2013 TVB Anniversary Awards: Best Actor and Best Actress Nominations Leaked

While the official nominations for this year’s TVB Anniversary Awards <萬千星輝頒獎典禮> will not be unveiled until November 29, Hong Kong media leaked a partial list on November 27, revealing the artists eligible to compete for TV King and TV Queen.

The two categories consist of fifteen candidates each. As expected, this year’s most talked-about stars are all in the running, along with a few surprises. Singer Ivana Wong (王菀之) made the Best Actress list for her TVB acting debut in Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!>. Fala Chen (陳法拉) is also included despite the fact that she has already left the company. Following her win at the TVB Anniversary Gala, Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) can now claim to be an official TV Queen nominee for her performance in Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>. Actresses from TVB’s golden days, Esther Kwan (關詠荷), Kathy Chow (周海媚), Christine Ng (伍詠薇), and Ada Choi (蔡少芬), took their places as heavyweight contenders, although the outspoken Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) is visibly absent.

The nominations for Best Actor also do not disappoint. Both Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) and Chilam Cheung (張智霖) are acknowledged for their effort in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄Ⅱ>, while Dayo Wong (黃子華) joins the fray with his long-awaited comeback Bounty Lady <My盛Lady>. Leading men from TVB’s three major year-end productions are also on the list. The most unexpected is likely veteran actor Lau Dan’s (劉丹) nomination for his portrayal of the stern but loving head of household Ma Fu in the popular sitcom Come Home Love <愛.回家>.

As a response to last year’s criticism, TVB will determine its TV King and TV Queen using both public votes and a professional judging panel. While some of the award hopefuls are generating a lot of noise, their fate is yet uncertain as evidenced by the results from the Anniversary Gala. The final battle will take place on December 16, and it may be one of the most exciting yet given the caliber of this year’s nominees.

Best Actor Nominees:

1. Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) in Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!>

2. Lau Dan (劉丹) in Come Home Love <愛.回家>

3. Michael Miu (苗僑偉) in A Change of Heart <好心作怪>

4. Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) in A Change of Heart <好心作怪>

5. Roger Kwok (郭晉安) in Awfully Lawful <熟男有惑>

6. Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄Ⅱ>

7. Chilam Cheung (張智霖) in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄Ⅱ>

8. Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) in Always and Ever <情逆三世緣>

9. Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) in Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>

10. Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) in Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>

11. Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) in Will Power <法外風雲>

12. Moses Chan (陳豪) in Will Power <法外風雲>

13. Lawrence Ng (吳啟華) in The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時Ⅱ>

14. Kenneth Ma (馬國明) in The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時Ⅱ>

15. Dayo Wong (黃子華) in Bounty Lady <My盛Lady>


Best Actress Nominees:

1. Ivana Wong (王菀之) in Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!>

2. Niki Chow (周麗淇) in Sergeant Tabloid <女警愛作戰>

3. Louise Lee (李司棋) in Reality Check <心路GPS>

4. Ada Choi (蔡少芬) in Beauty at War <金枝慾孽貳>

5. Christine Ng (伍詠薇) in Beauty at War <金枝慾孽貳>

6. Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) in Slow Boat Home <情越海岸線>

7. Joey Meng (萬綺雯) in A Change of Heart <好心作怪>

8. Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄Ⅱ>

9. Fala Chen (陳法拉) in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄Ⅱ>

10. Esther Kwan (關詠荷) in Always and Ever <情逆三世緣>

11. Kathy Chow (周海媚) in Sniper Standoff

12. Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) in Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>

13. Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) in Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>

14. Tavia Yeung (楊怡) in The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時Ⅱ>

15. Kate Tsui (徐子珊) in Bounty Lady <My盛Lady>

Source: Oriental Daily 

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I like to vote for Myolie Wu. I only watch the drama when has her. This year I want her to win for the best actress
    Thank you

  2. Wong Cho Lam was nominated for Best Actor and Ivana Wong was nominated for Best Actress. What’s a joke!!

    1. Bad joke by TVB. Wong Cho Lam may have wrote a good idea for Inbound Trouble but he is not a good actor.

    2. Why can’t they nominated? They are leads in a series aired and that means they should be nominated like anyone else.

      1. Agree! All the lead artistes should be eligible for nomination. How come Sheren Tang was not on the list? Was she not a lead actress while Christine Ng was? Or Sheren Tang was not qualified after her criticism on the last-minute script of “Beauty at War”!!!

      2. I beg to differ, actors only deserves a nomination if they portrayed their character well enough to be nominated and for WCL….his character wasn’t outstanding and not was he as an actor in the series. My opinion, I’ve seen so many artistes nominated just because they were in the series regardless of whether or not they did well.

