TVB Anniversary Awards: Nominations Revealed on November 29

The much-anticipated TVB 46th Anniversary Awards Ceremony will take place on Monday, December 16, 2013. The Best Actor and Best Actress awards will be half voted by the public and half decided by a professional group of judges consisting of backstage crewmembers such as directors, producers, and editors. Currently, the top nomination lists of the night’s main awards are being finalized and will be revealed next week. All nominated artists will be invited to a press conference on Friday, November 29.

According to tabloids, those currently on the nomination list for Best Actor and Best Actress include Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), Moses Chan (陳豪), Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Roger Kwok (郭晉安), Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Kate Tsui (徐子珊), and Kristal Tin (田蕊妮). Other award nominees may include Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), Ben Wong (黃智賢), Sire Ma (馬賽), Tony Hung (洪永城), and Luk Ho Ming (陸浩明).

Ben Wong Remains Indifferent

Last year, Ben Wong publicly expressed disappointment in not having been nominated for his popular villain role in Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>. Since the role was well received and viewers praised his acting, Ben had expected some achievement. However, he was greatly upset when he did not even stand a chance to win an award. Rumors have it that Ben is likely to be nominated this year for his performance in either A Great Way to Care 2 <仁心解碼Ⅱ> or Always and Ever <情逆三世緣>, which were both relatively successful dramas.

When asked about his feelings, Ben carried an indifferent attitude towards the awards. He expressed, “I had my hopes too high last year, so I’m not going to think about it too much this time. Compared to Always and Ever, I like my character in A Great Way to Care 2 more. Unfortunately, the series was broadcast near the beginning of the year, and the hype has faded.” Speaking of his colleagues, Ben believes Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), Ngo Ka Nin (敖嘉年), Raymond Cho (曹永廉), and Pal Sinn (單立文) stand high chances of being nominated.

Sire Ma to be Nominated Although Frozen by TVB?

After her recent lesbian relationship scandal, Sire Ma is reportedly frozen by TVB for two months. She has since been absent at all public events, including the Anniversary Gala held last week. However, tabloids claim the rumors will not affect her chances of winning an award this year. Allegedly, Sire’s name will still appear on the nomination lists for her roles in Bullet Brain <神探高倫布> and anniversary series, Will Power <法外風雲>.


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    1. These awards are becoming more and more ridiculous as the days go by.

    2. TVB might nominate Sire Ma to ride on her hot scandal while it’s still hot.

    3. agree- WTF FOR BULLET BRAIN?!? She should be nominated for Will Power instead if she was to get in

    4. She was terrible in Bullet Brain – lead actress stress? Also didn’t help that her character was annoying as hell.

      Fortunately, she’s not bad at all in Will Power.

    5. Sire ruined Bullet Brain…I stopped watching cause I can’t stand her whining “Po Po” every other few lines. She’s a horrible actress with an annoying voice.

  1. What happens to the other artistes, such as Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung in “TITS 2”, Lawrence Ng in “On Call 36 Hours II”, and Fala Chen in “TITS 2”?

    In other words, TVB would only nominate artistes on their management contracts, no other ones.

      1. Also how about Esther Kwan and Joey Meng, and many others …………

      2. lol, Sheren Tang-she’s deserving, but you really think they’ll give her a nomination after her public criticism of the company? :/

      3. I hope Esther gets nominated! She was performance was great! Especially her emotional scenes D;

      4. yes i’ll be very sad if they don’t nominate Esther. She definitely don’t need the award but she must at least have a nomination.

    1. Roger Kwok does not seem to be a management-contract artiste. Why would he be included in the nomination list while the others were not?

      Also Ruco Chan did very well in “Brother’s Keeper”, and his name was not included.

      1. Same thoughts. Roger also was having a mediocre year and doesn’t generate any talks about his performance but suddenly he was in and Ruco wasn’t mentioned. Is there any behind the scene contract signing that we don’t know?

        TVB should held the Most Underrated Actor and Actress award. Ruco can be nominated there.

