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  • @bubbles23 I think the sponsors worked together with TVB (the artistes whom they want to promote) and the artistes (if they are willing to wear and show off their bodies).
  • These two tvb awards have become a joke. It's really unlikely they will win at the actual hk ceremony unless tvb decides to do so since in the past winners of singapore/Malaysia don't win BA in HK. I can't see Mandy winning over Ali who is more popular especially how her series was not during prime time. Ben in that series he won for is nowhere near Best Actor material. I wished he won instead for his role in Line Walker2 last time but this unpopular series with an unpopular Best Actress winnner really is not worthy of a nomination. Who do you guys see winning in HK?
  • Love your reviews Jayne! The best dressed is Philip for me. Both men and ladies. Also Kristal Tin's jumpsuit was quite edgy and nice. How does Crystal Fung afford a $200K dress? That's mad. I don't understand how these sponsoring work.
  • @cutie777 I agree w most of your Mens Worst Dress. Lol....Bowie Cheung and Benjamin Yuen?? What in the world were they thinking esp the girl? She's so young that dress will look bad even for her grandmother. Lord!! haha LOL....Moses Chan - OMG.... For the women, I like Alice Chan the most and I never like RED but it looks great on her. Crystal Fung - It's actually a nice daring dress but the way she posed did not fit w/her dress choice. If you want to flaunt it, show it more naturally/confidently instead of trying to cover it w/her hands here and there? haha lol...I also kind of Louisa Mak's, Moon Lau & Tiffany Lau's - They all seem pretty cute and sweet :D
  • Ladies Best Dress: Grace Wong, Alice Chan, Tiffany Lau, and Mandy Wong. Ladies worst Dress: Natalie Tong, Jacqueline Wong, Samantha Ko, Bowie Cheung, Rebecca Zhu, Priscilla Wong, Crystal Fung and Louisa Mak. Mens Best Dress: Joe Ma, Philip Ng, Owen Cheung and Matthew Ho. Mens Worst Dress: Ekin Cheng, Moses Chan, Chris Lai and Benjamin Yuen.
  • behaved like a gangster more to a police officer in Fist Fight. Need anger management for sure! Too much of anger, always raising his voice unnecessarily making his role sorely irritating!
  • Good acting from Eddie! Very funny in a natural way.
  • @potatochip Not sure if there's anything sinister behind his long break. I don't think so because although he wasn't filming any drama this year, he was on tv in a few shows (Cooking Beauties, the other 2 I can't remember the titles but one was a travel show and the other was a foodie show). Also I believe tvb schedules its artistes way ahead of time so if Ruco didn't give a definite date when he would be ending his break, it's logical he would be excluded from whatever jobs are available. Time and tide waits for no man so tvb moved on without him. Can't blame them.
  • @potatochip You are twisting my words. I did not say it was hypocritical to share his wedding. I said it was his wedding so it was his choice to share or not. I said he was a hypocrite for saying he wanted to keep his personal life and wedding low profile but went the polar opposite when he actually got married in order to capitalise on the publicity. If he had been consistent in his actions such as saying I will be happy to share my happy occasion with everyone when the day comes, no one can fault him for practically turning his wedding into a media circus. Instead he pretended all along that he wanted to keep everything low profile in order to protect his family and gf. Fans continue to whitewash him and his actions, trying to convince naysayers that his actions have always been noble (see jimmyszeto' s other post) but those who are not blinded by their love for him are able to see that his actions have always been calculated moves to portray himself as a good guy and protective bf. His initial denial of his relationship he claimed was to protect his gf but of cos he won't mention that it's also because he was afraid to lose fans. He was insistent there was nothing betw them and even resorted to telling ridiculous lies. He really should take a leaf out of Kevin Cheng's books. That guy walks his talk. From day 1 when he dated Grace he was adamant that he wanted to keep it private and low profile He didn't announce his wedding with a loudhailer, unlike someone else. Silly tvb sent a big big channel crew to Bali to gatecrash his party. He didn't cave in, he showed them the door. Why? Unlike Ruco he's a big enough star to not need to use his wedding to promote himself. Bottom line is that Ruco is a shrewd guy who knows how to sway with the wind. His actions are not always as noble as fans like to think.
  • Being honest, the dresses look cheap.
  • @dtth TVB awards are rigged. Fanbase is not as important as whoever TVB wants to promote. Malaysian don’t care much for TVB artistes anymore thus I doubt many people did voted.
  • It is crystal clear that Malaysia and Singapore markets lessen the demand to TVB dramas in recent time. In the future, less people will care for TVB dramas and TVB artists. Thus, the TVB artistes received the so-called awards of Malaysia in Hong Kong. Period.
  • @jimmyszeto Another indication that TVB thinks it’s audiences are idiots— how is it possible that EVERY year’s Gala, Liza Wang either gets chosen to play the game thing for prizes or gets some type of monetary award...I mean, come on! I have a huge feeling it’s actually written into her contract and is the only way to get her to attend the Gala. Yet everyone shamelessly roots for her during the Gala as though it’s the most natural thing in the world. The horse and pony show that the Gala has become makes me sick!
  • @orchid123 Joe ma is stabdard. Sstuff. I did mean kenneth ma. No pics yet. He dresses like how a country singer would if he had a hat and no jeans. Quite bling.
  • Really liking Tiffany in ‘Fist Fight’. She seems to be a young, cute version of Bernice. Looks, Accent and smiles very similar to when Bernice was fresh in series such as ‘Love Bond’.
  • @dtth As I watch each episode of ‘fist fight’ it seems Vincent’s acting has gone up another level. His acting is so natural, he is just miles ahead of the field...
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