      3. In fact, not every artiste was included in the leaked nomination list. Here are the ones who were not included, no matter they did well or not:

        1) Linda Chung (Missing You)
        2) Jason Chan (Missing You)
        3) Sheren Tang (Beauty at War)
        4) Moses Chan (Beauty at War)
        5) Sonija Kwok (The Day of Days)
        6) Sunny Chan (The Day of Days)
        7) Alex Fong (A Great Way to Care II)
        8) Yoyo Mung (A Great Way to Care II)
        9) Raymond Wong (The Day of Days; Slow Boat Home; Karma Rider)
        10) Ruco Chan (Reality Check; Slow Boat Home)
        11) Selena Li (Slow Boat Home)
        12) Priscilla Wong (Karma Rider)
        13) Eddie Cheung (Snipers Standoff)
        14 Michael Tse (Sergeant Tabloid & Snipers Standoff)

        I don’t know how TVB defined BEST ACTING ………. as per acting skills or as per viewership ratings?!

      4. There was a couple on that list that deserved to be on the nomination list. Which is why only actors who did well should be on that list…for some particular artistes its pretty obvious they don’t deserve to be on that list but hey this is probably not the official list.

      5. @Bobby: I think WCL did ok in Inbound. I’ve seen worse performance this year with a nomination, hence it isn’t wrong for WCL to have a nomination. Nomination doesn’t mean winning.

      6. Personally I think any lead artistes should be eligible for the nomination. It is just a recognition, not a winning.

      7. It’s not about winning the nomination means a lot. Even if they don’t win they get a lot out of that nomination even if they did a mediocre job at their role. Nominations should be for the deserving just like the actual winner. WCL may have been a good writer for the series but as an actor not even close, no offense to him hes just better off behind the camera…similar to Ben Affleck’s situation great behind the camera but extremely bad on camera.

      8. In that case, bobby, I blv at least half of the above list should be put out, including some hot favourites and/or predicted to be winners. WCL isn’t that bad of an actor.

      9. Agree with you, Fox. I did not watch much of “Inbound Troubles”, so I am not in a position to judge Wong Cho Nam’s acting. You are right that 1/2 of the artistes’ names should not be included in the list if BEST acting was not a critical factor in the nominations.

      10. There are a few actors that doesn’t deserve a nomination based on talent and I’m not having on WCL, I just used him as an example.

      11. Not gonna list them out, there a few who deserved to be up there while there are a few who doesn’t. Our role as an audience has the right to give an opinion on those who are nominated. For eve nomination there is at least one who’s not worthy of that nomination. I mean WCL nominated for Best Actor for Inbound Troubles, seriously? It’s like the same unworthy nomination when that Call Me Maybe song was nominated for a Grammy. I just don’t think WCL showed any performance worthy for a nomination for Best Actor this year. This is just my opinion. Not every single actor did great but some better than the other.

      12. I just think his role is more appropriate for Fave Character not necessarily for Best Actor but hey the company got to nominate him for something since he did co wrote the series, that’s their way of giving back.

      13. Oh despite of being an one hit wonder, Call me maybe is popular enough to deserve a nomination for Grammy. What is so bad about the song?

      14. @fox,wong cho lam in inbound trouble isnt really acting,he is just himself,therefor i dont think he deseve in the list.
        ivana wong is heavily backed-up by tvb she didnt even get through in the top5 in voice of stars but got a singer-contract by tvb.

      15. I don’t know where to start whether its a woman in her late 20’s singing a pre-teen song or the fact that she contributed little to nothing on the production but the vocals. A Grammy is only worthy if the artiste contributed to the production of writing, composing and actual lyrics. I would understand if that song won a Teen Choice Award but Grammys? What a joke

      16. @Kolo: WCL’s real personality is quite quiet, calm and similar to an introvert. So he didn’t act himself in Inbound.

      17. i agree with Bobby. Actors should be nominated only if their acting meets the mark, not just becos they’re the lead in that drama. Otherwise, there’s no need to nominate if by virtue of an actor’s starring role, he makes it to the list.

    3. Well, if the lists are true and TVB did the nominations the same way as they did last year, then it’s pretty much the management team at TVB (think everyone from GM on down, not including producers) that determined who should or should not be nominated — so in a sense, it IS a game of ‘politics’ and ‘favorites’ because honestly, what does the management know about who acted well or who didn’t? The fact that TVB has their management team (most of whom probably didn’t even watch any of the series) pick who should be nominated already flushes any ounce of credibility there was left (which wasn’t much to begin with) down the toilet for me.