      2. ^ LOL Most Underrated- that’s a really idea that tbb might want to take on board. It’d be one of their greatest award categories, perhaps even would be the most anticipated in comparison to BAs.

      3. bbfanny, yes, Ruco for the Most Under-rated actor award. He really deserves at least a nomination.

      4. i mean a nomination in this year’s BA list for his performance in Brother’s Keeper. He really gave a very heartfelt performance and even undertook most of the action scenes personally.

      5. Let’s wait for the official nomination list before making the comments. I don’t think Ruco will not be in the list. The above list just comes from tabloids which is not trusted.

    2. Not really. Roger Kwok isn’t managed by TVB but is nominated.

      Ruco, Bosco, Michael Miu, Joey Meng are managed by TVB but not included in the list.

      Niki was said to be vying for the TV Queen but not nominated?

      1. what?! Roger isnt managd by tvb?No kidding :O I thought he was..then who is he managed by?

      2. Roger is managed by TVB. His manager was Garly(the same as Tavia, Ron, Sharon) before she left.

        Joey Meng only has a per-series contract so she isn’t managed by TVB.

  2. I have nothing against her for being a lesbian, but Sire Ma? in what world? She is not good enough.
    Looks like there is a lot of competition for males this year. This is very exciting. I think these people should win:
    Best Actor: Francis Ng or Ruco Chan
    My Favorite Male: Chi Lam (hands down)
    Best Actress: Joey Meng (sad that she gets no attention even though she can truly act)
    My Favorite Female: Joey Meng or Esther Kwan
    Supporting Actress: Nancy Wu or Mandy Wong (no one truly stood out in my opinion)
    Supporting Actor: Power Chan
    Most Improved Actress: Eliza Sam or Grace Wong
    Most Improved Actor: Vincent Wong
    Best Drama: Inbound Troubles, A Change of Heart, or possibly Triumph in the Skies (not really a good drama but for the beautiful places and studded cast)

    1. Totally agree with your list. You practically spoke my mind! Everyone you mentioned is worthy, though I’d personally add Kenneth Ma to the Best Actor ticket lol.

    2. Power Chan has been demoted by TVB. I sense that TVB will give BSA to Vincent and MI to Him Law or Benjamin Yuen.

      1. Yeah, I sense that he will not even be nominated too ): But his acting in Will Power was pretty good. I really think he deserves it.

      2. Agreed. Vincent Wong delivered a stellar performance in Will Power. I can’t comment on demotions but I think Power Chan did great in Will Power as well, he was very convincing. 🙂

    3. Honestly Kenneth Ma has the highest chance to win BA this year. I sense that Chilam will win Most Favourite Male Character.

    4. Best actor : Francis Ng or ruco chan?
      Your are kidding right?

      How can ruco even compare to Francis ?

      Ruco is not even on par with Francis .

      1. Meh. Francis’ performance in TITS2 is hardly anything to talk about. Might as well give it to Ruco, TVB will get more out of that.

      2. I agree. I don’t get the hoohaa about Francis in TITS2. He’s pretty much acting without much passion there and his character didn’t connect to audience much, although his acting is better than Chilam. It’s better to give it to Ruco who technically has better acting and better character who struck a tragic chord in audience.

    5. Agree with the “Best Drama” category, although I would prefer Will Power to win over Triumph in the Skies as “Best Drama”.

      1. Willpower is miles better than Triumph. And I vote for Ruco over Francis as Ruco is more versatile and he is believable no matter what he plays. Francis is good, but boring to watch. Not likeable in Triumph either but that is mostly his character.

    1. Ruco Chan is too underrated by TVB and media. Why isn’t his name there when he did better than most of the nominated names.

      Moses doesn’t do much in WP and Roger Kwok should be nominated next year. This year his roles are average.

    2. I’d be greatly confused if he didnt even make it to the nomination list o_______O

    3. count me in, i’m so darn pissed already reading this and this isn’t even a confirmed list, just rumors. What sort of cock-eyed person is drawing up the nomination list and has she/he been watching the same dramas as the rest of us?

