Lawrence Ng’s Wife Opens Up on Divorce Reasons

Officially announcing an end to his seven-year marriage, Lawrence Ng (吳啟華) blamed himself for not being a responsible husband in dealing with his marital problems. Lawrence’s wife, Mainland Chinese actress Shi Yangzi (石洋子), revealed how the couple has been living separate lives in the last four years and the difficulties that came along with the unfortunate decision.

Firmly stating that the divorce had nothing to do with the involvement of a third-party, Yangzi said, “They say that it’s due to communication problems because of our [21-year] age gap, but I’ve been constantly trying to overcome it. Our relationship is like Patrick Tse (謝賢) and Deborah Lai (狄波拉); even if we’re separated, we remain as friends and family – we can have dinner and travel together. We will work together for our daughter.”

With regards to allegations that Yangzi’s wish to return to work resulted in the divorce, she disclosed that she has been working all along during their marriage. However, Yangzi did reduce her work time to take care of the family.

Yangzi’s emotions were unstable and she felt very unhappy after the end of their marriage. Yangzi explained, “I felt a little down, but I’ve been calm because we’ve been separated for three to four years. Even though we both accepted this fact, when [our marital problems] surfaced publicly, we were both very shocked.”

Since Lawrence and Yangzi do not want their divorce to affect their six-year-old daughter, both have decided to uphold joint custody. The decision on where their daughter will reside has not been decided yet, but Lawrence will move back to Hong Kong while Yangzi will live in China.


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  1. At least this couples seem to part way amicably and not bitter, and dramatic as others. Good on them 🙂

  2. Lawrence looks really young in the picture. His wife looks kind of in his age group and she is 21 years younger than him. She is old maybe too much PS and botox.

  3. Lawrence looks younger than his real age in this pic. His wife looks nice. How will this couple share custody of daughter?

    1. Both may really love their child.

      Ultimately it will boil down to who is more responsible, more willing to commit and sacrifice their own personal time, goals and space .

      Because it will mean all that, whoever takes on the commitment of parenting the child.

    2. They can take turns to care for their daughter. Example, if Lawrence needs to work, the mother can take over and vice versa. It will be difficult to work out the schedules but at least it’s healthier for the child to grow up with both parents being present.

      1. True, but they would be living in seperate countries.

        The basic premise behind joint custody was for the healthy presence of both INVOLVED parents, who should be on the same page for best interests of child.

        People don’t divorce over nothing. Different personalities and perspectives, priorities, lifestyles and habits (different upbringing in their own childhood), expectations and longterm visions are part of it.

        Parenting can also be part of those differences, which can lead to no resolution (that’s why people divorce right? because they cannot see eye to eye on many things.

        Some people do it well, but sometimes in reality, it doesn’t work from the point of the child.

        For eg, they don’t live in the same countries. Something as basic as schooling will be an issue.

        Different expectations in people.
        Which can sometimes also mean different inconsistent scenarios for a child, which seems unhealthy to me.

        Different household rules are confusing – imagine firm structure in one household with homework and dinner, followed by bathtime and bedtime stories and bedtime strictly by 10. In household #2 – gaming and tv allowed as rewards after homework, sleep at midnight, with baths every other day.

        Or constant missing homework in one disorganized household, which teachers may go after the other parent for.

        You get the drift.

        Stability in one household seems the better option.

  4. Lawrence wants his daughter to attend school in Hong Kong. But his soon to be ex wife resides in Beijing.

  5. Lawrence looks good in this pic, doesn’t he? Even better than his Man Sir role.

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