    4. Yeah, I skimmed through the list and literally was surprised. Looks like tvb are even running out of ppl to be nominated in the top 15 o__O

  3. Ruco is the eligible winner this year and the only one with great Best Actor standard performance. It’s terribly bias if Chilam or Francis wins.

    1. Dude, none of the actors on the list pars up to Francis Ng. He’s already at a standard where he doesn’t need to prove himself with that award. The next thing he needs to prove himself is Hong Kong Film Award, not this piece of crap that means nothing.

      1. Is Francis Ng THAT great? I heard lots of differing opinion from yours saying that his acting in TITS2 was nowhere near BA-worthy, he was just ordinary, not bad but certainly not great as you’d have us believe. I think you’ve put him too high up on the pedestal. Even if he was great in the past doesnt mean that he will be great in every role. So tired of hearing that Francis is the greatest, no one comes close, blah blah blah.

    2. His greatness is his consistency and you will see why in simplest scenes with just a gesture, an eye movement, subtle yet so there for all to see. His only problem is the stupid script.

      1. Funn, are you replying to my comment? I’ve watched Francis shows before (not referring to TITS2) and i can only say “i beg to differ”. Nothing special. Not in Tony Leung’s league.

      2. funn means ruco chan,its a reply to mydatewithspring i think.
        agree ruco is great,he should win the ba award.

      3. I meant to buzz and about Francis. I do find Ruco much better in reality check which is a much better series.

      4. I like Ruco in Reality Check too but i think BK allows him to flex his acting chops more. Plus he makes a very cool and stylish cop.

  4. The only actress worth mentioning from the list are Louise Lee, Ada, Joey Meng and Kristal. The other – bad bad bad.

      1. Esther Kwan’s name is on the list. Don’t worry. She is a good actress.

  5. TVB is absolutely 小氣. As per list stated above, Christine Ng is nominated for Best Actress in “Beauty at War”, but NOT Sheren Tang just because Sheren criticized Chow Yuk Ming’s (TVB scriptwriter) last-minute script. If Sheren did not agree to film “Beauty at War”, I don’t think Jonathan Chik Kee-Yee would ever film that sequel. Sheren Tang was the ONLY lead actress left from “War & Beauty”. Moreover, Sheren definitely acted a lot better than Christine Ng in “Beauty at War”.

    TVB ………… NO class!

    1. Obviously :P. Sheren also criticized Txb publicly, too and the petty Txb won’t forgive her.

      1. Shame on such a big and “so-called” reputable organization!

      2. TVB has no class. Look at how they are treating their best actor Ruco like dirt. That’s why they treated Sheren who has criticized their scriptwriter and their job environment like garbage. Sheren is a great actress.

      3. Lolz, do you notice that since Sandy Yu joins Txb, Txb start to apply a simple rule: Being Txb’s loyal kids, you will be rewarded.

        Even true to The Voice Media Co. (aka Star Dream, the music company of Txb), Sandy Yu let her husband Herman Hu to be the boss and let go a 10 year employer Chi Wai.

      4. In fact, if TVB included Sheren Tang for Best Actress nomination, it just shows that they are classy. We all know that it is a fake “procedure”, and Sheren will never end up in the top 5s no matter how well she acted in “Beauty at War”.

      5. It looks like only the top 10 drama series with the highest viewership ratings were qualified for Best Actor and Best Actress nominations.

      6. That’s not true. BAW was one of TVB’s lowest rated series of all time. It has 2 Best Actress nominations.

      7. “Brother’s Keeper” barely made it. It is ranked No. 8 in Viewership Ratings with an average of 26.5.

      8. You are right, except “Beauty at War”. It is very strange and not easy to understand!

    2. @sandcherry: It was obvious from the start that TVB is being petty due to Sheren’s outspokenness. Back when they made the announcement about the 80% complete scripts prior to filming, they already refused to acknowledge that they made the change because of Sheren’s criticism, even though the whole world knew that was the reason — instead, they ‘claimed’ that it was something they had been thinking about doing ‘for a long time’ and even blatantly said that it had nothing to do with Sheren’s comments. Given that incident, of course it’s not surprising that TVB would snub Sheren during awards time…

      1. I expected, but I did not expect that they would even nominate Christine Ng and not Sheren Tang in “Beauty at War” for Best Actress.

        Anyway, TVB also nominated Aimee Chan for Best Actress in “The Last Steep Ascent”, and not the lead actress, Maggie Cheung Ho-Yee. Aimee was only a supporting actress.