  3. The nomination is too small and too little competition. Where are others like Chilam, Ruco Chan and other leads? I’m surprised that Roger is nominated out of nowhere instead of Ruco when his performances this year are average although Inbound Trouble is a hit. TVB should open the road for younger actors who did better such as Ruco etc.

  4. Linda won’t get tv queen but will be nominated. Her acting really sucks, same as sire ma(come on like how can she get nominated, and not natalie in bullet brain, Nat wad way better than her)

    1. I think Linda Chung has a very high chance of winning TV Queen, and TVB wants her to win. At the beginning, TVB mentioned that the TV King and Queen will be selected by a professional panel, now they have changed their mind and the votes will be 50% by professionals and 50% by audience. Since Linda Chung did not act well in “Brother’s Keeper” (as reflected in the recent voting by TVB staff), TVB now wants Linda’s big fan base to help out with the voting. In that case, she will surely be the TV Queen as she was already the 1st runner up in the last voting, and Kristal Tin can no way beat Linda in the public votes. Kristal Tin does not have a big fan base.

      It seems TVB is pretty smart to let the public to vote for TV King and Queen because this also applies to Kenneth Ma. Kenneth Ma will have a good chance to win TV King in 2013.

      1. I believe Kenneth’s chances run high too for this year’s TVKing- I support him in winning, though Ruco to me is still more deserving with his performance in BK (but it’s rather obvious tvb is leaning more towards kenneth to win imo).

        If Linda wins over Kristal…oh my goodness x_____x Is Kristal contracted with tvb ? If so, she might get the chance..but by the looks of it, it seems like tbb’s setting it up for Linda. Orrr…Kate could be the Dark Horse since apparently they’re trying to squeeze her in a nomination for her yet-to-be-seen performance in BL

      2. Correct. But it is not fair and hard to judge Kate Tsui’s acting in “My Prime Lady” with just a few episodes aired next week or so.

      3. Since 50% is determined by public votes, the popular ones with big fan base will certainly get the advantage. People are not known to be impartial to their faves.

  5. So far the best performances this year is Ruco, Bosco and Francis. I thought Michael did quite well in Sniper, his character was well liked. Haven’t watched Will Power yet but I heard good things and with Bounty Lady coming up Dayo and Kate are likely to be nominated. I thought Raymond did extremely well in Karma Rider but that’s another underrated series of the year. I enjoyed Edwin’s performances as well.

    For actresses it’s definitely Joey, Esther,Ada and Kristal….she has to win something this year. Linda’s performance wasn’t BA worthy and she was barely in the series. I enjoyed Tavia’s performance in AGWTC2 but she’s not going to be nominated for that and I’m not really sure about her role in THC2 so far nothing special.

    1. I agree with your comment on Tavia- her performance in AGWTC2 was so underrated. Although her screentime wasnt much, I thought she did brilliant when her character became a serial killer. Comapred to THC2 so far, I think she should be nominated for AGWTC2 rather than THC2.

    2. Agree, even though both her characters’ screen time are little as a leading actress, her acting is excellent in AGWTC2. That serial killer is really impressive.

  6. This list seems to come out later this year compared to previous years. Only a little more than half a month until the awards.

  7. I think tavia yeung did extremely well as yu jai in OC2. Support her to be this year BA

  8. I really don’t feel that either Kenneth Ma or Linda Chung is ready for BA award. As a fan of Linda’s, I do want her to get it but just not this year. Her acting is gradually improving but she hasn’t really acted in different roles or challenging role. I really want her to act in villain roles, something that is worth winning. 😐

    It’s one of those weird years where no one really stood out for me at least. I feel that TVB should not focus on the current fadans but rather focus on Joey, Esther, Ada and Kristal instead. Same with the Best Actor award. Give it to Chiliam or Francis!! Definitely not Kenneth Ma. Most of Kenneth Ma’s acting is pretty much the same.. His performance in THC last year isn’t all that worth awarding..

    Best supporting actress: Nancy Wu! (:
    As for most improved male artiste, I’m probably saying Ben Wong, Vincent Wong or Him Law. I really love his acting from time to time. I actually prefer his acting over Kenneth Ma.

