2013 TVB Anniversary Awards to Once Again Feature Popular Vote System

TVB will continue to rely on public votes to determine this year’s TV King, TV Queen, and Best Drama at the 2013 TVB Anniversary Awards <萬千星輝頒獎典禮>. Although many grand productions have yet to air, viewers are already deep in discussion about possible winners.

Recently, a Hong Kong magazine spoke with TVB to uncover more details about this year’s awards. TVB Deputy Director of External Affairs Tsang Sing Ming (曾醒明) shared that the company will again implement the popular vote system. “Honestly, it is too early to be discussing this. No decision has been made. However we will definitely choose our winners with the popular vote method. We will discuss the details later….”

Raymond Lam (林峯), who lost the TV King title last year despite being a favorite to win, is recently rumored to be on bad terms with TVB. When asked if Raymond would appear at this year’s awards, Mr. Tsang replied, “Raymond Lam does not have any series on air this year, so he probably will not receive a nomination. Will he show up at the awards? We must wait to see if our Artist Management Department can get him onto the schedule.”

Although the award ceremony is only three months away, many of the top series contenders have not yet made their debut on the TV screen. Popular candidates include the upcoming Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>, My Prime Lady <My盛Lady>, Will Power <法外風雲>, and The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時 II>.

As for TV King, many fans are rooting for Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) in various unofficial polls, clearly mesmerized by his performance in this summer’s hit Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>. Kenneth Ma (馬國明) also emerged as a dark horse favorite, given a second chance to win Best Actor this year with his popular portrayal of Dr. Cheung Yat Kin. Dayo Wong (黃子華) also generated buzz with his comeback role in My Prime Lady. The 53-year-old comedian has always served as a ratings-guarantee and will likely achieve the same in his brand new series.

Despite media buzz about Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) as this year’s TV Queen, many viewers seem uncertain about their Best Actress picks and are instead cheering for popular Supporting Actress candidates Nancy Wu (胡定欣), Mandy Wong (黃智雯), and Elena Kong (江美儀).

When asked to comment about this year’s epic TV King battle, Kenneth Ma agrees that he will be facing many strong opponents and is not at all confident about his own chances. “[The Hippocratic Crush 2] is a sequel after all. My performance was affected by the restrictions already in place in the original series. It probably won’t generate as much noise. Of course, I hope for satisfactory ratings. I honestly do not dare to even think about becoming TV King. Winning it would of course make me very happy, and if I don’t win I will just work even harder. This year’s opponents are very strong… I don’t think I stand a chance [against them], but I really want to thank everyone for thinking highly of me and calling me a dark horse candidate. Hearing this, I am already very happy!”

Even though three-time TV King Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) received criticism for this year’s Bullet Brain <神探高倫布>, some believe that he can change the tide with Will Power. When asked to comment, Wayne hopes that viewers will enjoy Will Power and shared that he will face this year’s race with a calm, normal mindset. “Of course I want to win, but I will not consciously dwell on the subject. Honestly, Bullet Brain‘s failure was a good lesson. At the very least I have learned a lot from this experience. My worst fear is that nobody pays attention to my series… I would only know what to improve on when someone praises or criticizes me. There are actually many great series this year. If it were up to me, I would pick Francis Ng as TV King. He is a great actor so nobody would oppose at all.”

Source: 3 Weekly #728 via ihktv.com

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Unless Linda and Fala wow in their respective anniversary series, there are no strong contenders for TV Queen this year. So far the best female performance this year might be Tavia in AGWTC2

    1. Actually best performance in female lead is Joey in A Change Of Heart but of course it’s unlikely she’ll be acknowledged at all.

      1. Yes, i totally agree. Having watched all the dramas aired, i still feel Joey Meng as Mrs. Fong (in A change of Heart)should be notimated as Best Actress.

      2. looks like linda chung has high percentage. Kate Tsui in Sniper not really good. As for Fala, she is no longer a TVB actress, less chance for her as well

      3. Right, I meant to say best performance that stands a chance for winning. There were great performances by Joey, Esther, Ada, Sheren, but zero chance of winning

      4. The thing is if Tavia were to be nominated for the award it won’t be AGWTC2, it’ll be THC2 but we don’t know how her performance there is yet.

      1. but no one recognises joey any more – linda linda linda all the way

    2. I’d agree that Tavia was really good in AGWTC2 – enjoyed her performance a lot and it was something fresh for her. Thing is, she already got the award last year. On a side note, I would have loved to see her playing Niki’s role in ACOH. I think she would have done a much better job. That role could easily garner someone a BA award if acted well.

