TVB’s 2014 Sales Presentation Preview

TVB’s 2014 Sales Presentation <無綫節目巡禮2014> is scheduled to air on November 7. An annual event, the Sales Presentation aims to attract potential sponsors and advertisement dollars by showcasing the company’s major productions set to be released in the following year. On October 1, reports surfaced outlining several drama series that will participate in this year’s event.

One of the newly announced series is Tsui Ching Hong’s (徐正康) Big Apothecary <大藥坊>. Set during the Republic era, the series will star Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), and Raymond Wong (黃浩然). The four will be involved in a complex love conflict. Linda plays the daughter of the great apothecary’s wealthy owner. The apothecary later becomes involved in serious problems, causing Linda’s family to lose their wealth and status. At the same time, her town suffers from several widespread epidemics. Linda then uses her medical knowledge to treat the locals and wins acknowledgement despite women’s low social status during that time. Some compare the series to popular Korean drama Jewel in the Palace <大長今>.

TV King Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) will appear in at least two series next year. First is The Five Eunuchs <太監五虎>, a sequel to last year’s The Confidant <大太監>. Raymond Wong, Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), Power Chan (陳國邦), and Raymond Cho (曹永廉) will reprise their roles in a story about the eunuchs’ struggles adjusting to life as regular citizens after the fall of the Qing Dynasty.

In addition, Wayne will appear with Joyce Koi (蓋鳴暉) in Water Hair and Rogue <水髮胭脂>, a title possibly referring to the hair and makeup of Cantonese Opera, which Joyce is known for. Wayne and Joyce will play a romantic couple in this series.

Moses Chan (陳豪) and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) are scheduled to film modern series Together We Walk <陪着你走>. Myolie reveals that her character becomes blind due to a car accident, and will rely on the care of loving boyfriend Moses.

In addition to the above, the Sales Presentation will also preview a brand new Lee Tim Shing (李添勝) series. A Qing dynasty comedy, the series will star Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Tavia Yeung (楊怡).

Lawrence Ng’s (吳啟華) new modern series appears in the lineup as well, along with Tiger Cubs 2 <飛虎II>, the sequel to Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢>, Vinegar Woman <醋娘子>, M ClubSemi Evil Man <忠奸人>, My Prime Lady <My盛Lady>, Mr. & Mrs. Bean <貓屎媽媽>, and Steven Ma’s (馬浚偉) TVB comeback series Property Protector <守業者>.


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  1. Can’t wait for the TVB Sales presentation. I also can’t wait for Property protector as well 😀

    1. Me too but hope that the plot and everything will be good too. I hope that Steven will film for TVB again in the near future.

  2. Another Kenneth and Tavia Collaboration? Cool! Love them in The Hippocratic Crush and The Three Kingdoms RPG.

    1. Can’t Wait for Kenneth and Tavia! It will be funny 😀

  3. No sight of Kevin Cheng and Raymond Lam in 2014! I’m not looking forward to Wayne Lai and Joyce Koi’s pairing; do we really need a Cantonese opera series?

    1. Well, what is the audience’s ‘need’ nowadays? Can’t really say unless we see the work lol.

    2. I anticipate Wayne and Joyce’s drama, seems more interesting. do we need another Jewel in the Palace drama???

      1. I am excited to see the collaboration between Wayne and Joyce!!! Their portrayal as opera performer will be interesting and fresh as they are both great in this art!

        And dreams come true for The Five Eunuchs…..their great chemistry continues. Yay!

      1. I really like Wayne but i will not watch this series for sure because i do not like Joyce Koi.

    3. Well Kevin and Raymond are enjoying success outside TVB, and they’ve been firm with TVB on what they will do. It seems like Tavia only have one series, so hopefully she’ll be given opportunities to film not side of TVB.

      A bit sad to read that Nancy Wu is still not promoted to a lead role.

      Wholeheartedly agree with Jayne, not looking forward to Wayne and Joyce Koi Cantonese opera series. I found Joyce Koi very very annoying in the series she participated!

      1. I hope next year is Nancy’s year. No first lead roles yet but she has Midas, Mr and Mrs Bean, Glided Chopsticks, The Confidant 2 and guest starring in Tiger Cubs 2.