    1. As for most improved male artiste, I’m probably saying Ben Wong, Vincent Wong or Him Law. I really love his acting from time to time. I actually prefer his acting over Kenneth Ma.
      It will be an insult to Ben Wong especially to get “Most Improved Actor” award. He got a “Best Supporting Actor” award in 2011, and Vincent Wong is also too good for “Most Improved”. They should get Best Supporting Actor award if they win.

      Perhaps Him Lam is more appropriate for “Best Improved Actor”, but definitely not Ben Wong or Vincent Wong.

      1. I probably mixed up best supporting actor and most improved award 😐

      2. “Best Supporting” award is given to the best actor in a supporting role.

        “Most Improved” award is usually given a new artiste who has improved the most recently (usually after his/her appearance in a drama series). Artistes such as Him Law, Benjamin Yuen, Eliza Sam, Christine Kuo, etc. would qualify for it.

      3. Heh. I remember when Derek Kwok was nominated for “Most Improved” despite being around for over a decade…

        Usually, I’d say ANY actor can qualify for this award since all of them should have the capacity to improve. It’s a good thing! But since this whole farce is just a promotional tool, it does seem a slight insult for the more seasoned actors.

      4. I think the meaning of the award has been changed in the last 2 years. Everyone said “Ruco Chan” should be nominated for “Most Improved” in “The Other Truth”, but Catherine Tsang told him not to get nominated since he was one of the 1st lead actors.

      5. @ Skinnymocha

        Of course everyone has the capacity for improvement, but “Most Improved” is a newcomer award since the people nominated in it are newbies. Then it is an insult to seasoned actors to be grouped in the category. If a seasoned actor made a huge leap of improvement – they are likely qualified for BSA or BA. If TVB was fair, that is. Which we know they never are.

  9. My wish list: TV King – Ruco; TV Queen – Kristal; Best Supporting – Elena. Yeah right, it will happen …

  10. It’ll be a black day if Ruco doesn’t make it to the nomination list. His acting is widely praised even here; makes me wonder if the TVB executives that have the final say are even watching the same dramas as the rest of us. Hope that he wont end up in the same situation as Ben Wong who was widely praised by most viewers last year but got ignored come nomination time. There’s nothing more de-moralizing than to be overlooked by your bosses, no matter how many years you’ve been seasoned in the industry. A nomination at least shows that you’ve been noticed and in a way is a motivation for you to try harder next time.

  11. Now that 50% of result is from public votes then sorry Kristal, u might just get favorite female character since your fan base is not even close to Linda. Kristal can’t win BOTH favorite character and Best actress even though she should! But TVB won’t let it happen. So prediction is:

    Favorite female character: Kristal Tin
    Best actress: Linda Chung or Kate Tsui
    Favorite male character: Chi Lam (100% sure!!)
    Best actor: Kenneth Ma

    Last year BA favorite was Kate and Tavia so TVB gave Kate favorite character and Tavia best actress . This year it’s just Linda and Kristal hot favorite. No way Linda will get the favorite character…. No way for that Rachel lol.

    1. Above is just prediction what might happen. But my wish list is here:

      Favorite female character: Kristal Tin
      Best actress: Kristal Tin
      Favorite male character: chi lam
      Best actor: Ruco Chan

      1. You may never know, the other year Raymond was so hyped to win the BA award, but Wayne won it instead! And it was by public voting.

        Sort of shows that fan base doesn’t really matter, Kristal still has a high chance in BA.

        Rooting for Ruco!!!!

      2. I was surprised raymond did not win lol. His fans must be pissed off! Anyways, I want Kristal to win BA but can she win both??? Hmmmm I think no. Who have won both awards before? Never right?

        But Ruco will not win even though he should. Poor Ruco. Not even mention on this article ! How sad.

