Aaron Yan Receives Suspended Sentence for Sexual Offenses

Former Fahrenheit boyband member Aaron Yan (炎亞綸) was accused of engaging, filming, and disseminating an intimate video with a minor. The court case between Aaron and male influencer Yao Le (耀樂) finally came to an end on May 30. At the final court hearing, Aaron was given a seven-month prison sentence. The sentence was commuted to a fine, which was suspended and can be paid over a period of three years.

With the issue finally coming to a resolution, Aaron responded, “Regarding the activities I definitely did not commit, I want to again thank the judge for his clear judgment and for seeing how I sincerely will reflect upon myself.”

On what his future career plans are, Aaron said, “I stand by my previous commitment. I will continue to contribute to society through my influences.”

Aaron’s agency also published a statement after the court case concluded. “Thankful to the prosecution for thoroughly reviewing the evidence we submitted during the judicial process and confirming that Aaron did not commit any forceful sexual acts or secretly filmed or distributed any intimate videos. During the trial, the judge stated the filming was consensual. From the video and other evidence, we understand Aaron was unfamiliar with the law and actively tried to reconcile and settle things privately with the accuser. As such, he was ultimately given a suspended sentence for this.”

Source: [1]

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.


    1. @Hohliu, how are you.
      I thi k he should have seen some jail time too. However, if there is any consolation for the world, the people now know what a predator he is. Unfortunately, there are those who will never hold him accountable, and will go on worshipping him.

      1. Hi Teddy!!! Yes…his fas will forgive his deeds and still worship him. Hope you have a good summer planned?

  1. Is this normal for a sentenced prison time to become a fine and a fine ending up as a….lack of better word, sort of an installment? Find it so speechless to commute a sentence, why not just right away slap a fine.

    1. Hi @BearBear, good to see your comment. They say money talks, and crap walks. How true that is. Very insightful comment you made. I used to support Aaron before, but I could not in good conscience, sit back and condone his actions. He definitely deserved some jail time. He has so much money that paying that fine will be like buying a bubble tea three times. What an insulting slap in the face to his victim.

      1. @Renren you never have stomach for nonsense or blind devotion based all the communications we share here so not surprised to see you that you no longer support him. Comforting to still see familiar faces around. Let me know if there’s decision to “migrate” to other platforms since I don’t go elsewhere, Keke.
        Never been a fan or anti to him or his former group but that was just me. Anyway will not be his fan from now on either. I don’t know how much truth from his self proclaimed innocence or the accusations from the other party but his actions in turning up at Yao Le’s press conference like a bully was a huge turn off and I became more inclined to believe Yao Le.