    4. Wayne Lai and Joyce Koi’s Water Hair and Rogue is probably the only series I want to watch. At the very least, it’s a different pairing. I’m also intrigued by M Club. Big Apothecary just sounds plain boring. Linda Chung and Ruco Chan again, Linda as a rich girl again, Linda using her knowledge to help people again. I’d choose watching Joyce Koi over Linda Chung any day.

    5. Jayne,
      I guess Kevin and Raymond are both too busy filming in China to film for TVB. I agree and I am not big on Cantonese opera. I think TVB is running really low on creativity so it trying to do anything at this point.

      1. I’m actually not sure if the Cantonese opera thing is a good idea cuz the last few times TVB used that theme (meaning the series focused heavily on it), ratings were a disaster…

  4. Looks like next year it will be more ancient, fighting and comedy and less serious. Is this true?

    1. Pretty much, Maybe next year the rating would drop lower.

      1. Yes, Nicole: Especially for the Cantonese Opera series in which Joyce Koi will be the female lead. I have no hope for this series’s rating.

  5. I read somewhere that Raymond is filming with Micheal miu soon. But excited for property protector as well as tavia and Kenneth in a comedy! Very refreshing, as tavia has never done a comedy.

    But property protector looks good!! Love that country spirit feel of the countryside 🙂

    1. 3 Gor said of LF’s participant in such series but LF has never confirmed himself. He said he has to consider the plot first to decide. And even if it comes true, it’ll be Jan series, not soon.

    2. Tavia has played comedic roles before! Just look at her character in Dicey Business. Kingdom RPG was also a comedy

      1. She was so funny in Dicey Business xD Looking forward to her pairing with Kenneth again, but was hoping she’d be in a comedy with Bosco since they both havent collaborated in a while. Also Bosco is well known for his excellent comedic skills lol

      2. But her character in 3K wasn’t anywhere near funny. Dicey Business, W Files and PCOM is about the only roles she had some comedy in her.

      3. 3 kingdom RPG was not a comedic role… But agree that she has good comedic timing, so funny in dicey business!

      4. Agree bosco is the best at comedies bosco is a great actor

  6. Aimee Chan will be in The Confidant II and she’s playing the queen. Nancy is in Confidant II as well.

    1. I wish Nancy is in lead but she’s a good supporting actress.

      1. I like Nancy in Supporting Roles because I think she really does shine best in the roles! But I don’t like the idea of Aimee leading…watching part one of The Confidant, Aimee’s performance was so ‘modern’ if you know what I mean, the way she spoke her lines etc. it seemed as if she was out of context o___O

    2. It’s just a rumour that Aimee will be in The confidant 2, she might not be in the drama. Nancy Wu should take the lead in the sequel, Aimee is too weak

    3. Nancy’s character died in the first installment, and I don’t think making her a twin or a new character is anything creative either.

      1. Raymond cho’s role also died in the first,and he is also in the second installment

    4. What, Aimee as the queen?? You must be kidding me…

  7. Semi Evil Man has some intense feeling just like The Last Man Standing. I don’t know if I want to watch this…

    1. If u don’t like it, then don’t watch it. It’s gonna make u feel more scared.

    2. You don’t have to watch Rheiana, no one forces u to watch some boring stuff. It’s your choice whether u want to watch it or not. And Suzanna, is not that the series makes u scared, it also makes u bored as well.

  8. My Prime Lady looks interesting and is funny too. Looking forward to it!

  9. I wonder if Natalie would have an evil role in Big Apothecary. lol

  10. In Vinegar Lady, Him has 2 wives and Myolie is one of them. I wonder if Alice Chan is a villain or not?

    1. @Suri: Doesn’t really sound like Alice’s character will be a ‘villain’ based on the info out so far (though of course, we won’t know for sure until the series is filmed)…

      Below is a description of Alice’s character from scriptwriter Ka Wai Nam’s weibo (he’s the ‘golden’ scriptwriter who left TVB several years ago and is making a return especially for this series, since it will be his last collaboration with producer Poon Kar Tak before Tak Gor retires):

      Alice Chan will play Myolie’s sister-in-law (her husband’s sister) who constantly picks on her and tries to give her a hard time…the two of them are constantly ‘fighting’ over something. There will apparently be more to Alice’s character than meets the eye (there will be a story behind why Alice’s character is still single despite having good qualifications and already being past the age to be married).

