Bondy Chiu Underwent Fibroid Surgery on New Year’s Eve

Actress and singer Bondy Chiu (趙學而) revealed that she underwent a surgery to remove her uterine fibroid, which grew to the size of a tennis ball.

On her official Facebook, the Bondy shared that she is currently recovering from her myomectomy and had spent New Year’s Eve at the hospital. She said her surgery was successful and feels very fortunate to have her husband by her side supporting her.

“I am really lucky!” she wrote in her post. Bondy explained that she originally did not want to share something so private in her life to the public, but after receiving blessings from close friends and coworkers in the past few days, Bondy realized how fortunate she actually is.

“I’m sharing this because I want all of you to take care of your health, especially those of you who have a uterus! I had my myomectomy on New Year’s Eve and spent the New Year with my husband in the hospital room.”

Bondy discovered her uterine fibroid a few years ago through a checkup with her physician. She found it both strange and fortunate that she could not feel the fibroid, which was larger than a tennis ball, growing inside of her.

“There are people who would have bloated stomachs, frequent and abnormally heavy periods, menstrual pains, but I had none of that. I am so lucky! I did not go through much pain at all!”

Bondy said that a regular physical exam at the doctors is very important and urged everyone to take care of their health. “The earlier you do it, the better the results. I hope everyone will have a [physically and mentally] healthy 2015!”


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  1. Haven’t seen her ever since Virtues of Harmony… I still remember her accent lol!

  2. I almost couldn’t recognize her until someone mentioned Virtue Of Harmony! Hope she gets well soon!

    1. The older wife of Michael Tse in Virtues of Harmony.

      1. Wow that’s such a long time ago! I had to rack my brains but i do have a vague recollection now except she looks so different i wouldn’t be able to recognise her if you didn’t tell me. Thx for the info.

  3. miss watching her on tvb! anyways really hope she recover speedy and have a good health in the new year!

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