How Claire Yim Grew Apart from Husband

Shocking the HK public with the revelation that her 18-year marriage to Thomas Lam Cho Fai (林祖輝) had already ended for several years, actress Claire Yim (姚嘉妮) was spilled by tabloids to be romantically involved with her Filipino dance instructor AL since 2015.

Marriage Grew Cold

When news broke, 45-year-old Claire and 60-year-old Thomas both admitted that they had in fact been divorced for many years, and are currently sharing custody of their son and daughter. Though close friends and family were also aware of the fact, the couple did not publicly announce as they considered the kids’ feelings, they said, while Claire emphasized there were no third parties involved.

Getting to know each other at ATV, the two had tied the knot in the year 2006 after 7 years of dating, and welcomed their daughter Kyra (林煦錡) in 2009, and son Kyros three years later. Pivoting to business from his showbiz career, Thomas was Senior Vice President at “Prince of Gymnastics” Li Ning‘s listed company, and had to be stationed in Beijing where he was in charge of national-level gymnasts. When he realized the couple was drifting apart, it was only in 2013 that he gave up his career in mainland China and returned to repair the relationship, and in 2014, teamed up with Claire to manage a kids’ apparel business and getting their son and daughter to double up as models.

Began Building Her Own KOL Career

Claire was initially learning dance from AL together with Alice Chan (陳煒) and Grace Chan (陳凱琳).

Despite Thomas’ best efforts, close friends revealed that Claire was apparently unmoved, and started building her KOL career by working with multiple brand campaigns so she could be financially independent, while preparing for her divorce at a suitable time.

In 2015, tabloids spilled that Claire was spotted hanging out multiple times with celebrity Filipino dance teacher Abel dela Cruz (AL), who was seen reaching out to hold Claire’s hand as the two were strolling on the beach on one occasion. Claire denied comment when contacted by the press, saying “Those who love and care about me will know, so I shall not say more”.

It is said that both her kids are super obedient and eldest daughter Kyra, whom Claire often posted pictures of online, earned compliments from netizens for resembling actress Karena Lam (林嘉欣), and being more gorgeous than screen siren Chingmy Yau‘s (邱淑貞) daughter. Claire herself expressed thanks to Kyra for being her “temp child model”, despite the initial resistance.

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