Crystal Huang Took Out Anger on Baby While Arguing with Husband?

Only a year after their relationship was made known to the public, businessman Huang Yiqing (黃毅清) seems to have given up hope on his marriage with mainland Chinese actress Crystal Huang (黃奕). Over a span of six hours on November 25, Huang Yiqing took to Sina Weibo in order to publicize his grievances against his wife and hint that he wanted a divorce. A video of the couple’s heated argument was also leaked, in which Crystal apparently dropped the baby roughly on the floor.

In his nine Weibo posts, Huang Yiqing accused Crystal of being mentally unstable and frequently scolding their 11-month-old daughter. “Some people are capable of love, but it’s a pity that they love themselves more,” he wrote. “So they will treat children well only when they are in a good mood, and will also use them as tools to whitewash the past.”

Moreover, Yiqing claimed that Crystal is a two-faced actress who always feigns weakness in order to garner sympathy. “She pretends to be shy, but behind closed doors, she instantly turns into a vulgar person who can’t go three phrases without saying something obscene,” he ranted. According to him, Crystal also lied about her age.

About eight hours after these posts, Yiqing also uploaded a video of him arguing heatedly with his wife earlier that day. It appears as though Crystal had wanted to take their daughter out in the morning but had been stopped by her husband, who denounced her as “crazy.” After Crystal appeared to have taken out her anger on her baby, Yiqing cried out, “Come hit me [instead]!”

The video in question was later deleted, but in the early hours of the following morning, Yiqing posted again to hint that he wanted a divorce from Crystal, who does not appear to have returned home: “I hope that tomorrow, I will be able to find the person and get the signature. I can’t wait for one more minute. Stop playing around and disappearing!”

During the time of her husband’s online tirade, Crystal reposted a photo of a cute hedgehog on her Weibo account and made an appearance at a golf competition, seemingly unaffected by Yiqing’s accusations. Her manager, Liu Song (劉嵩), declined to respond to the situation, saying it was Crystal’s family business. A promotions employee at Crystal’s production studio defended the actress, saying that Crystal spent almost all of her time with her daughter now that she was not working as much.

Video of Crystal Huang Arguing with Husband

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  1. This is really sad if it is true. I have always been a big fan of Huang Yi and would be so disappointed if she really take out her anger on her innocent baby. She already had a failed marriage so it would be really sad if this marriage failed again. I feel bad for their daughter.

  2. a successful marriage takes mutual effort. I don’t know why people likes publicize their arguments like this.. even though they know their other half is a public figure. She may be crazy or mentally “unstable” but in the end, she is still his wife. Taking care a young infant is already difficult. I do hope they can save their marriage before ranting on weibo.

    1. I guess people do it to let out their anger, but do it the wrong way. Or he wants to ruin her reputation since she is a public figure? Only they would know. One of the keys to a lasting marriage is to be able to resolve problems. Let’s hope they can do so.

      1. lol…so confusing…one name is enough…or betty crystal should be fine, not betty or crystal.


    It just makes him appear to be seeking for publicity. What will posting a video of an argument between your wife about making the situation any better huh?! If he really did care I’m definitely sure the 1st thing a husband WOULDNT do is go onto weibo and post up all that.

    The most innocent one amongst the mist of all this craziness is the baby. I just hope the baby was not hurt from the alleged drop made by the mother..

    1. Only he would know what his intentions are. I have a feeling that he may be trying to get back at her by publicizing this since she is a public figure. That is the wrong way to go.

    2. This may be his strategy – if he were to file for divorce and get custody for his daughter, painting a bad picture of the child’s mother (emotionally unstable, loves socializing etc..) will ensure he has the public’s sympathy and ultimately win the case or pay less alimony?

    3. well whatever the reason, imo it was inappropiate- Having this recording and publicly sharing their marriage quarrels over social media: Things dont get deleted off the internet even if it gets personally ‘removed’. Think of the child..How unfair and cruel it is for the child who will one day grow up and who knows how she’d feel about it.

  4. Who is the one who filmed this video secretly? Of course if they knew that the camera was running, they will try to portray themselves in a positive, blameless light.

    1. I was wondering the same thing and it really reminds me of all the audio tapes that released of Mel Gibson and his ex. Boy were the arguments ugly and at times also involved a crying baby.

  5. If she’s crazy, there’s a possibility she’s suffering from postpartum. Postpartum women can act really crazy because of unbalanced hormones and that includes, and is not limited to, abusing their own baby.

    1. She gave birth awhile ago so can she still be suffering from that?

      1. Yes she can because if she really has that mental ailment, it don’t just go away. And depending on the severity of her condition, it can gradually get worse if she didn’t seek guidance or to see if something is really wrong.

      2. If that is the case, then she really needs to seek help before she hurts her baby and marriage beyond the point of no return.

      3. ^That’s what I was thinking too-its extremely common for newly mothers to suffer from it- it ranges from mild to very severe, and as mentioned it doesnt just go away if left untreated, and would even reoccur after treatment due to the stress of responsibilities..(both my mom &aunt had experienced it after birth).

        For crystal, it definitely does not seem like her husband is making things any better for her.

  6. We need 2 hands to clap. We only read the guy’s side of Story. He maybe making the fight to convince the world the opposite. Besides, if he’s really the innocent one, he shouldn’t have post the argument online.

    1. Innocent?? There is no ‘innocent one’ in this kind of situation.

  7. Whatever the argument never take it out on a child. And conveniently he recorded the argument and uploaded it. Very ungentlemanly. A man that can’t even talk to his wife calmly but perhaps provoked and recorded her is a wuss.

    1. Agree.
      If she is as terrible as he claimed her to be, then how could he has fallen for her and married her in the first place?
      I personally think this guy is nothing but a jerk.

  8. Could it be depression after giving birth due to hormone unbalance? Afterall it is only 11 months since the birth of her child. At this moment, the husband should really be considerate and not shouted people as crazy. Instead of thinking of a divorce, he should consider bringing the wife to see a doctor.

    Afterall giving birth involves a lot of change to a woman from physical to mental to biological.

  9. This is so sad.. I hope she seek some help as liked someone said, she could have develop depression after birth and it’s something you can take meds for to re-balance herself.

  10. My grandparents were estranged but had one last child – my father – so my grandmother – according to neighbors – would throw that baby off the bed, claw it, scratch it, hit it – HIM – my dad – and then pick him back up again. She was very unhappy that she had had to have had another baby with this husband. But that baby was the nicest son to her. I think he had low self esteem because he was always too nice to people who were mean to him and always looking for buddies.

  11. Well, I am no doctor.. but looking at this, there looks like a more serios underlying issues regarding Crystal Huang. It could be that she is suffering from serios Post-Partum Depression that might have lead to a more serios mental issues like Bipolar. Some women demonstrates no love for their new born child and by getting medical help as early as possible, this is treatable and cureable. Also would greatly help to have Moral Support from her Family members, especially her HUSBAND!!!!

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