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JayneStars.com (parent company JayneStars Media LLC) features the latest Asian entertainment news from Hong Kong and China.  Our goal is to provide entertaining, insightful, and inspiring content for worldwide fans of Asian entertainment. Our company is located in New York, USA.

Our site features a wide range of Chinese celebrities–from rising new talent, popular idols, to respected veteran actors–covering the latest television dramas and movies, the hottest scandals, and feature content that fans crave and need to know!

Through active discourse, worldwide fans can celebrate and explore common interests further.  We welcome you to join the lively discussions found on our site.


Exclusive Interviews

JayneStars.com has featured exclusive interviews with John Woo, Wanting QuBlushChristine Ng, and Stefan Wong . If you represent an entertainment personality and would like to set up an exclusive interview opportunity with JayneStars.com, please reach out to us.


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Press Mentions

JayneStars.com is a leading Asian entertainment website offering news in English. Our site is  cited in the following press mentions:

North America:

The Epoch Times (October 2014)
Los Angeles Times (March 2013)
The Wall Street Journal (January 2011)
San Francisco Luxury News (April 2012)

AsiaOne.com (January 2012 | March 2012)
The Himalayan Times (November 2011)


Meet the Team

Many generous individuals have contributed their invaluable time to write reviews, news articles, humorous and insightful comments–enriching  the contents of our site. Our writers come from North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific regions, lending diverse perspectives.

Editor: Jayne 
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Entertainment News Writers:
Addy, Huynh, Jingles, Joanna, Shirley, and Su

Advisory Committee: 
Funn, Kidd

Current Reviewers/ Contributing Writers:
Bridget, Canto, Funn, H, Kidd, Miramfanz, SDS, and VCN

Past Entertainment News Writers/ Contributing Writers:
Ah K, Colly, Connie, Gossip Godiva, Jennifer, Julie, Katie, Katrine, Karen, Lance, Miss China, Ms Nosin, Natalie, Pandamao, Stella, Suki, and Yina Z.