LISA to Join HBO’s “White Lotus”

BLACKPINK’s Lisa recently announced the creation of her own company LLOUD, which was advertised worldwide. Managing Lisa’s individual activities, the company will focus on growing Lisa’s international opportunities. The first major project Lisa will be participating is Season 3 of HBO’s White Lotus.

After Jennie, Lisa will be the second BLACKPINK member to film an American series. Jennie had starred with Lily-Rose Depp in The Idol, which had subpar ratings and was not renewed for a second season.

Season 3 of White Lotus will be filmed in Lisa’s home country in Thailand, including popular tourist destinations such as Ko Samui, Bangkok, and Phuket. The storyline is still under wraps, but it is will feature the new guests of the White Lotus Resort. New cast members include Leslie Bibb, Dom Hetrakul, Jason Isaacs, Michelle Monaghan, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Parker Posey, and Tayme Thapthimthong.

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      1. Idk how true it is but I heard her account on Weibo was owned by YG. The posts on Weibo had long captions which she didn’t usually do that. She mostly did short captions or no captions. Also, I don’t remember exactly, but I think the fans caught some posts on Weibo with different locations? Like she was in Paris for fashion week, but the posts’ locations were in somewhere like Korea. So fans were saying it was YG staffs that used her account.

    1. I don’t think so? Because she’s trending for her every move there. If she was blacklisted, we wouldn’t see much of her on Chinese social medias. Also it will be weird and doesn’t make sense for China to blacklist a foreign artist for whatever she does outside of China. She isn’t from China nor an artist there. I’d understand if she broke the country’s laws or did something offensive to the country or their government.

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