      1. ^Bern: I agree with you completely. I also think if the series allowed Tavia’s character to be fleshed out a lot more (instead of focusing so much on Edwin’s storyline that made up most of the series and ended up being a drag..), she would’ve done an even better performance. Her character was quite complex…I would’ve liked to see more character development. Her performance towards the end of the series, becoming a schezophrenic killer was very well done imo.

  2. Let’s wait for Brother’s Keeper. Media buzz already mentioned Linda Chung appears to be strong contender for this year queen award

    1. – a very strong contender indeed.

      Hope Kenneth gets it this year too – I feel so sorry about him – he’s tried so hard over the year to get this award and OMG, his face last year when Wayne got the award was so sad….

  3. If Linda wins best actress, I will never watch Tvb series again! She is not entitle or qualified with her mono face acting. Anyone but native “BB” can win.Question, is she ever happy? or know how to smile in series?
    As for male king, both hands up for Francis Ng or Ken Ma

    1. If you think that kenneth ma shld win best actor, then you obviously have no right to comment abt Linda cos you have poor taste. Kenneth’s acting is like a block of wood with one standard expression whether happy sad or villainous. His enunciation is pretty monotonous too but not as bad as raymond wong.

      1. You mean TITS or TITS2? In TITS Ma Ming was nothing more than insignificant supporting. In TITS2 he failed as a playboy.

        Up to now, I only can see Ma Ming does well with roles close to his personality. Other than that, he pouts, he gwing and he overacts. The last role I’ve liked him was Koo Chi Luk in La Femme Desperado. In Cant buy me love he was ok. In Mysteries of love, I cringed anytime he tried to be a player.

      2. @choco bunny- you must be from Vancouver otherwise you wouldn’t be so sensitive of linda. Are you saying that Linda is worthy of tvb queen? Obviously I’m not on the same planet as you then. So apart from crying, try to be angry with an epic fail, crying, try to smile, crying and more crying, what else can Linda do?

      3. @rosa, no, just giving credit where it’s due. Find it strange you think linda can’t act but think kenneth’s great. A sample of comments in Jaynestars will show you that the general consensus is that kenneth can’t act beyond a couple of standard expressions.

    2. Sure she can smile. L’Escargot for example. She has good acting skills anyway.

    3. i saw great potential in Linda when she first started in her role as Michelle in Virtues of Harmony 2.

      As for Kenneth, I thought his previous series were better than the series he filmed the last few years..

      i liked him in Into thin air and especially Survivor’s Law 2

      1. It’s weird because I thought Linda was ok in VOH2 and she started off with potential; however as the years go by, her acting has not improved much and she generally plays the same pitiful/crying roles all the time. Even as a Vancouverite I will say she needs A LOT of improvement. Somehow her acting still seems forced and not very natural nor charismatic

      2. @wow

        In my opinion, her best role was Sze Ka Ka in A journey called life.

  4. I know these two ain’t gonna happen, but I’m rooting for Ada Choi and Esther Kwan. Their acting/crying scenes goes to a whole other level.. very touching.

      1. She was one of the main reasons I actually finished the drama despite the boring storyline. I liked her performance better than Sheren Tang.

  5. He looks like Tony Leung in this photo. More handsome but look very alike.

    1. I also thought the above photo of Kenneth Ma was Tony Leung upon first glance… until I looked closer and read the article.

  6. its too early to make a prediction lets watch the series first.but my favorite this year is chilam,haha.

    1. Mines too.
      But I want Captain Koo to get favorite male character though.

      1. I didn’t find Captain Koo much likeable character towards the middle where he became lovesick over Fala.

  7. For Best Actor, definitely hoping it can be Francis Ng (not going to happen) or Ruco Chan. They definitely deserve it so far. As for My Favorite Male Character would be hands down Chilam for Captain Cool. As for Best Actress, I am rooting for Joey Meng (impossible) or Tavia would be acceptable I guess. As for Favorite Female Character, I am not sure at all. There was not any females that stood out. This list is tentative by the way (x

    1. Ruco is a good actor but the series haven’t aired yet so don’t know how it’s going ot be yet. There were a few good actors this year but not so much on actresses, Tavia won last year it seems unlikely they will crown her again this year. None of the younger generation really deserves it but who knows they may end up giving it to a veteran. If Linda did well in Brothers Keeper then she deserves it but if she don’t she shouldn’t get it.

      1. Ruco’s performance in Reality Check is worthy of best actor nomination.

      2. But we all know he’s not going to be nominated for that role. If he fails in BK, he fails a chance of winning that award. Not saying he doesn’t deserve it, but I would be surprised if he does.

