“A Shop for Killers” Unleashes Thrilling Action on Disney+

Based on Kim Ji-young’s novel The Killer’s Shopping Mall, Disney+’s latest action-centered K-drama of 2024 A Shop for Killers has finally premiered!

With the first two episodes unfolding on a thrilling sequence where a young girl narrowly escapes being pursued, the drama transitions to a flashback, where the enigmatic “Uncle” portrayed by heartthrob Lee Dong Wook dies right at the start. A perilous and suspenseful journey involving him and his genius niece (Kim Hye Joon) follows as the two form an unshakeable bond transcending life-and-death, leavings viewers in eager anticipation of what’s to come.


1. Novel Adaptation

Adapted from an acclaimed Korean literary work, Lee Dong Wook’s character leaves behind not just a staggering inheritance of 1.87 billion won on his unexpected death, but also a mysterious online shopping website peddling firearms. This leads his niece, Kim Hye Joon, to try and uncover her uncle’s true identity, and worse, but puts her vulnerable to pursuit from a group of skilled killers. Pulsing with suspense at every turn, the story gradually unravels the mysteries left behind by Jeong Jin-man, addressing doubts surrounding his death and hidden secrets, while tugging heartstrings with the duo’s shared memories, which explain Jeong Ji-an’s resilience in the face of incredible circumstances.

2. “Heartthrob Uncle” Lee Dong Wook

Known for his cold, melancholic charisma, Lee Dong Wook left a deep impression with recent performances in Tale of the Nine-Tailed and Bad and Crazy left a lasting impression. The 42-year-old assumes the role of the lackadaisical uncle, Jeong Jin-man, who appears to be selling agricultural water pipes but secretly operates as a supplier of various assassination tools, even creating an intricate underworld ruled by the laws he set. His sudden death – a suspected suicide – throws this world into chaos. Lee Dong Wook’s simultaneously determined and mournful gaze brings added charm to the character, with director Lee Kwon jokingly remarking that he looked handsome despite the use of extensive makeup techniques to make him look pathetic and dispirited. Though only in flashbacks, his onscreen appearances are eagerly anticipated.

3. Kim Hye Joon’s Harrowing Escape

After her parents are brutally murdered, Ji-an (Kim Hye Joon) grows up with uncle as her only kin who not only protects her with great care but also taught her various survival and combat skills. As a young college student who suddenly finds herself targeted by various criminal forces following her uncle’s unexpected demise, she is forced to confront explosives, machine guns, sniper rifles, and outsmart her killers with all that she’s got, on top of seeking the truth behind her uncle’s mysterious death and figuring out the mastermind behind it all.

4. Thrilling Action

The series has garnered attention for its high-quality, intense action sequences following release. Lee Kwon, known for works like Door Lock and Save Me 2, who professes that “action trumps everything”, and promises to bring a variety of thrilling action scenes to viewers. With slow-motion sniper duels, bullet dodging, combat drones, and thrilling close-quarters fights in just the first 2 episodes, viewers can anticipate a diverse array of weapons promising intense, cinema-like scenes.

Watch the Trailer:

Source: UDN

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