Eric Moo Sings to Old Friends in New Single

Award-winning singer and producer Eric Moo (巫啟賢) sends a letter of gratitude to his old friends in his latest single, “Friend, Oh Friend” <朋友啊朋友>, the theme song for his upcoming concert Back to Innocent <重回巫啟賢演唱會>. The single is co-produced by Eric, Chan Mei Wai (陳美威), and Jonathan Koh (許華強); and co-written by Lau Ka Leung (劉嘉亮) and Ma Zhiyu (馬智宇).

Lyrically, the Mandarin-language pop ballad speaks of the beautiful qualities of friendship and the joys of walking alongside each other through the years. The song also sends a message to Eric’s friends, thanking them for their support in the past thirty years.

“The Back to Innocent” concert, which will be held in the Hong Kong Jockey Club Amphitheatre from April 2 to 4, is a dramatic departure from Eric’s usual concerts, most of which have been held at larger sports venues. Eric hopes to emphasize quality over quantity in his new concert, by performing in more magnificently-designed stages, closer interactions with the audience, and hiring over twenty musicians from around the world to perform for his concert’s band and orchestra.

The 51-year-old, who slowly retired from the music scene after starting a family in 2000, recently returned to prominence after being featured as a judge in the 2013 singing competition The Voice of the Stars <星夢傳奇>. He was noted as one of the harshest judges at the competition, resulting in some of his critiques being edited out by the show’s producers. He also took in Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) as his student after the latter kneeled down and gave him a formal bow at his last concert.

“Friend, Oh Friend”- Audio Only

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  1. I’m quite looking forward to this actually, as Eric is a great singer. Plus he has already confirmed that Fred will be a guest star at his concert and they will perform several songs together, including “Friend, oh Friend”. Can’t wait to see the 2 of them collaborate again!

  2. it seems that Eric and Fred both benefited from VOS, Fred became an official singer and earned a teacher. Eric gained a student and is becoming popular among HK audiences again

  3. “He also took in Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) as his student after the latter kneeled down and gave him a formal bow at his last concert.”
    What exactly did Fred do to suck up to him?

    1. Fred didnt suck it up to Eric Moo. Even before becoming freds sifu and winning the vos, eric moo was always fond of fred cheng to the point where Dodo Cheng asked whether or not eric would invite fred as an guest. Eric said yep as long as fred is willing to. Watch voice of stars episode 2, that was the episode where fred’s singing and the song touched eric moo

      Of course some people saw it as a joke but when i searched his concerts several days after, it wasnt. Did Fred get special treatment? Nope, there was one time where Eric Moo critized him on the show.

      1. Yup…not only that, there was also one episode where Eric gave Fred the lowest score he ever got throughout the 13 episodes (he gave Fred a score of 70 points, which brought down his overall score and actually put Fred at a disadvantage going into the finals). If it wasn’t because Fred’s score from the audiences was consistently high throughout the entire season, he might not have made it through.

        @Michael — I recommend that you watch VOS before commenting, as it’s obvious that Fred stood out amongst the rest of the contestants (especially since the caliber of the other contestants in the beginning was really not that good)…Eric was impressed by Fred’s moving performances starting in episode 2 — and he wasn’t the only one either, as that’s also around the time when audiences started to like Fred as well.

      2. Agreed with both bubblez & llwy12. He’s a great singer and songwriter.

  4. Why is Eric’s hair white ? He dyed it or naturally greyed due to age.

  5. Still around? Hasn’t heard anything much about him. Remember used to watch some MV of him @TV3 in the old old days.

    1. Malaysia, but develop his career in Spore and Taiwan if not mistaken.

      1. And Hong Kong as well, especially during that period of time when he was banned from entering Taiwan due to the whole expired work visa thing…

      2. llwy12
        You seem to know a lot about any artiste in Asia though you live in North America. Admire you!

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