      2. Also it would show that TVB is very classy if they nominated Sheren Tang. After all, Sheren was the only lead actress left from “War & Beauty” and there would not be any sequel if Sheren did not agree to film it. And Sheren acted very well in BAW anyway, much better than Christine Ng.

      3. @sandcherry: I agree with you of course, but given that we are talking about petty TVB here, most of what they do defies basic logic and common sense (to me, if they can’t even act with reason and logic, then I’m definitely not expecting them to be ‘classy’).

        And honestly, if they weren’t planning on nominating Sheren, then they shouldn’t have nominated Christine either because that makes the ‘snub’ way more obvious (especially since Sheren and Ada were the primary female leads in the series, with Christine being only 3rd lead on the female side). If they would have just nominated Ada, then fine, it just shows that TVB is petty — but the fact that they purposefully left out Sheren and instead put Christine in her place is equivalent to saying ‘screw you Sheren’ (which is obviously rubbing salt in the wound)….

      4. Totally agree with you. That is exactly how I felt. They could just nominate Ada Choi only, but not Christine Ng without nominating Sheren Tang. I doubt that Sheren Tang will agree to film drama series for TVB even if she is offered to do it in future.

    3. Obviously TVB wouldn’t have added Sheren in since the awards are all politics and stuff.

      It’s not really fair to Christine if you say that she’s just ‘replacing’ Sheren on the list when it’s not true. When compared to Sheren, of course Christine isn’t as good but compared to the others on that list, she does deserve her place there. And to be honest, comparing anyone on that list to Sheren isn’t fair at all; she blows them all out of the water in terms of acting ability.

      If anything, Aimee’s just there taking up space. She’s getting better but she’s not deserving of a BA nomination yet (same as last year).

  6. Here’s the thing… I think we all agree that Chilam or Francis are good actors. But it wouldnt be fair to let them win since their role wasn’t even anything special. No outstanding performance. Krstal and Joey Meng is worthy of that award imo.

    1. Their characters were very likable, that’s how I see it. But I dont think their performance in their roles were ‘Best Actor’..of course they’re great actors, but their acting didn’t WOWOWOW me..

    2. i only agree joey meng is worthy,i think although kristal is doing a good job in brothers keeper,she is just good because her character is popular and she fits in that role.for joey meng’s role is more difficult and complex to portray it.

    3. well, people just cant distinguish betw liking the actor in that role from good acting in that role.

  7. I predict Chilam Cheung and Linda Chung as the winners.

    TVB really wants to give it to Kenneth Ma, but he had more buzz last year than this year. The Anniversary Gala recognition may turn out to be a consolation prize.

    1. If your prediction comes true, TVB is in for a very controversial results when the undeservings above win.

    2. I predict Chilam and he is good enough to win (with the buzz of TITS2, too, but hopefully not Linda. If Linda wins with BK, I’d rather Kate win. Linda in BK is nothing more than a pretty face. Kristal is a better choice.

      However if Dayo wins, I’ll clap my hands, too. Dayo/Chilam and Kristal, although they don’t show their best in 2013, they are better than Ma Ming or Linda miles.

      1. chilam indeed have a high chance to win,since he is invited to attend this show.but i hope ruco will win it.and for the ladies i hope joey meng.

    3. I hope it’s Linda Chung. She deserve it.

      I hope Kenneth ma won’t win. He’s not that good in On Call 36. And the speech he gave at the Gala was horrible. Hope other actors will win. Chilam or Francis.

  8. Hahaha…sorry I’m for Myolie…still think TITS2 is the best drama this year and she’s awesome there

  9. Most likely to win BA : Chilam or Kenneth
    Most deserving to win BA : Ruco

    Most likely to win best drama: TITS2
    Most deserving to win best drama : Brother’s Keeper

    1. I hope he get something. Like most outstanding award. Hope they give out more awards this year. Ppl like KK Cheung, Ram Chiang, Michael Mui, Wu Fung, Mary Hon, Gigi (kenneth ma’s mother in On Call 36) should get something.

      1. omg IF ONLY!!!!…seriously, if they reward the names that you memntioned above, I’d be extremely please. People like Mary Hon and Gigi are far from underrated..they should have been acknowledged loooong ago. I love Gigi in OC2 so far, her role as Kenneth’s mother really is convincing and most if not all her emotional scenes are so touching :'(

    2. for lau dan he is should get a life achievement award like what helena law had received,rather than an ba award.

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if more people from Come Home Love got nominated because the show had had some pretty good feedback and earned some buzz when they became the highest rated series when Beauty at War and Bullet Brain failed. I’m happy for Lau Dan’s nomination (if this is true) even though I know he doesn’t have any chance of winning.

