So Ji Sub Plays Surgeon-Turned-Lawyer in “Dr. Lawyer”

South Korean actor So Ji Sub returns to the small screen in legal drama Dr. Lawyer alongside Lim Soo Hyang and Shin Sung Rok.

The drama follows Han Yi Han (So Ji Sub) a talented surgeon who lost everything after being framed for a botched operation. After having his license revoked, Han Yi Han becomes a lawyer specializing in medical litigation and defends victims of medical malpractices. Han Yi Han is aided by Geum Seok Young (Lim Soo Hyang), a prosecutor who lost her loved ones from a surgery that was performed by Han Yi Han.

Ahead of the drama’s release, the production team has released a series of character stills to highlight the character’s motivation. In So Ji Sub’ still, the actor shows off his charismatic side while flashing his lawyer badge. Not forgetting his past as a doctor, a shadow of a stethoscope is casted on his still as the caption reads, “Doctors and lawyers are not different. Doctors save lives. Lawyers save lives.”

Lim Soo Hyang’s stills provide two contrasting sides of her character. On one side, Lim Soo Hyang appears to be cheerful; however, she also shows a somber and cold expression. On her poster, the caption reads, “As a prosecutor, the values are to be weak for the weak and be strong against the strong.”

Shin Sung Rok will be playing the mysterious Jayden Lee, the head of the Asian branch of an investment firm. Shin Sung Rok’s character still flashes a trustworthy expression on one side of the poster yet he holds a wicked and crazed smile on the other side of the poster. Proving that there is more than meets the eye, his poster reads, “The winner takes all.”

Dr. Lawyers premieres on May 27.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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  1. There are rare few actors who can make me excited upon announcements of a new drama….So Ji Sub is one of them…I am looking forward to this very much!!!

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