Shin Min Ah, Kim Young Dae Team Up for “Because I Want No Loss”

Set for a 2024 release, upcoming tvN romantic comedy Because I Want No Loss will see the anticipated return of “queen of rom-coms” Shin Min-ah of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha in a pair-up with heartthrob Kim Young Dae!

The intriguing story tells of Son Hae Young, who has to share her mother’s love with others growing up, and used to making concessions in romance. Facing the prospect of losing out on a promotion at work, she decides to fake her own wedding so as not to take any loss. Establishing herself firmly as romantic comedy queen in the popular tvN seaside romance, Shin Min-ah  looks set to charm onscreen in her new role.

Previously seen in Shooting Stars and The Forbidden Marriage, rising actor Kim Young Dae will play a brainy and honest student and part-time convenience store worker Kim Ji Wook, who is known in the neighborhood as a friendly purveyor of justice, who would always help where he can and does not want to hurt anyone. One day he gets “proposed to” by his difficult customer Son Hae Young, and ends up accepting the “job” of playing her groom!

Directed by Kim Jung Sik who impressed with her humorous style in Work Later Drink Now, with a solid script from the screenwriter of 2019 drama Her Private Life, Kim Hye Young, the production crew has teased the comical romance series as a light-hearted yet realistic series that has something in it for all viewers.

Source: KoreaStarDaily