    1. I agree…most of the artists in Come Home Love performed way better than many of the actors/actresses on the ‘leaked’ list. But of course, knowing TVB, there’s no chance that they are going to get acknowledged at the awards. In fact, I personally feel that Lau Dan’s nomination (if it’s true that he’s nominated, that is) is more of a PR move than anything else (sorry, but it can’t be a coincidence that he just ‘happened’ to be nominated right now at the height of the Hawick / Yang Mi wedding thing…I honestly feel that TVB is just trying to ‘piggyback’ off of the ‘hype’ over that news…). Of course, that’s just my opinion…I personally would choose Lau Dan over most of those nominated and if the nomination is true, then of course I’m happy for him, but by the same token, if the nomination was due to ulterior motive (as I believe it is), then definitely shame on TVB for ‘using’ him…

      1. The official list has Lau Dan and Griselda Yeung representing Come Home Love. TVB has been “promoting” Lau Dan for a while now since he was in last year’s calendar as well as this year and this was before the marriage news. Of course, they’re probably happy that Lau Dan is getting some media attention off his son’s news, but it’s quite cynical to think that is the only reason that he’s nominated. Come Home Love didn’t really blow up until this year when they some of their other series failed, and their ratings were steady so it’s no surprise they would include them in the nominations.

  11. Actually i think this list is a bit of a joke, seeing Aimee’s name on it.

  12. I am happy for Edwin Siu for being nominated for Best Actor in “Brother’s Keeper”. At least he was recognized as a lead actor, not a supporting actor.

  13. Please not Linda, she was terrible in bk, rather kristal tin take best actress

  14. Kristal tin and Kenneth will win to further validate the recent vote by peers. The only way not to nullify that peer voting because if Linda sins it shows whoever voted is not in line with the popular opinion of the masses. I don’t mind Wayne winning again though.

    1. I beg to differ. It should have no bearing on the actual awards. Tvb already stressed that. 400 employees does not represent popular opinion.

      1. Not 400 because last time in the Gala, not all the artists voted. Some even dun know tat they can vote or know about the nominated list. Since Txb didn’t reveal clearly the amount of tat vote nor the list, who know if the list only had 2 choices (which were announced later as top 2), lolz.

      2. Yup…and keep in mind too that the gala voting thing was limited to only those who attended…so even if the artists wanted to vote for let’s say Francis, Chilam, Roger, Bobby, etc., they couldn’t because none of them were present at the gala. That’s why to me, Kenneth and Kristal’s ‘wins’ at the gala really doesn’t mean much — and again, it’s ‘ludicrous’ to think that those results will have anything to do with the awards results next month…

    2. no not wayne again,i mean he good but he is already an acknoledge actor everybody knows he is good so its not that difficult for him to portray a good role.

  15. Sorry i know i’m biased. Because this year i’ve only watched and from beginning to end. I’m really happy to see Bobby and Esther nominated. They won’t win the awards, i’m almost 100% sure. Even though they gave very steady performances in the drama. Bobby and Esther are the golden couple i rmb fondly from the old Tvb days 🙂

    1. oppss, i mean to say this year i’ve only watched ‘Inbound Troubles’ and ‘Always and Ever’.

  16. man, in my heart of hearts, i’d like to be voting for lau dan and esther kwan, but as a fan of both kenneth and kate, i feel obligated to vote for them, even though they may not be particularly deserving this year.

    1. That is exactly the problem with voting! The candidates with the most fans win… not the ones who truly deserve it. This is why it’s very difficult for Joey and Ruco to win even though they did a great job.

  17. Kenneth ma better not win or I will throw rotten eggs at TVB and either 嘉欣 BB , tavia or Kate

  18. It’s funny how every year there appears to be “leaked” nomination but the actual nomination list contradicts it

    1. @Anthony: Actually, that’s not true. Last year, Mingpao published a supposed ‘leaked’ nominations list for all the categories and when the actual lists came out a few days later, they were pretty much EXACTLY the same. So Mingpao obviously has better ‘sources’ for their information than the tabloids do because none of the tabloid lists matched up whereas MP’s did.

      Now of course, the ‘predictions’ for who may or may not win is an entirely different story altogether, as very few of the predictions have actually been accurate (whether from the tabloids or from reputable news sources).

  19. yay idc whether this is in order or not, im just happy to see niki on the list

    1. voting for ma ming and myolie, but hope ma ming and kristal win!

