Crystal Huang Stars in British-Chinese Film, “Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon”

British-Chinese co-production, Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon <传 ・奇> completed filming in Beijing earlier and has entered post-production. Directed by Eric Styles, the 3D science-fiction action thriller stars Scott Adkins, Dolph Lundgren, Lydia Leonard, and Chinese actors Crystal Huang (黄奕) and Geng Le (耿乐).

Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon is an action packed adventure which sees cryptozoologist, “Travis Preston,” portrayed by Scott Adkins, investigating a series of mysterious killings in China, which were likely done by a vicious beast. During the investigation, Travis and his team put their lives in danger as they are thrust before a bloodthirsty creature that is on the hunt for humans.

Crystal Created Laughter on Film Set

Appearing in variety program, The Best Live Show <最佳现场>, Crystal excitedly shared her filming experiences.  Although Crystal had no problems speaking English during filming, she still made a blunder with her script on occasion. Playing a scientist in the film, Crystal recalled that there was a scene in which she needed to lead a team to escape from a dangerous situation. When she shouted, “Run!”, she was puzzled as to why her costars did not show any response to her screams. It was then that she realized she was yelling, “Run” in Chinese! No wonder her western costars did not react at all, as they did not understand what she was talking about. Everyone on the film set burst into laughter.

Crystal also shared that she was transformed into “Pinocchio” under the latest 3D imaging technology. As Crystal has a sharp nose, her nose lengthened when the 3D effects were merged into the film. The director laughed uncontrollably at the results and had to digitally edit the appearance of her nose. 

Crystal Played Host to Costars

While filming in Beijing, Crystal often treated the cast to different Chinese food. She also bought snacks for the crew during break time. Crystal revealed that she needed to provide 300 steam buns for the crew; the steam buns were so popular that they were consumed instantly. Besides introducing Chinese food, Crystal also brought her costars around Beijing for sightseeing. To Crystal’s surprise, her western costars were even more familiar getting around Beijing, making her feel embarrassed.   

Since Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon features 3D effects, the actors had to use their imagination during filming to visualize the digitally created monster. Before filming, the cast discussed the appearance and size of the beastly creature. Crystal  said that she enjoyed filming the science-fiction thriller and looked forward to filming the sequel.

Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon is produced by Midsummer Films and China Film Group. The film will be released in 2013.


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  3. Another propangadist film about how the gweilo comes and saves the pretty Asian woman from her Asian captors. Thank god it will most likely go straight to DVD so little people will see it.

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