    2. Ruco Chan for Best Actor! Ruco is the only TVB talented TVB actor and he’s also very handsome!

      1. What i really like about Ruco besides his acting is his character. He’s always so low-key and modest and doesnt crave the limelight. While others are rushing to talk during group interviews, he takes a step back and lets them talk, he’s a real gentleman. You know what they say about empty vessels making the most noise? Well Ruco is a thinker, doesnt just shoot his mouth off and talk for the sake of talking to get noticed. Also unlike some other actors, he doesn’t jump into bed with any easy lay that comes along.

  8. I love Linda but dont think she can TV Queen. Never know mayb her performance in Brother Keeper will b amazing. I am hope Kenneth to win and hopefully Esther or Joey Meng which i doubt they will.

    1. It’ll definitely be a hit or miss for Linda. If she does well in BK, then highly likely the award would go to her amongst her contenders for this year. But if you solely base it on the level of acting abilities/skills, Linda isn’t quite BA yet imo- she has a long way to go.

  9. Some series hasn’t even aired yet but people are still convinced that they will win. Not sure about Kenneth, we’ve already seen his character once, reprise roles usually don’t do well take Kevin’s role in Ghetto Justice for example. Besides he’s on par with Lawrence in the series, unless he makes this huge dramatic development in the series it all depends when the series air to see how successful it is. I’m glad it’s the same producer or else I would of lost hope. THC brought out a good message and I just hope it’ll continue to but it seems like it’s more focused on relationships as there are 2-3 love triangles added.

    Until the anniversary series air, it’s really unpredictable to say who’ll win it all depends how well received the series is. I’m looking forward to Brothers Keeper but I’m still confused with Linda’s role because so far on the promo clips and trailers she’s not shown much so theres not much to tell so far. Ruco only started leading roles two years ago and knowing TVB, they won’t give it to him just yet he at least have to win the favorite character award which I think he has the highest chance for but TV king? Not likely. They don’t crown for talent but for other reasons we’re all aware of.

    1. For Under The Canopy Of Love? You honestly think he deserved that award for that role? How he won an award for that is beyond me. Ruco is most likely taking home the favorite award than Best Actor. It all depends whether the series is successful or a flop. 2013 just isn’t really a good year for TVB, at least not the first half.

      1. Is it me alone who feels this way or is it sorta true that Ruco has dedicated fanbase but he is not ratings puller? What I mean is he is popular but not that popular? That he won’t take home the favourite or best award at all?

        Anyway I want Esther to win the actress award! She is deserving!

      2. TVB seems to be pushing Ruco this year which gives me a feeling that they’re giving him an award, favorite character seems like the most likely choice. Ruco is popular but I agree with you, I haven’t heard of anyone where I live mentioned him.

      3. I don’t know if he deserved it or not but it doesn’t matter how long u can be leading before u win the award and ruco is pretty good

      4. Ruco is now one of HK’s household favourite siu sang,but not apparent since he’s too low profile and lacks love rumours for media to boost. The medias challenge his pulling power in dramas but is unfair as they are weak small productions without cast. Actually his dramas’ v ratings were decent, e.g. NGEW peaked at 37 pts, RC at 32 pts. Its the weak cast that had pulled down the avg pts. Besides, he’s the most popular artiste to appear in public promo fz for dramas.

      5. Ruco! Ruco is definitely audience favourite but TVB pulled him down and not promoting him by making him film with bad actresses and costars all these years! Ruco deserves more than this!

      6. @Mydatewithspring, agree with you that tvb always cast him with second class actresses and not the top fadans except for linda. If tvb had cast him with top fadans like tavia (esp if they had done that right after TOT), his popularity wld have sky-rocketed already but nooooooooo, they pair him with aimee…….twice! ROE though with aimee looks promising but noooooooooo, tvb has to warehouse it till goodness-knows-when. Why TVB??? Why treat your best siu sang this way???? Ruco definitely deserves more promotion than some of those other actors tvb is currently promoting.

    2. so true,and kenneth has a fierce rival this time the legendary doctor lawrence ng. so it would not easy for him to shine again.

    3. Kenneth Ma stand a high chance this year becos TVB wants to promote him

      1. I don’t think so, his role in THC is a good start on his career after being in the industry for more than 10 years but definitely not for Best Actor. He doesn’t know how to control or establish the correct emotions during a majority of his scenes in any series.

  10. Kenneth? I love you Kenneth but you are not ready yet! Your last few performances were abysmal. I’d rather Francis Ng. Supporting should go to Chilam.