    2. from the nomination list i think ron will get besr supporting actor! 😀

      1. Fox:
        Thanks for your link. I viewed the names as well as the photos.

        Poor Vincent Wong ……. Jason Chan is nominated for Best Supporting Actor in “Will Power” and Vincent Wong is ONLY nominated for Most Improved Actor. Vincent Wong beat Jason Chan by a long shot in acting.

        Power Chan’s name is not in any nomination lists due to his appearance at HKTV event.

      2. Power Chan: As predicted. Petty Txb is always petty Txb.

        Jason Chan and Vincent Wong: Well I don’t think being with Most improved is a bad thing to Vincent because he has more chances to win with tat nomination. In Best supporting, Txb has their favourite biological son so likely no chance for Vincent. We all know that Vincent is better than Jason but Jason is more favoured by Txb. If this year Ma Ming or Linda can win, next year Jason can.

      3. Agree. Vincent Wong has a better chance to win “Most Improved Actor”. However, the meaning of the award is very very different in terms of acting. Eliza Sam can win “Most Improved Actress” award vs. Vincent Chan for “Most Improved Actor”. It is a humiliation and insult to Vincent Wong (at least that is how I feel!.

      4. crazy! tvb really promoting jason chan! must be virginia lok’s deal! funny that jason nominated for beat supporting AND most improved while vincent not nominated for supporting! jason is like the worst new actor i’ve ever seen in tvb! not to mention the poor power chan shut out from everything!

      5. rooting for ma ming and kristal to win! but if i can vote i will vote for ma ming and myolie!

      6. Edwin Siu is nominated in all 3 categories:
        1) Best Actor (Brother’s Keeper)
        2) Best Supporting Actor (A Great Way to Care II)
        3) Most Improved Actor

        I think this is my very first time to see an actor nominated in all 3 categories.

      7. Jason Chan is under Catherine Tsang’s, not 620’s :P. Don’t pull everything on 620’s head.

      8. I’m sorry but Dayo is a hilarious guy but we barely saw his performance yet! So early on and he is already nominated?!!

    1. Oo, sad to see Katy not running for Most Improved but I’m glad she was put in BSA instead! Out of that list, I definitely want Grace Wong to win it this year.

  20. wow!!! i’m actually impressed with the lists!!! there are some good nominees! i am personally rooting for joey meng for best actress, i think she did a splendid job in change of heart!

  21. The list is missing too many significant actors of the year:(

    I personally think that it’s unfair to put Francis Ng in the competition because he’s already an established actor that no one dares to argue not. His standard is over-qualified and should not be in there to “take up spaces”.

    Same logic for Louise Lee. TVB is definitely putting her in there just to pay their respect and fill up spaces. TVB definitely won’t give their award to her and she doesn’t need another award to prove her status anymore.

    Such a weird list..

    1. The only reason why Francis is nominated (not saying he don’t deserve it) is to ‘give face’. We know how fans are going to react if he is missing from the list. But I agree that there’s no point of including Francis in the list.

    2. I like how you used ‘over-qualified’ to describe Francis Ng. Totally agree!

      1. agree,its the same as if you put fatgor, tony leung or anthony wong in the list. their qualities are far beyond that of tvb actors.

    3. francis was not outstanding and overshadowed bu chilam’s popularity in triumph2. he was good in scrnes with or involving zoe but was let down by fala related scenes!

      1. Im pretty sure @julieyu is talking about acting itself. Acting skills should not and could not be overshadowed by a role’s popularity. They’re in for a Best Actor competition,not favorite character.

    4. based on the nomination list i think ron can get bests supporting! 😀

  22. If based by pure acting, my pick for worst actress/actor;

    1. Jason Chan (If anybody can captured his facial expression from his first drama till now “Will Power” there is only 1 kind of expression) – thought that he will improve and be one good actor previously but sigh.. very disappointed.

    1. agree. jason chan very easy win WORST ACTOR. can’t believe he can be nominated for best supporting! and most improved, what improvement? still talk like reading a flash card and bad body language!

      1. And he beats Vincent Wong for “Best Supporting Actor” in “Will Power”. What a biiiiiiiiiig joke!

      2. agree poor vincent got kicked out by jason the worst actor in tvb!

    2. Yes, was also a little surprised. If compared between Vincent and Jason. Vincent is a much better actor definitely. He deserve an award especially most improved cos his acting really does improved. I hope he won’t end up like Power Chan.

  23. glad to see ma ming’s roy of triumph2 also got nominated and recognized for best supporting actor! 😀

    1. @cray cray: Lolz, look like Txb will give BSA to Ma Ming as consolidation. However still very undeserving because Roy was badly portrayed by him. Ron’s Issac is even more deserving for BSA than Ma Ming’s Roy.

