Funn Lim says:

    Sekinchan? GREAT CHOICE! BEAUTIFUL PADDY FIELDS. Love that place!

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  5. P. Tan says:

    Aren’t they coming up north? There are lots of beautiful shots to be taken this part of the world and good food as well.

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  6. guwa says:

    Vivienne is from Johor (South) where they speak more or less orthodox (Taiwan & Fujian style) Hokkien or Minnan. Kuala Lumpur is central Malaysia where Cantonese is widely spoken, while Penang (North), a local style Hokkien is spoken but Vivienne should have no problem being the group’s translator. But almost everywhere the Chinese Malaysians speak Mandarin and almost every Malaysian speaks English. Hope the group enjoy their stay in Malaysia.

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  7. pinky says:

    Looking forward to this drama with beautiful scenery of Malaysia. Better air it next year since Ruco has so many series this year. Afraid that he will be over exposed.

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  8. kiki says:

    Always love Ruco but that hairstyle has got to go hahha…. Like his look much better in Reality Check series.
    The female pair ups are just wrong, i don’t those 2 next to him but the Malaysian is ok, too bad she was never a lead.

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  9. hhaaha says:

    Aimee has the worst fashion sense… looks like a 40yr old stay at home mother with that shitty headband fro her hair…

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  10. wkl says:

    Ruco really looked good in RC, which is second to TOT. I don’t like his hairstyle in this drama either, similar to NGEW.

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