    1. agree kenneth is not ready,francis is good but his acting is already acknowledged by ppl and he is a movie king too,he doesnt need this.chilam never receives any title in his 20 years career. so this is the right time to win tv king i think.

      1. Joke isn’t it? He can win Movie king as in HK movie awards easier than he can with TVB. Ahhh TVB has such HIGHHHHHHHHHHHHH standards.

      2. Winning movie or tv king is a matter of luck and whether youre the blue-eyed boy or not. It is not a matter of talent. Leslie Cheung was a talented actor but won only once. He was robbed of his award in Happy Together just becos the judges thought he didnt deserve it cos he was gay in real life too. How lame is that?

      3. it sounds lame but with all respect if a gay guy plays a gay role how difficult is it then? you just play yourself. so i think the judge maybe right.

      4. @kimi if you havent watched Happy Together, youre not entitled to comment.

      5. Yeah it was so biased for Leslie’s loss for Happy together. Being a gay doesnt mean he was acting himself.

      6. @kimi

        So, if a straight guy plays a straight role then he must be playing himself, right? /s

      7. There is a double standard that has to be admitted when it comes to this. In hollywood right now, straight actors that act gay characters are praised like they are the best actor amongst the best actors in this world from Daniel Radcliffe to Jake Gyllenhaal, James Franco to Darren Criss, Charlie Hunnam to Matthew Rhys, Matt Damon to that fat guy who acts in Modern Family whose name I can’t really remember at all thus far. Gay actors, on the other hand, are at a disadvantage when it comes to this because they will be accused of acting themselves when acting gay characters because it is believed to be easier for them, and when they act straight characters, they will be seen as being not very convincing. No wonder they say there are many movie stars in hollywood that are in closet because I guess this is the only way for them to earn big $$$ in box offices.

      8. PS What I meant by “they say” was my friends and the friends of my friends who work in the entertainment industry in LA.

      9. I think Ian Mckellan acted as gay character before if I am not mistaken. He was often praised. It really depends on the actor and how well he conveys the role. These days it is hip to be gay.

      10. true chilam never won any tvb awards, but he’s so popular now that he doens’t need one.

        and actually, i think people in the industry will know tvb awards doesn’t really mean something right? i mean.. like to JSG awards, it’s actaully all fake and set up by the company itselfs

      11. Neil Harrison acted player while he is gay. Tony Leung acted gay when he is straight. No line between it. Not that a gay acts a gay is easier

      12. Lol…what a good point, Fox. But Neil Patrick Harris didn’t receive much credit compared to his counterparts even though he succeeds in acting as a womanizer in How I Met Your Mother. Or maybe his counterparts are over-praised instead of him receiving less credit if we look at another angle?

        And Fox, if you follow hollywood news, most of the gay actors, such as Neil Patrick Harris, are all TV series actors, not movie stars. So you are partly wrong–there is still a line between it when it involves $$$.

      13. I dont get your line. If you follow Hollywood, then you can see the line between TV actors and movie actors there isnt that clear. Wats wrong if most gays are TV actors? Or singers? They still act.straights.

        On the other hand, the new movie Dark Instruments: City of bones have a gay couple and ppl dun seem to mind. The reviews to that gay couple is even better than the main couple (except for the acting). Not that they actually mind.

        Adam Lambert may lost American Idol because it was revealed that he is gay, but slighter reaction toward Prison Break gay. Ppl even supported him more.

        However it dun affect the fact that a gay cant act straight and vice versa or a gay acts a gay better. Straight acts straight better, har? We have the legendary Neil as a real player to prove gay can.act straight, straight can act gay.

      14. Adam Lambert didn’t lose because he was gay. Everyone knew he was gay from the get go. He lost because Kris Allen got more votes and Kris is as deserving a winner as Adam Lambert. And people voted for Kris not because he was heterosexual.

    2. i didnt watched happy together,but i think if you are gay then you will know all the emotions that needed to play this character and how to express it. i dont say he didnt deserve it,in fact he deserves a monument for all his work. he is a true legend.

  11. Hm my thoughts of this year’s anniversary award goes to Linda Chung for best actress award as I have trust this would be her breakthrough role and interesting storyline. BUT of course I also think Joey Esther Ada and sheren should win but zero chance. Best actor probably Francis Ng or Ruco Chan or Kenneth Ma? Favourite female character fala Chen for will power ? Favourite male character Chilam? best supporting actor maybe ron Ng or Pierre ngo? Best supporting actress maybe Mandy wong Elena Kong and Nancy Wu again? Most improved female artist probably eliza Sam and most improved male artist probably Edwin siu? Best drama perhaps the Hippocratic crush 2 brothers keeper or triumph in the skies 2 ? Just my thoughts

    1. But Fala has left TVB and i dunno TVB will let her win or not…

      Best Actress = Elena Kong
      Best Actor = Francis Ng
      Best Supporting Actress = Nancy Wu
      Best Supporting Actor = Kenneth Ma /Pierre Ngo
      My Favourite Female Character = Joey Meng / Fala Chen
      My Favourite Male Character = Julian Cheung Chi-am

  12. I think Linda deserves Favorite Character because she tends to be able to make her characters likable, even though most of her characters are confused/annoying/damsels in distress.

