Power Chan Celebrates Valentine’s Day in Thailand

Relocating to Thailand with his wife and daughter last July, actor Power Chan (陳國邦) shared his excitement about celebrating festivities in the land of smiles!

Papa is Annoying, Says Power’s Teenage Daughter
The 55-year-old explained they chose to relocate to Thailand as it was only a short 6-hour trip from Hong Kong, but he had to return to HK again in September 2022 to work on a movie. Wrapping up, he rushed back in end January to the tropical country, where he would spend upcoming festivities with his family after three months apart.

While he did not have the chance to distribute many red packets this year, his daughter received many red packets from friends visiting Thailand! Now in her rebellious adolescent phase, Power’s daughter had found daddy “annoying” and clingy, but he had told her, “It’s okay if you don’t like dad, dad really likes you. Haha!”

Blissfully married for 13 years, Mimi Lo (羅敏莊) shared that Power would still touch her with thoughtful gestures. “He didn’t bring any lunar new year gift back, I wanted perfume, but imported goods here are very expensive so I got Power to check the prices at the airport’s duty-free shops, telling him not to get any if they’re too expensive. But he still got it, and told me he can’t possibly return empty-handed!” Mimi, too has already stuffed the fridge full of Power’s favorite iced coffee and milk tea beverages, and Power quicky chimed in and guffawed, “Wifey’s too smart, she exchanged coffee and milk tea for branded perfume!”

Power Will Not Trade His Family for Career Success
Asked if the both of them missed each other, Power recalled how Mimi would ask when he was returning during the first three months they were apart, while food became almost tasteless for him without Mimi around, as he survived only on frozen meat and boiled vegetables during his time alone. Grateful for Mimi’s presence, Power quipped that she manages “all his matters other than acting”, and praised her for being equally adept in the kitchen and out.

While Power’s dream remains to become a lead actor one day, he now says he takes a broader view and would rather seek to regain his passion and work on perfecting his craft. Where she too once harbored dreams of becoming a famous singer, Mimi said, “I’m really satisfied with what I have, and will surely perform if someone invites me to sing!” Missing her family and the food back in Hong Kong, the 48-year-old has been actively keeping track with what’s happening on home turf, and plans on trying her luck at securing one of the 500,000 free air tickets the Hong Kong government is giving out.

Ending the interview on a romantic note, Power professed, “I would not want to exchange my wife and daughter for fame, nor a lead role nor even an award. I want to thank my wife for her everything! I love you!”

Source: HK.On.CC


    1. He was never lead actor material, but that’s also what made him so good. Lead roles are where the story revolves around but supporting actors actually create the story and he was really good at it.

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