      3. zero noise about ruco. maybe tvb will give him astro tv king as consolation

    2. many artists won both awards in the same yr. BA and my favorite character

      Ah sheh 2006, Wayne 2009, Moses 2007, Myolie 2011, Kevin 2011

      1. Oh really? That’s cool then! Hopefully Kristal can win both but that would be a big blow to my Linda lol. We’ll see how it goes. Thanks for the info.

  12. best is if

    best actor – ma ming
    best actress – kristal
    favourite actor – chilam
    favourite actress – kristal

    want to put esther or ruco somewhere but there are zero noise about them so change my mind.

  13. My personal favourites are (I don’t really favour second wins):
    -Best actor: Ruco Chan
    -Best Actress: Joey Meng
    -Favourite Actor: Chilam
    -Favourite Actress: Kristal Tin
    -Best supporting actor: Vincent Wong
    -Best supporting actress: Alice Chan
    -most improved actor: Edwin Siu
    -most improved actress: eliza Sam (unfortunately there’s nobody else really…)
    -Best drama: brother’s keeper

  14. My top two picks for each category:

    Best actor – Ruco or Moses. Each has done exceptionally well in their respective roles. Wayne would be up there too but he’s won it three times already… No fun in winning it 4 times. Ma Ming could be there too but I believe Ruco and Moses are better than him this time round.

    Best actress – Kristal or Joey! I’ve loved her since her debut in TVB (didn’t catch her in her ATV days, unfortunately) and I’m quite happy to see the amount of attention she’s getting thanks to her amazing performance and role in Brother’s Keeper! And Joey was damn right chilling in ACOH.

    Best Supporting Actor: Vincent or Ben. Solid actors who deserve more recognition, especially Vincent.

    Best Supporting Actress: Natalie or Elena. I think Natalie deserves something for her amazing performance in the terrible Bullet Brain.
    Elena has been facing tough competition over the years, just losing out on the award despite bringing outstanding performances every time. I do hope she can win this year… OooO And Louisa So in THC2. There’s something about her that makes me love her so much! :3

    Favourite Male Char: Chilam or Vincent Wong (ACOH). Both extremely likeable characters.

    Favourite Female Char: Selena Li or Kristal Tin. I loved Selena in Awfully Lawful and her character was one of the reasons why.

    Most Improved: Him Law and Katy Kung. Him has shown a lot of growth throughout the years (like his character in THC) and has become a great actor. Good looks coupled with good acting should get him far.
    Katy was stellar in BAW despite the series not doing well. She’s shown she can play righteous characters all the way to bratty, villainous girls. And she can hold her ground against veterans as well.

    I’m surprised that Moses is doing quite well in WP. He doesn’t look as tired or as wooden in WP compared to his previous series.

      1. I like Will Power as best series. Also, a point about Sire Ma. Not her fan and she was a total turnoff in BULLET BRAIN. HOWEVER, she was really, really, good in Will Power. Her crying scenes after the rape was believable and stirring. So, my final verdict is, Sire Ma should be most improved and Vincent as most improved as well (do they have a category for each gender?).

        Also, Ruco Chan for best actor in Brother’s Keeper. I don’t think Moses has done anything this year that caught my eye. Kristal Tin as best actress.

      2. Yeah they have a male and female most improved. And I think Sire won that already a few years ago. So I’ll be rooting for Katy this year 😀

        Although I believe Ruco is more deserving than Moses, I put Moses there because he was delightful to watch in WP and not many other actors did as well as him this year.And yes, Kristal for TV Queen ! 😀

  15. Here is my list

    Best actress: Tavia or Kristal
    Best actor: Chilam or Ruco

    male character: Cholam ( choi sam)
    female character: Fala (holiday)

    supporting male: Vincent
    supporting female: Elena Kong

    improved male: Him Law
    improved female: Eliza Sam

  16. Maybe this year’s BA will go down in its (already infamous)history as the one with the MOST UNDESERVING winner. An undeserving win is nothing but a hollow victory. Let’s see if the winner can live up to the scrutiny of the public eye. If not, then the BA is nothing but another Mickey Mouse award.