    1. Agree. Linda’s acting still needs improvement (as well as her singing). Her acting is not tv queen quality, still a long way to go. TVB makes it seems like a popular voting system than a voting system for best acting performance

      1. I don’t care who is going to win TV Queen award among the top 5s. As a matter of fact, none of them is Best Actress quality including the ones who got TV Queen title in the last two years.

      2. I would say out of the previous two, Tavia is more deserving. She’s the better actress though she has some flaws but she is the more talented one.

      3. I will say Myolie because in the series Myolie won for, Myolie did ok (although she did better with Getto). She was OTT, but her OTT way is easier to accept. At least she pulled out gwing face, or maybe her mouth isnt full of botox.

      4. ^ Are you referring to Curse OF The Royal Harem? That’s probably her most disappointing role to date. She did not do well like how most people expected her to. The only artistes that did well in that series is Joel and Nancy. Tavia wasn’t that great in SSSS but at least it was more of an appropriate win that the previous year.

      5. Well, i disagree :). To me Myolie is tolerable. I really cant bear botox mouth. It looks so annoying when someone with s/he talks or cries or smiles. Tats why I only can see Donnie Yen fight without open his mouth. The fake eyes are matter to me, too. Of course, the famous nose is too famous to mention.

      6. I thought she tried to hard to be “evil” when her character wasn’t evil just annoying and greedy. I didn’t really care for her in GJ either.

      7. Her character was just written badly they made it look like she was some huge character but she wasn’t. Tried too hard to make her evil but in the end it was just awful how she turned out.

      8. Botox mouth has nothing to do with acting though (: i mean i would prefer Tavia or Myolie to win again then to have Kate or Linda because they really do not deserve it. Nothing against Linda and Kate from winning Favorite Female, but definitely not Best Actress.

  13. While the contenders for the best actor award are strong, the female side seems to pale in comparison. Frankly speaking, Kate or tavia stands a higher chance than Linda. bk seems very male centered and linda’s character seems pretty much the same as her previous roles – weak. It’s difficult for her to shine. Her turn will probably come next year when tiger cubs air. If all goes well for prime lady, Kate probably has it in her bag . Otherwise, it will most likely be tavia again. She didn’t win BA for her role in THC last year.

    1. When is Prime Lady airing? I’m pretty sure THC2 and Will Power are the last two series airing.

      1. I thought so too! But the article mentioned prime lady so I thought that would give kate a better chance at BA. Alright looks likes it’s likely to be tavia . Linda will still have a face off with Kate next year. I don’t have high hopes for fala’s acting in will power after having seen her performance in tits II.

      2. I heard Prime Lady will be airing right after the awards but don’t know if that’s confirmed. Don’t know about Tavia but Linda definitely for Tiger Cubs 2, Kste maybe depends on the series time slot adn her performance. Then theres Myolie in RB3 but people might not tune in on that series based on the female lead replacement. I have high hopes for Linda in TC2 and possibly Tavia for Property Protector.

      3. I definitely think Linda will have a high chance with Tiger Cubs 2, as well as Tavia for Property Protector depending on what time of the year tbb will decide on airing the series…can’t wait for both series!

  14. Esther Kwan for best actress!!!! But yes, zero chance of winning since she’s semi-retired.
    So sad, Bobby and her gave best actor/best actress performances in Always and Ever.

    Kenneth Ma bagging best actor with OC2 is quite impossible, since it’s a sequel and it’ll most probably be quite the same… With the addition of Lawrence Ng, it’s hard for him to stand out in the drama. I think Ruco stands a higher chance. Brother’s Keeper looks like his breakthrough and hoping the best for him!

    As for best actress, Linda and Kate???? Nah… Hopefully people who can’t decide between these 2 can vote for Esther!!! Hehehe.

  15. Popular vote? lol…

    Talk about removing any credibility the award had at all… by opening up the award to a popular vote, all you are doing is making it the “most popular actor/actress” award instead of TV King / TV Queen award.

    Comments on this alone are enough to illustrate how some people are incapable of separating a role being played from the people playing it.

