Park Hae Jin Wants to Play “Ordinary Characters” For His Future Projects

With his youthful and charming looks, South Korean actor Park Hae Jin has played a variety of interesting characters and is  well-received by the audience. While Park Jae Jin is currently starring in From Now on, Showtime! as a magician who can communicate with ghosts, the actor reveals that he wishes to play more ordinary characters that reflect his actual age.

In an interview, Park Hae Jin shared his attitude towards his career, “In regards to acting, I have always worked hard and I am grateful to film dramas. I cherish it every minute and second. I used to be a perfectionist and I would feel stressed if things were not completed. Now I have adjusted my mindset and will not give myself too much pressure. It is more important to work hard towards a goal.”

While Park Hae Jin played a number of meaningful roles, he revealed why he wanted to play an ordinary character, “In my next project, I hope that I can play an ordinary person suitable for my age. I have played a college student [in Cheese in Trap], a rich second-generation [in My Love from the Star], a genius psychopathic killer [in Bad Guys] and a magician who can see ghosts. After that, I want to play an ordinary person.”

Park Hae Jin continued, “I have played many youthful and positive characters so I have given the image of a ‘young man.’ I don’t want to limit myself to a fixated image. I’m about to turn 40 years old and I hope to meet characters who are more fitting of my actual age. I want to interpret the sensibility and charm that I would have at this age. I will work hard to find roles that will suit me”

Source: Korea Daily Star

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  1. I enjoy watching a great number of his dramas… But Cheese In Trap was really a let down… His character was butchered badly.

    1. I continued watching Cheese in the Trap because of his character and stopped watching when the story gave so much screentime to the supporting male while the leading male hardly appeared.

      1. I really enjoyed the drama when it first aired… but after afew eps…I noticed Park Hae Jin badly appeared. I was puzzled and then I read online how many viewers were very upset… Even the ending of the drama was very puzzling..

    2. @Hohliu I saw articles back then saying different things so not sure which was true or maybe all of them were. PHJ said to have very different views with the production crew and they got back at him by cutting his scenes, there was another stating he was just being difficult, another suggesting how the supporting guy’s agency got around to get more screen time for their artist and successfully cut back on PHJ’s screen presence, how the leading female took sides with the production crew etc.
      Nevertheless, the end result was a drama that I thought had potential but ended as a mess.

      1. I read something similar…the original author was very upset at the production crew for making changes to script behind her back…Park Hae Jin was siding her thus there was a huge disagreement with producer. So it was Author against Producer moment. Park Hae Jin was on the side of the Author… Thus there was the Movie produced with author’s approval.
        But, I have to say that experience must have affect Park Hae Jin alot… I noticed a change in him and him taking on more produces as normal regular guy then a youthful hot throb.

      2. Oh didn’t realize he took sides with the author. Don’t see why not since it’s a book adaption. Wasn’t keen on the movie after the experience with the drama.

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