  17. my wish list
    Best Actor: Francis Ng/Ruco Chan
    Best Actress: Tavia Yeung/Kristal Tin
    Favorite Character: Ruco Chan/Kenneth Ma
    Favorite Character: Kristal Tin/Tavia Yeung
    Best Supporting Actor: Vincent Wong
    Best Supporting Actress: Elena Kong
    Most Improved Actor: Benjamin Yuen/Him Law
    Most Improved Actress: Elaine Yiu

  18. Wish list:
    Best actor : Ruco
    Best actress : Joey
    Best supporting actor: Louis Cheung
    Most improved: Edwin
    Best drama : Brother’s Keeper

  19. the one who should deserve this year BA award should just go to ruco chan.. for real, i think he’s like the best this year. besides him, i would pick wayne lai. im sure kristal tin will be getting the best character. best actress award most probably kristal/kate ( eventho some ppl dislike her ) , linda chung. linda is not there yettt.

  20. very sure there would be complains about the coming drama my prime lady…

    1. hmm why do you say that? complaints? but dayo’s dramas usually do well… and it seems like nowadays, people prefer comedies better than dramas with plots that make no sense

  21. Wayne and Moses shouldn’t be nominated this year. Their performance was just standard. Like how it should be, not very outstanding.

    As for Roger, I don’t know, I think it was also very standard, maybe he got nominated because the drama receive well?

    I’d instead put Chilam, Francis and Bosco on the list.

    this is what I want the results to be:

    Best Actor: Francis/Chilam
    Best Actress: Kristal Tin/Joey Meng
    Best Sup. Actor: Power Chan/Vincent Wong
    Best Sup. Actress: Mandy Wong
    Most impr. Actor: Vincent Wong/Him Law/Benjamin Yuen
    Most impr. Actress: ELiza Sam
    Best Drama: Triumph in the Skies 2/A change of heart

  22. Nominated does not mean that he or she will win. Actually, I prefer a dark-horse who was not nominated surprise everyone and win. Infinitely unlikely since one most be on the nominated list. I think the most improved actress is “Samantha” and most improved actor is either “Ma Keung” or “Richard” all in Come Home Love. It is the consistency throughout the nearly 400 episodes that them deserving to win.

  23. Not very useful information here. Anyone could have come up with these names.

  24. @jane,
    many people seems 2 have their own list of best actress, actor drama etc… Why dont you create a poll so that we can vote and see if its the same as tvb results?

  25. I have a feeling this is fake.
    was myolie in anything this year? and by roger, did they mean ruco?

    1. do you even watch tvb? myolie was in triumph2 and seasons of love! triumph2 was so popular along with praises for myolie who did way better than the promoted so called lead fala!

  26. Does anyone know when they will have the public vote and how to vote? Thanks!

  27. 2014 TVB Queen could be between two’K’good friend Kate and Kristal

    1. evidently tvb trying hard to push kate for the win with the airing of prime lady since they know dayo will bring the audience 😛

      support kristal

  28. Well, I’ll be expecting a crappy list again. Aimee was nominated that one year for BSA for her horrible performance in TOT. Anything is possible in TVB’s world.

  29. Rooting for the following:

    Best Actor : Ruco Chan
    Best actress: ?? (don’t think anyone deserves, don’t find kristal that fantastic, performance is inconsistent imho, OTT acting at times especially as the younger Ying)
    Fave character (male): Chilam
    Fave character (female): Kristal
    Best supporting actor: Louis Cheung
    Best supporting actress: Natalie Tong

  30. Kenneth Ma for Best Actor and Tavia Yeung for Best Actress! Again, kudos to Tavia for her great acting in THC2! Her crying scenes made me tear up. I’m such a fan. :’)

  31. Joey Mung should be nominated for ACOH.. She was awesome in that drama!

  32. Linda Chung can act, for sure. I’ve been watching her dramas ever since she first started. She is convincing in everything, and is very natural. HOWEVER, most of her roles are stupid and uninteresting, I think that’s why it appears as if she is the same in every role.

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  34. Best Actor: Ruco Chan all the way
    Fav Character (Male):Ruco Chan

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