    People that netizens like who put in a terrible performance are still raised on pedestals and lauded for their efforts after being “hampered” by poor scripts…. while others who netizens don’t like are chastised for performances because they couldn’t rise above the same “poor scripts.”

    A lot of people cannot vote with a critical eye, and instead will vote for whom they like… which in turn, will make the awards show a farce.

      1. Yup..either way you slice it (popular vote or executives deciding), it’s still going to be a farce. For me, the only way that the TVB awards will ever have any credibility is if they move to a ‘professional panel of judges’ deciding the winner (the panel would have to consist of non-TVB professionals such as acting teachers, producers, etc. who can give a non-biased assessment of the artist’s performance after watching each of the series nominated). BUT, since this is never ever ever ever going to happen in HK (let alone in TVB), it’s pretty much a moot point…

  16. I guess public voting to bad it will be nice to see the results of the voting

  17. Kenneth Ma Linda or Tavia is bagging the TV KING N QUEEN this year since most of the aritist has already left I like all of them except KATE i dislike her

  18. TV Queen is probably between Linda and Kate. TVB will not give it to Fala bc she left. I doubt Myolie or Tavia will win again. It’s unlikely for actresses to win twice unless you’re Liza Wang, lol

    Popular vote? But, TVB is the mastermind behind everything. Haha TV King will be more interesting.

    1. If Myolie is up for the award… and popular vote is being added in… Myolie will win.

      Doesn’t matter how she actually acted in the series she was nominated for.

      This is why popular voting should not be permitted for award shows (unless it is for a “most popular actor/actress” award :P)

      1. If its a true voting system, not Txb’s hand in then Myolie would take a seat. However Myolie wont mind.

  19. They should do it 50-50. 50% company vote and 50% audience vote. Cause for sure, the audience is gonna vote for their favourite regardless of how good their acting skill was in that series. At least with a company vote, they are looking at the performance and not their popularity if it makes any sense…..

      1. Totally agree with CL! TVB will control the result whether it is 50% company vote + 50% audience vote or 100% audience vote. TVB will give the awards to those who are popular, sign contracts, bring a lot of money, etc, rather than based on their performance, just like how the audience votes for their favorite artists if they are given 100% votes. Therefore, any ways also will also create an unfair result.

        My solution on this is simple: remove all these anniversary awards. It is completely unnecessary to have all these.

  20. Did Linda won the “My Favorite Female Character” yet? Is it normally female actress need to win that one before “My Best Actress”???

    1. sure…i think he is great…but i don’t think TVB will give to him, he is not under TVB management…TVB will not make more money if he win the title..TVB will give to those can help TVB make more money.

    2. Francis. Lawrence. Dayo. Bobby. Chilam. All out of the question.

      Esther. Joey (Meng). Not gonna happen either. Sad.

  21. I’d love to see Bosco winning this year’s BA. even though i know his performance in a change of heart wasn’t the best of the best.

    but i really like /enjoy his character and it’s obvious he’s improved so so much!

    if it’s up to me, i think his performance is even better than Kenneth ma?

    but of course, i’d be happy to see francis of chilam win. but not likely to happen i guess if it’s up to TVB

    1. I hate Bosco Wong. I thought he was so good in the romance movie with Stephy and in LOO but he’s not challenging anything in ACOH! A great actor must be going up and taking harder challenges and harder characters all the way!

      I hate Francis Ng too he overacted like hell in T2 and many thought that’s is grreat acting? Hell NO! He was better and much more mesmerizing in T1 10 years ago!

      I hate Raymond Lam since the day he stopped improving as an actor and singer and start presenting himself as an idol with multi million fans and as a rich heir who dates a mixed breed. His acting and singing now are best described as soulless and stagnant!

      1. you hate bosco wong because he doesn’t play more difficult/challenging roles?

        i agree that a great actor should make improvements. but you can still improve without playing those ‘difficult’ roles.

        In my opinion bosco improved a lot in ACOH. and i don’t think his character in ACOH was easy to play

      2. You must have a heavy heart to carry so much hatred. Well, take care.

  22. Joey Meng for Best Actress! She’s the only one that deserves it. Don’t know about best actor, but Ron Ng for my favorite male character. Mandy Wong for best supporting. Maybe Nancy can win my favorite female with season of love?

  23. TVB Awards is a joke. It’s at a point where the actors/actresses may be embarrassed to win because of the negativity that follows.

  24. Blahblahblah its too sooooooooooooooon to pick btw there r wat, 3 or 4 more series to b aired?????????

    1. even if they don’t. they still have to act like they do in front of TVB.