      1. don’t worry ma ming won’t get best supporting. maybe tvb giving it to ron! which great too because no other candidates there and the award can help ron gain back his position in tvb!

      2. If Ma Ming really wins BSA, I’ll wait to see you cry out loud. Yes, I’m worried that he might win something due to Txb’s super biased politics.

      3. ma ming already won most favourite, bsa is a step back so he won’t win. ron might win it 😀 good for ron. ma ming can win tv king and ron win best support and they can celebrate with myolie 😀

      4. if they announce edwin win bsa, that means we can assume ron can winning most favourite role competinf with chilam! just realized this!

      5. They won’t celebrate with Myolie even if they wins, cray cray. BSA is even out of Ma Ming’s level.

    2. Kenneth in Triumph in the skies 2 was just terrible. He does some certain characters okay but not this one.

      Power Chan deserves that spot more than him.

    3. I’m supporting Ma Ming and Tavia/Kristal for BA. I don’t think Ma Ming is “wooden” at all- there are worst ones like Ron and Moses!

      1. “Worst one” Ron received more praises for his improvements in acting than Ma Ming. No, Ma Ming isn’t wooden in TITS2 but monotone and forced.

  24. All the 花痴 out there needs to take a seat. First of all, Chilam deserves nothing more than Favorite Character Award. His acting skill in TITS2 is completely overshadowed by Francis. Chilam has nothing special to offer in terms of acting ability because to me, he’s just another Kenneth Ma, Ron Ng etc.
    Secondly, if we could calm down and judge with our right mind, we all would agree the Best Actor Award should go to no one else but Ruco Chan. His acting in both GPS and Brothers Keeper absolutely touches hearts and he’s definitely a hidden treasure among all. The only other person that will not pissed me off if he wins is Francis Ng. Pretty self explanatory, no comment on that.

    1. agree. chilam is by no means deserving for tv king. even ma ming is better than him. he deserves most favourite role because his acting was ordinary but the role itself was popular.

    2. hahahaha I’m one of the Hua Chi that prays for Julian win :p I totally fell in love with his role as captain cool<3 but now that you mention it.. i very much agree wif you that Julian definitely didn't offer too much in terms of acting in TITSII. He didn't have the chance to show his full potential:(

    3. I think Chilam is a great actor but his role in Triumph 2 wouldn’t be considered as one of his best work, it’s just anger one of those typical roles.

    4. @Hereifan, your comments are spot on. All the “flower-crazy” are speaking/voting with their hearts not their minds. Based purely on acting, Ruco’s the real deal, not just for BK but also for Reality Check.

  25. Am I the only one that’s actually impressed by Ivana Wong’s acting in Inbound trouble?

    1. No, you are not the only one. I thought Ivana did very good too in her first series.

  26. well your comment surely makes you sound stupid and idiotic. While you claim others have no taste, at least they have eyes and a brain to reasonably make judgements of performance, while you seem senseless.

  27. It’s kind of an insult if Ron is nominated for supporting since he was nominated for BA for quite a bit based on TVB’s standards. But it’s true his role was considered supporting in that series.

    The one I’m worried about the most is Best Actress…they’re not going to give it to the ones who did well this year.

    1. positively ron can win by nominated in supporting actor, ron has no chance for tv king the competition too big for him. i take it as a good bill! fala won bsa twice before highly promoted as fadan!

      1. Fala is different from Rn, Ron rise to the top before Kenneth, Bosco, Ruco, Edwin…etc. but they are all nominated but him. It’s fine with me since his role was supporting but it might be a little embarrassing for him considering he was nominated for BA before any of them but never was once close to winning.

      2. ron never passed into the final selection for tv king, so winning best supporting is a huge step already.

      3. But the fact that he went from being nominated for BA consecutively then down to BSA just lower his status as TVB’s once very valued artiste. I understand he’s been ignored these past couple of years…honestly I think Edwin may have a better chance at winning that award than Ron does.

      4. edwin might win most inproved. tvb won’t let vincent win something over edwin

      1. even better if ron win most favourite award! that means next year he will be tv king contender! it works with tavia and ma ming!

