Ryoko Hirosue Announces Divorce After Affair Scandal

Japanese actress Ryoko Hirosue was caught in an extramaritial affair in July after being seen going to a hotel with celebrity chef Toba Shusaku. Despite Ryoko’s husband Jun Izutsu’s attempt to damage control the scandal, the couple has ultimately decided to part ways.

Immediately after the scandal, Ryoko’s husband held a press conference and confessed that Ryoko had filed for a divorce but he had not agreed to the arrangement. However, on July 23rd, Ryoko announced her divorce through her management company.

Ryoko revealed that she will maintain custody to support her children and added that she was worried about sharing her private affairs to the public. Now that Ryoko and her husband reached a conclusion, the 43-years-old actress pleaded to the media to stop contacting her children for interviews and making them feel uneasy. Ryoko asked for the public’s understanding and thanked those who  supported her.

Ever since the affair came to light, Ryoko’s good motherly image was damaged and the actress immediately went on a hiatus. Ryoko’s divorce with Jun marked the second time the actress had filed for a divorce. 

Source: HK01

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. It is definitely best for this couple to divorce… He to have been cheating on her and she did too. I hope their kids will cope with all these media attention and stress on the family.. Bless the kids.

    1. @Hohliu very well said. Thanks for the info of him cheating too. I don’t follow them so don’t know much. I guess they are playing the “You cheated so I will cheat too” game. They are both very immature and you are right, they should go their separate ways.

      The media should never be hounding and harassing these innocent children for interviews. How low can the media vultures go. I cannot get over them harassing the innocent children who have nothing to do with their parent’s infidelity.

  2. Okay, she has a lot of nerves. The fact that the husband did not want the scandal to be blown up says something about him, unless he is protecting his manly pride.
    Ryoko Hirosue does not want this scandal to be publicized? Well, then why have an affair… what happens in the dark, alway comes to light, even if it takes years. I do have to ask myself what was going on in the relationship to cause her to cheat. If the husband was an attentive, romantic respectful husband, then it makes me wonder what went wrong. More divorce and affairs scandals to come, if they are exposed to the public, as some of us know already.
    There is also an actor, and a singer/actor and they are weighing in on whether they should come out to the public as gay. Their management companies are against a public announcement. At this point, it won’t surprise anyone so the managers should back down. More tea to be spilled.

    1. @m0m0
      LOL to your comment. After doing a little research, Ryoko Hirosue does have a strange, eccentric taste in men, LOL.

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