  11. I am mostly interested in Steven Ma’s comeback series, M Club and 貓屎媽媽.
    I don’t think 2014 will show any of Kevin’s and Raymond’s dramas because they haven’t had the chance to, and they are focussing on different aspects of their careers. I miss seeing their acting on screen. :3

  12. There’s also Anthony Wong in Kung Fu Drama. I wonder who’s going to be in it.

  13. I’m looking forward to big apothecary! Looks like it’s gonna be ruco and Linda’s representative work for BA if they do not get it this year with BK. and oh woah kenneth and tavia has another collaboration coming upp, exciting much! Haha not looking forward to both series of Wayne though. I had rather they produce a sequel to the confidant, say what happened during cixi reign etc instead of talking about the 5 of them. Cantonese opera, not my thing sorry. I remembered Joyce in better halves, didn’t like her that much there, Steven and Maggie stole the thunder completely. Haha.

    1. I am not looking forward to Linda’s drama, her series are so boring.

  14. Linda-Ruco collaboration once again, looks like Ruco will highly potential new TVB Siu Sang to accompany the oldies Wayne and Moses 😀

    1. Yeah I like their chemistry in BK. Hopefully, The Big Apothecary would be good one too. 😀

  15. Same old faces of every years. None look interesting and more comedy. But Txb comedy lost its wise jokes recently, not good at all.

    1. Go watch some mainland series then if you’re getting bored of tbb series. It’ll keep you more entertained.

      1. I watch China series, too but I prefer Japanese comedy. US sitcoms/shows are nice. China series, surprisingly I dun find the grand ones are good, such as Bu Bu Jing Xin. Zhen Huan was much better in plot and chac wise than Bu Bu. Some small ones are not bad. But plot and acting, especially comedy/detective, Txb and China both have to learn from Japan.

        For Txb, other than HAL, I haven’t finished any Txb series in recent 2 years. All are boring.

      2. I do agree with Fox, TVB now are copying alot from Japanese dramas. Instead of copying them, tvb should learn from them on how to be more creative in scriptwriting.

      3. Agree with Clementine and fox, mainland series are worth a try. But be selective, some can be bad. I personally like periodic or costume series eg BBJX, Legend of Zhen Huan and Lan Ling Wang. Lan Ling Wang’s first 20 episodes have a good pace, witty and well written.

      4. Where are you finding Japanese series Fox? I stumbled across “My Little Nightmare” at the beginning of the year and loved that… but haven’t found much else.

    2. Oh I’ve only been a mainland series convert for 12 to 18 months, but really disappointed with TVB, and so I voted with my visual selection or my feet… ie selectively watch TVB series, highly selective.

  16. Really not looking forward to the comedy series, all of them are just ridiculous, which are not even funny to begin with.

    1. Have to agree with you on that. None of TVB’s series are actually funny with all that clapping and rhyming lines

  17. Why more comedy? They’ve been using the same humor for over 10 years in their series, it’s not even funny.

    Property Protector and Midas are the top 2 series I’m looking forward to seeing. As for Linda and Ruco, sorry but so far in BK they’re not really living up to the all the hype surrounding them. Semi evil Man and TC2 are also worth looking forward to, they should film more mystery genres instead of comedies.

  18. I’m looking forward to all the series especially TC2, Property Protector, the comedy serie with Tavia and Kenneth, and Big Apothecary!!

    I hope to see Kevin and Tavia in a 2014 TVB serie!!

  19. I’m also excited to hear the news about tavia filming a comedy serie esp with Kenneth even if is not him is new and refreshing to see tavia’s big smile,laughing and soo on…

    I’m not going to get my hopes up until is 100% confirm otherwise I be really disappointed and me too I want a fresh partner for tavia ex kevin.

    1. Because TC2 is the last series she filmed so far that hasn’t been aired yet. She’s filming a new series in November but I don’t know will that air next year.