      2. what i hope

        best actor: ma ming
        best actress: kristal

        favourite actor: ron
        favourite actress: myolie
        best pairing: ronolie

        most improved: vincent
        most improved: oceane zhu

        best support: ron/edwin
        best support: mandy/nancy

        best series: on call 2/ triumph2

  28. No competition for Louise Lee, Lau Dan, Francis Ng, Bobby and maybe Ada Choi. Those people are way overqualified and it literally means nothing regardless of them winning or not. (Especially Francis Ng who had already took a step forward with a Best Actor award in the movie industry)
    My list for best and worst actor/actress:

    Actor : Michael Miu (although he’s almost on the line of “overqualified” people)

    Actress : Joey Meng (I can’t see Nikki whenever Joey shows up next to her. It’s almost as if Joey is overshadowing Nikki)

    Worst –
    Actor: Wong Cho Lam (That’s not acting, it’s him doing what he normally do)

    Actress : Linda Chung (nothing against her, but simply do not appreciate her acting)

    1. michael miu is a bad actor who act the same way for every series he’s in, but he was surprisingly good in highs and lows last year better than raymond but that’s only it. you must be kidding! ma ming, ruco are the best actor!

    2. best and worst tv king/queen

      best: ma ming/ruco
      best: kristal/myolie

      worst: wong cholam
      worst: linda and niki

  29. Even movie kings gets nominated for BSA so its not a big deal if Ron gets put in supporting this year for his role in T2

  30. this is how they will determine the winners!

    best actor/actress:
    50% professional(producers, crews and execs) + 50% public voting

    fav roles:
    100% public voting

    all other awards:
    professionals and tvb employees

  31. If pure acting I would opt for either of the below;

    1. Joey Meng (A Change of Heart)
    2. Niki Chow (A Change of Heart)
    3. Tavia Yeung (On Call 36 Hours)
    4. Kristal Tin (Brother’s Keeper)
    5. Kate Tsui (Bounty Lady) – still uncertain cos is only 2 eps that have been broadcasted, but these 2 eps she’s okay, however, yet to be determined.

    – Louise Lee (Reality Check) – Not sure if her screen time is enough to be considered Main but she’s in fact a great actress no doubt. But I doubt TVB will give it to her. She’s just a prop this round (my opinion only).

    – Beauty at War actresses may have done a good job but 70% of the series I was asleep so can’t say anything.

    1. Bosco Wong (A Change of Heart)
    2. Ruco Chan (Brother’s Keeper)
    3. Wayne Lai (Will Power) – however, if on own emotion, I prefer not him cos last year he don’t deserved, hence, can take it as a payback.

    Overall, it was extremely obvious that the actresses outperformed the actors this year. Lack of good actors or may be female are much better and more natural in putting actual emotions to their respective role or character.

    1. Just completed the 3rd episode of Bounty Lady. I have to say Kate exceeded my expectation. Never thought that she can act this good for a comedy like this.

      As for Siu Bo “sai sai lup” she deserves an award. Most Improved or New Comer.

      1. Next year, this is just a second drama. not there yet but her acting in bounty lady was good.

      2. For Most Improved true, I was thinking if MC Jin could get Most Improved previously by just acting in 1 drama then why not her. Do excuse me, I was puzzled and kind of disgusted how TVB were.

        And no new comer category so I guess Siu Bo just miss out for an award. Wasted.

  32. 3rd time saying this on this forum: my vote goes to
    BAtor: Ruco
    BAtress: Kristal
    BSAtress: Elena

  33. Poor TVB. Where is Micheal Tse. even though his acting is average this yr, but his 2 dramas are in top5 ratings. He should be nominated.

    1. Agree, but Michael has left TVB. Sad! Power Chan did not even get nominated for Best Supporting Actor due to his recent presence at the HKTV event. TVB is very very very practical and mean!

  34. Why is Alice Chan Wei not nominated for best supporting actress?

  35. Jason nominated in ‘Supporting’ instead of Vincent in Will Power?

    Christine nominated in ‘Supporting’ for her role in “Will Power”? She is one of the leading actress.

    No ‘Most Improved’ nomination for Fred Cheng?

  36. Isn’t reality check this year? If it is I find that series. Much better series thn bk and Ruco much better in rc.

  37. And I feel Lai Lok Yi deserves at least a nomination for his performance in Come Home Love. If not Best Actor then at least Most Improved. He wasn’t impressive in his earlier roles but as John Ma, he was ze best!

  38. Raymond Wong is missing from the BA list? I didnt watch Karma Rider but i read that he did well in it?

  39. Seriously, how can one be nominated for Best Actor, Best Supporting and Most Improved Actor? “Most Improved” and “Best” doesn’t go together. To me most improve is green leaf award.

    My prediction:

    BA – Kenneth & Linda
    Favorite Character – Chilam & Kristal

    On a side note, is Ivana Wong even consider lead in Inbound Trouble? I thought it was a supporting role.

  40. I’m sorry but what is Ivana Wong, Niki Chow and Christine Ng doing on the list?

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