  25. I don’t believe in popular vote for awards. The only way it can work is if TVB reveals what percentage of the votes each nominee received like they did for Miss HK. Otherwise, people will not believe TVB truly followed the will of the people. I honestly rather TVB pick the winner. The anniversary awards is really just a big promotional event anyway.

    1. It still seems sketchy right? I agree. Anyways, the popular voting system only acknowledges those who are have large fan bases but not necessary have great acting like Linda. It’s not far to those who have great acting but not a huge fan base. In a way, this is still not the best way to decide.

    2. Idol fans will obviously vote for their idols no matter they act well or not. Then the judgement is not made on BEST acting, but just on favouritism. Personally I think it makes more sense to vote for the Most Favourite Actor/Actress awards instead of the Best Actor/Actress awards.

  26. I hope bullet brain or beauty at war don’t get the best drama award. lidke seriously, how did that cannibalism drama getit last year? it was the worst I’ve ever seen

    1. When Heaven Burns is probably one of the best TVB productions in recent years, honestly that series was too good for TVB. If it would of aired at another station it would of got more popular. The script, message, actors were great. You are probably part of the majority that didn’t have the patience to understand the series. You have to pay attention to every little detail in the series.

      1. Good point. “WHB” was a very good drama series in terms of script, dialogues, acting, scenes, music, photography, etc., but not every one could appreciate it.

  27. I think Ron should get my favorite male Isaac was a character alot of people liked Ron may be stiff sometimes but the characters he plays is very convincing

    1. That’s because Issac is not a very hard character to portray, we’ve seen him do similar roles before. Everybody just liked Issac because he’s a fictional good character. I wouldn’t mind if he won though, but I think there are other choices.

      1. I agree but Ron usually plays a cop role or hot headed role he doesn’t play roles like issac

      2. Yes he has in Guts Of Man, Twin of Brothers, Drive Of Life, The Brink Of Law, Dropping By Cloud Nine, Season Of Love. Those roles are very similar to Issac.

      3. Oh and most notable is in Rosy Business. His main hot headed roles were in 2005 with The Academy Series, Revolving Doors OF vengeance and a few others. He played his fair share of likeable and “good” characters.

      4. Guess Ron is a decent actor cos the roles Ron take on are convincing but its just his stiff moments

      5. The main problem with Ron is he doesn’t know how to connect with his characters emotionally and he’s just acting most of the time. His characters he played so far aren’t really difficult and not challenging at all well at least with TVB, other leading actors like Raymond, Bosco, and Kenneth gotten to play different roles but never Ron. He has on screen charisma I give him that but acting is on and off. I thought he did pretty well in that China series he was in where he was somewhat of a villain.

      6. That’s means Ron is a good actor cos every actors has their on and off when if comes to certain roles even movie kings

      7. You see most of the time Ron is off there are only about less than 5 roles he did that can be seen as only decent. Sorry I like Ron and all but he’s the weakest actor in terms of leading at TVB.

    2. Ron play the same person most of his roles. He speak in the same tone of voice all the time. So bored of him.

  28. Just finishing watching brother’s keeper first before u all comment on Linda. I think she will surprise everyone with this role. Just wait and see. I have confidence she will win one of the female award this year.

  29. I think that Linda’s chances of winning is pretty high…based on all the talk about her being a favorite to win. I find it weird though…because the series hasn’t even aired. I personally think that Esther or Joey should get it…based on the performances so far.

    1. Joey and Esther are the best this year but they’re getting robbed by TVB’s arrangement to make Kate Tsui and Linda Chung winning the titles.

  30. I don’t see a fierce competition this year, seeing that a lot of non-TVB contracted artists are back to lead all the series, I don’t think TVB will give them the award. Francis Ng, Chilam, Lawrence Ng, Esther Kwan, Joey I guess they are all out of the game. Maybe Chilam for My Favourite? Since Captain Cool is such a hit, it would be weird if he doesn’t win that award, I don’t see any character that could surpass him yet. Linda and Kate are so not ready for the Best Actress for god sake, I’d rather Tavia or Myolie get it even though they don’t have many series this year.

    1. Bosco’s character in a change of heart is a good choice for my favourite.

      1. Yeap, but the character wasn’t a hot topic among the HK audience wasn’t it? I don’t really remember his name in the drama. Based on previous years, My Favourite has always gone to the character who the whole HK is talking about, 2011 we have Law Ba, 2012 we have Yat Kin Tao, 2013 we have Captain Cool. No competition at all for Chilam seeing how well-received Cool Mo is.

