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  • Seriously, who are these strangers to judge if she doesn't deserve to be his wife simply by looking at her appearance. They started dating when he was poor and agreed to marry him when he was still poor; he didn't have affairs with young actresses or dump his wife for them when he became famous, the public should be impressed and happy for them rather than commenting on her looks or discussing if he deserves better or not. How does one defines "better" anyway.
  • @littlefish Oh no, I just think Yang Yang does not deserve to be earning that much and to be found in the same category as Hu Ge and Chen Kun who are obviously better actors than him. Hu Ge has acted well in some dramas, not all but if he is one of the highest paid TV actor, I can still see the reason. As for Chen Kun, can't say much since I don't really watch all of his productions but the one or two that I saw, he didn't become my favorite actor lol but I didn't think he was bad.
  • Looks 55 to me. He is not known to be good looking so not looking young should be fine.
  • @theyenman All of the ones you mentioned look OLD to me. haha I mean they are only in their mid 50's but all of them look much older than their age.
  • @michelle2805 Me too. Girl looks ok but the main lead looks cute. Not so much w/the others. haha lol....The only version I watched a bit more was the Taiwanese version.
  • i actually look forward to this one LOL i like her and the main guy looks cute. I hope t's better than the other vesions
  • The guy just looks old because of how he's dressed, and the white hair and facial hair. But if you actually look at his facial features, I actually think he looks younger than Tony Leung. Tony looks more haggard and wrinkly. Same with Andy Lau, who's the same age. Stephen actually looks less worn out compared to those two.
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  • @kidd i wonder who actually paid attention to this news other than the number of comments about this on jaynestars....
  • @llwy12 Very, very well said. I appreciate and respect your reply. We do not have to always agree about the subject/s of an article, and can have a great argument with each other, as long as both parties are making sensible, relevant comments. Not like how I was attacked so ignorantly with accusations of my comments that made no sense whatsoever. The comment that I made, and that you replied to was replied to in a logical, sensible and matured manner. I basically made the same comment earlier and I'm still scratching my head with the childish gibberish that went on as replies to my comment/s. Enjoy and respect whatever you say, no matter if we are not in agreement. For the record, I am not a fan of Angelababy or her husband either, lol. Her acting stinks. I do know if his acting or his singing stinks more.
  • @bubbletea I think depending on the person and their experiences, their perspective on this situation will probably be different. I personally could care less about Angelababy or the Running Man show because I don’t watch that show nor do I watch any of ABB’s works (saw 1 movie she was in a long time ago and was not impressed) – and I certainly don’t follow her news (or news related to her husband) outside of the major headlines in general entertainment news, so I can’t comment on whether she has a track record of lying or being a diva or pulling these same stunts in the past. With that said, I decided to comment on this article because I’m particularly sensitive to issues of fairness, professionalism, preferential treatment, etc. because I deal with that stuff day in and day out as part of my job — something like ABB’s incident as described in the article wouldn’t sit well with me whereas others may see it as netizens overreacting or that it’s no big deal. For me, it’s about the incident and the way it was handled, not necessarily the artist -- it could be another female on the show, not ABB, and I would still have the same reaction (though of course I’ve followed the entertainment industry long enough to know that others may not feel the same way and there will undoubtedly be some element of “hate” from some netizens merely because the celebrity at the center of the issue is Angelababy). I definitely agree with what everyone else has been saying about BBC getting it all wrong by focusing on the period thing and turning this into a “oh China is so barbaric because they won’t let people talk about menstruation” issue. For me, it was never about the specific excuse ABB made but rather the fact that she was given preferential treatment and/or expected to be given such treatment just because she wasn’t feeling well. And yes, I agree that if the production team and/or her cast mates knew about her condition and so went easy on her (or she didn’t want to go in but the production team insisted that she do so), then they should be backing her up publicly. By the same token, netizens/audiences have the right to be angry when they feel an injustice is being done, so I don’t blame them either, though I do agree that there was no need to focus on the menstruation thing and blow the issue up to the extent it did… I think we can probably all debate this thing until we’re all blue in the face and still not be in agreement, lol, but I don’t necessarily feel that we all HAVE to agree. Like I said earlier, our opinions may all be different due to our own individual circumstances and experiences — for me, as long as the argument makes sense and is backed up with proper reasoning (not a generic “so-and-so sucks because they just do” type of argument), then I’m usually fine with agreeing to disagree.
  • I've met both Kevin Cheng and Michael Tse. Kevin seemed friendly, he said hello and shook my hand. Michael completely ignored me though
  • got such a movie vibe to it. glad to see more companies breaking into the hk series market. on the side note, i am seeing liu kai chi constantly being typecasted into these semi-villain and villainous roles. he's such a talented actor, he can be more than just a villain.
  • @llwy12 You are one of the members here who's comments I respect. I want to say a few things, and I expect to get a mature, decent, sensible reply from you, even if you disagree. I am no fan of Angelababy, or her husband, as anyone can see from my posts. Just because I am not a fan of someone does not mean I am not willing to weigh all rhe pros and cons of an article about said person. We all know AB lies through her teeth like a pro. She is also a spoiled, whiney, entitled diva who will take preferential treatment when she gets it without consideration for others. Maybe she was having her period, maybe not. I do agree with you that she should have stayed at home if she was not feeling well. It is not cool to come in and give a half baked performance. It is indeed a lack of professionalism. Angelababy has been known to pull such stunts before. I do not blame the fans/netizens for voicing their anger if they felt she was received favoritism treatment. The netizens voicing their anger is, or was never my problem. My problem is how they behaved when she said in a public interview that she was on her period. That kind of caveman, Jurassic behavior is very backward, ignorant and uncalled for. I was even wondering if maybe, after the Bowie Tsang incident, where she, Bowie, ended up in the hospital, if the producers still asked AB to participate, with her being dunked less. If this was the case, it would have been discussed amongst the participants , which would result in them dunking AB less than others in the water. Just putting out a possible situation. We need to understand that all of us might not like Angelababy but she still will have her fans. Producers, directors etc like it when the idols show up than not have them there at all. If this is the case, they need to back AB up. If she is being her usual annoying, manipulative entitled lying self, then she needs to be called out for her disregard of other participants and her unprofessional.
  • @peanutbutterjelly I'm in agreement with you. Perhaps she felt fine initially, but her symptoms began to surface after she showed up to work, who knows. Honestly, if I were her costars, I would simply shrug it off. Is it unfair? Absolutely, but hey, that's life. It happens... it's not that serious unless it were to become habitual. But as far as we know, it seems like an isolated incident, which makes it rather harsh and petty (as you said) to label her unprofessional based on this ONE "bad call".
  • @vell Yes, was hoping to see LSS on the list, as I rather like her!
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