  20. So happy to see TY together with Kenneth Ma in a new series. Somemore, it is a comedy. I guess it will be something different. Like their pairing after watch their on call 36 hours. Hope to see more of TY’s dramas in 2014…

  21. Linda still act the same role she used to be. Getting a bit boring with her series .

      1. Come on, How does Linda Chung going to get BA award if she keeps on acting the same roles over and over again? I am Linda’s fan also. But she needs different role to shine .

      2. Tvb is forcing us to watch her boring series. Same character, same acting. BORING

      3. Like I said no one is forcing u to watch her. She did try different roles but u just didn’t pay attention. Just go watch someone else. She’s not boring to me.

  22. is it jsut me or that linda always get all the good roles?

    1. Well TVB only have 3 or 4 main actress now. Linda is one of them. They have to give each one a good role. Tavia and Myolie gets good roles too. I don’t care too much about Kate.

  23. Why u guys so whinny?? Also complain complain. If u don’t like a certain drama then don’t watch. Why complain this, complain that. TVB cannot please everyone.

    1. Agree, They shouldn’t put negative comments about TVB series and bad acting, that’s just how it is. To me, I don’t mind watching any kind of series.

    2. Considering TVB’s ratings decline, it seems like a lot of people have taken your advice of not watching.

  24. No Kevin or Raymond its ok these guys are making big money for tvb outside

  25. Nothing in that list looked good to me. 🙁 Sounds like a bunch of rehashed plotlines as well. I’m sure all the housewives will love it though.

  26. Raymond Lam still has one drama that need to film in his contract with TVB. That is good that he should pick only great drama to film. He is make big $ in China anyway! Support LF!

    1. Hopefully they’ll reach rock bottom soon, because clearly they will not change before that

  27. I’m looking forward to Moses & Myolie pairing. Haven’t seen them acted together before. And Myolie acts as a blind person should be challenging for her. Let’s hope she delivers.

  28. Charmaine Sheh confirmed that she will film Seize Every Minute in Jan 2014. I feel sorry for Tony Leung about scheduling conflict, hope he’s ok D: Everyone was excited to work with him too

    1. Tony broke 3 ribs while filming in Prague and have to temporarily halt filming. After he recuperate, he had to complete the postponed movie project before he could film TVB series, hence he wouldn’t able to meet the Jan 2014 schedule.

      From his interview, he seems to have a lot of input in the storyline/script. Too bad he couldn’t participate. I wonder who TVB will manage to rope in to replace Tony’s role.

      1. Maybe TVB will wait? Or perhaps the other Tony Leung will takeover.

      2. If TVB could wait for Francis, why can’t they wait for Tony Leung?

      3. Because Michael, Charmaine & Raymond also have their schedules locked. And bigger, busier stars compared to TITS2 cast other than ChilamxFrancis.

        Francis, I would say is not in demand as Big Tony in the movie industry. Plus Sam is the ‘soul’ for pre-existing TITS, which was proven a hit.

      4. @ Sehseh

        Undoubtedly MM, Charmaine and Ray are far busier than the TITS2 stars but getting Tony is a pretty huge scoop. Imo, I would think it made more sense to drop the three and wait for Tony instead. Lbr, this was pretty much stunt casting so Tony was the hook. I hope he had more input on the script than Francis supposedly had on TITS2, because that was still an incoherent, draggy mess. It’ll definitely be interesting to see who they manage to get instead. Is it too much to hope for Nick Cheung? Or Louis Koo who still “owes” TVB some episodes?

    2. Michael Miu, Raymond Lam, Sharon Chan, Elena Kong, and Sammy Leung confirmed that they will be in Seize Every Minute. I like Sammy in Friendly Fire, He’s a good actor and He and Sharon have a great chemistry as well.

    3. I’m guessing the pairing in The Apostle or Seize Every Minute will be Michael-Elena, Charmaine-Raymond, and Sharon-Sammy?

  29. Never Seen Joyce Koi for long time. I remember watching her in Better Halves and Guts of Man.

    1. To be honest, I have no hope about the cantonese opera series.

    2. I like Joyce in Guts of Man. She’s rly funny too. I don’t know about the Cantonese opera series but we’ll see how it goes.

  30. Tavia’s not good at comedy 😐 and kenta again???? So bored slrsly

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