Actress Ryoko Hirosue Confesses to Extramarital Affair

Japanese actress Ryoko Hirosue was accused of having an extramarital affair with Michelin-starred chef Toba Shusaku. Although the couple initially denied their relationship even as they were spotted checking in a hotel, the couple eventually admitted to cheating with a handwritten letter.

The cheating scandal has tainted Ryoko’s image even though Ryoko won the “Best Mother Award” last year. The actress has been married to candle artist Jun Izutsu since 2010. The married couple has two children and provides care for Ryoko’s son from a previous marriage. Due to the scandal, Ryoko is taking an indefinite hiatus while her projects get shelved.

Ryoko has since issued an apology letter to her fans and Toba’s family for causing pain and sadness. Calling herself an “immature mother”, Ryoko shared that she had a long conversation with her three children to ask for their understanding.

Toba is also married and has two children. The chef subsequently posted his own apology letter and confessed to having lied about his affair. Toba apologized to Ryoko’s family and calls on his own weakness and immaturity.

Ryoko and Toba’s Love Letters

Despite the apologies, Japanese media Weekly Bunshun obtained the scandalous couple’s handwritten love letters and released them to the public.

Ryoko wrote, “To the most important and beloved person in the world, Shusaku. Starting today. we will have to separate from each other for a while. Even though it’s because of my trip that we won’t be able to see each other, I feel lonely.”

Ryoko continued, “I really miss you. Although I don’t want to admit it, because of you, I know that I haven’t given up on love. It may be the first time I’ve fallen in love with someone so seriously. My desire for you makes me happy. Shusaku, I really like you.”

Toba reciprocated with a love letter, and he wrote, “I really like Ryoko. I have nothing else other than you. I really want to make you happy.”

Source: World Journal

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  1. I am in shock as I do like her as a actress from earlier days. She has such beautiful eyes… But she made a big mistake.

    1. Same here, I like her back in the days when J-drama was a big hit internationally but even then she was controversial though being pregnant out of wedlock is not a big deal now.
      This extra-marital affair is just so wrong, wonder if her career will survive. There is no mention of her interaction with her husband or open apology to him.

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