      2. Yeah but at least I recognize him as talented and did his role well. No one really talked about Joey’s character but most people like myself on here recognize her as a worthy best actress nominee. Honestly the whole series was underrated. That series was a start of something good for TVB given they had a lousy first half of 2013.

      3. @guest,
        Chilam might not have any competition this year, but now the question is, will TVB really give the award to chilam? someone who’s not tvb’s biological son?

        indeed. ACOH just aired before TITS2, and i thought it got a pretty good rating as well, it peaked at 40 points? but then the highly anticipated TITS2 came…
        not that i didn’t enjoy TITS2, but i still think the first one was better and that the second one was just a bit overrated.

        but must say, i enjoyed the ending.

    2. Only Ruco Chan should win Best Actor and Captain Cool for Most Favourite Character! I hope Francis Ng, Wayne Lai and Moses Chan don’t get anything!

      1. Agree that Ruco’s acting is miles ahead of the nearest competition. He’s a natural born actor who can act with his eyes, his voice and body gestures. His crying scenes in Reality Check are fantastic and his action scenes as seen in BK trailers are also awesome. It’s been a really long time since an actor has impressed me so much with his acting ever since i saw him in his earlier supporting roles in tvb dramas. Looking forward to BK!

    3. Kate and Linda will only win because TVB favoured them! The newbie young girl Angel Chiang who act as young Charmaine in WHB can act better than these two overpromoted ladies and she was only 18 at that time! But where is she now? Why doesn’ TVB promote such a talented and naturally pretty young girl?

      1. I don’t think Angel is that good of a actress, decent but not great like you made her to be. Cilla another young upcoming is a better actress than her as proven in Karma Rider

  31. Seems like the favorite award. Has more meaning then BA. Cos it is about favorite character

  32. The fact that there are no worthy candidates this year just goes to show the horrible state that TVB is in right now. What happened to the good old days when winning the best actress/actor actually meant something? When there was excitement over who would win because the nominees were each worthy of winning?

    I swear to god, if Linda wins the award I hope everyone fires a complaint to tvb and that she gets the award taken away! the fact that it is going to be decided thru popular vote makes me weary because it does seem like HK ppl like her..despite her lackluster acting skills. It’s been years and she still hasn’t improved much. It’s all textbook, high school-ish by the book acting…ugh I like her as a person but can someone tell her she needs to get better because seriously..

    1. She did get better! Her acting fooled the whole HK audience this year in practical joke. If that’s not good acting then I don’t know what u are looking for. Yes I know it’s not a drama but it’s still acting! Her new drama is out tomorrow. Maybe after u finish watching it u will take your words back.

    2. You’re being too harsh on Linda. As Nicholas said, her acting fooled everyone in that practical joke show. Which actress can cry as spontaneously as her with real tears, mind you, not just some irritating crying noise but no tears like some other actresses. If she’s always acting as damsel in distress, it’s not her fault that she’s being stereotyped. I think she can act tough too; she was the cop in Daddy Good Deeds and she can be funny too. She’s a much better actress than you and other people here care to give her credit for.

    3. Completely agree! I miss the late 90’s and early 00’s when every actor and actress was deserving of the award. Yes, we all have our own personal favorites, but we know that objectively, everyone was a strong candidate. That’s what makes the award shows actually interesting. Now they are just boring.

  33. All of TVB actors are untalented! Only Ruco Chan worth watching but TVB don’t promote him! I hate Francis Ng, Wayne Lai, Bosco Wong and Raymond Lam! I also hate that TVB promote newbies who can’t act such as Him Law, Sammy Sam, Oscar Leung who are all already in their 30’s or becoming one! Only Vincent Wong has potential but didn’t get promoted!

    If Kate or Linda wins this year it’s obvious TVB play favouritism card and arrange everything so that the airing of series can make these blood daughter’s favour! Joey Meng is robbed! Niki Chow’s horrific bad acting was the reason Joey’s series don’t get high ratings!

  34. It is better if 50% for public vote and 50% for professional vote.

  35. Everyone says Kate has a chance to win it but i’m watching Sniper Attack at the moment and she is really bland in it. Average performance. Nothing standout. The script and plot is quite bland too.

  36. It’s such an insult of having Francis Ng going up against all these “TVB-ONLY Material” contenders. We all know his acting is just on a another level and it’s been confirmed regardless of winning that ‘TV King’ award or not. It’s pretty much useless to be honest.

    After all, I doubt TVB will actually let Francis win anyways. Only because he’s an ‘outsider’. But I do wonder if TVB realize if it wasn’t for Francis, their rating would’ve gone down in a matter of a second.

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