Yang Mi and Gong Jun’s “Fox Spirit Matchmaker” Drops Trailer

Starring Yang Mi (楊冪) and Gong Jun (龔俊), Fox Spirit Matchmaker <狐妖小紅娘> finally dropped its trailer. Although their photo stills were initially dazzling, Yang Mi and Gong Jun’s aesthetics in the trailer surprisingly fell below expectations.

Netizens shook their heads at Yang Mi’s thick makeup and exclaimed that her look was overly unflattering. She looked much older in comparison to her supporting co-stars Chen Duling (陳都靈) and Cristy Guo Xiaoting (郭曉婷).

However, it is inevitable that Yang Mi would look older than her costars, as she is seven years older than Cristy and 8 years older than Chen Duling.

Coming to Yang Mi’s rescue, many fans were angry at how the trailer turned out. Yang Mi’s makeup style seemed out of place when compared to Chen Duling and Cristy’s more natural looks. Since Yang Mi is known as one of China’s most beautiful actresses, fans placed blame on the makeup itself. .

In addition, Gong Jun’s foundation was also too pale and his eyebrows appeared unnaturally black and bushy, impacting his normally handsome appearance in costume dramas.

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.


  1. First there is absolutely nothing wrong with the make up, it looks badass AWESOME on each and every ladies, YM included.
    Second, yes YM’s age is hard to hide and CDL does look better since she’s younger, but that has nothing to do with the make up or wrong styling. Everyone is styled beautifully in their own way.

    It looks like the rumor about ZLY shifting blame on CDL is true. The news is trying to make CDL look like a girl who makes the media praises herself, compares herself with others but uglify others. The same tactic ZLY has been doing for so long but can no longer do it bc people are starting to complain now. So someone else has to take the blame being that girl who markets shamelessly like that.

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