Crystal Huang’s Husband Claims to Be True Victim of Domestic Abuse

Crystal Huang (黃奕) and husband Huang Yiqing‘s (黃毅清) fiery exchange continues. Huang Yiqing is now speaking directly to the media to defend himself against Crystal’s domestic violence and infidelity accusations, and threatens to release video evidence showing himself as victim of Crystal’s volatile temper.

Crystal and Yiqing shared what seemed to be an ordinary marriage until Yiqing’s Weibo rant last year opened the public’s eyes to their marital troubles. Although he later apologized and removed the posts, the couple’s relationship seems to have made no improvement. Their marriage is once again at risk when Yiqing issued an ultimatum on Weibo last week as a response to reports of Crystal’s secret hotel meeting with a billionaire. Crystal denied the claims and stated that she is filing for divorce. She added that Yiqing was involved in extramarital affairs himself and had hit her multiple times, noting that she has evidence to support these statements.

Huang Yiqing Reveals Home Surveillance Clips

Not ready to back down, Yiqing is now countering Crystal’s accusations by saying that he is the true victim of domestic abuse. On June 17, he posted two video clips labeled “The Truth” on Weibo. Yiqing had apparently installed home surveillance cameras to monitor his baby daughter, and they instead captured Crystal’s less-dignified moments. In one clip, Yiqing wanted to take his daughter out for a work celebration but Crystal was clearly upset at the idea. She was seen shouting in Shanghainese and roughly pushing away friends who were trying to calm her down. The second clip shows Crystal and Yiqing in the middle of an argument. Although Yiqing did not use physical force on her, Crystal phoned someone claiming she had suffered domestic abuse and asked the friend to notify reporters.

In addition to the video clips, Yiqing accepted an interview with Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily to clarify Crystal’s accusations. He insisted that he had never hit his wife and stated that she had abused him instead. “She is very agitated when she becomes upset, and would lay her hand on me! I have video proof but I don’t want to release it just yet. She is my daughter’s mother after all, and I don’t want this to affect my daughter. I will not show it unless absolutely necessary.”

Regarding Crystal’s earlier post showing an apology letter he allegedly wrote after a previous beating, Yiqing believes the papers were falsified. “I have never signed anything with ‘Andy’, and my friends would know that my handwriting is not that poor.” He also debunked rumors that he had emptied the couple’s safe, saying that he has gifted her everything within and that it contains his daughter’s and his own items as well.

When asked who would maintain custody of their daughter, Yiqing takes one more jab at Crystal’s character. “Her parents also don’t want her to have custody. She once bought two kittens because they were cute, but she neglected them and her parents had to care for them. If she has custody, her parents will probably end up taking care of the child as well.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Lmao he said he doesnt want to release her beating cause she is still the mother of the daughter but uet he still said those thing and released those video. I would have been fine with him eeleasing those video and said those thing but for him to say I would hold myself because she is still the mother of my daughter is so bull****.

  2. Idk… Until I see pic, I don’t think I can believe a skinny woman abuse a grown man lol. And slapping on the face pic is not really abusive if it’s a 1 – 2 times off.

    There is a different between a woman’s slap and a man’s slap. Man’s slap in violent can cause a woman flying, result in greater Dmg, I’m yet to see a woman’s slap that does that lol.

    He needs to be able to produce really concrete evidents, ATM, sure she’s not an angel, but her lie to the police could be because she was forced into threatening him. You don’t know the story enough to trust a few min clip. I dare him to start the vid from the beginning til the end of the fight

    1. Any violence is not ok. It does not matter how much physical damage is caused, a slap is a slap and it is no laughing matter.

      1. I’m not saying a slap is a laughing matter. I’m saying if a man provoke a woman, she slaps him in a spur of moment like in the drama, but he took a vid footage of that, snapshot that 1s slap, and say she’s domestic violent, then it shouldn’t count 🙂

      2. I think how hard the blow was definitely counts. And, considering that they are husband and wife, small altercations would be ignored. I mean, if my parents slapped me because I provoked them in some way, I would hardly consider that domestic violence.

  3. The second clip shows Crystal and Yiqing in the middle of an argument. Although Yiqing did not use physical force on her, Crystal phoned someone claiming she had suffered domestic abuse and asked the friend to notify reporters.
    === Nice, becareful, this woman very sly. Don’t touch her, let she throw her tantrum. She can lies all she wants, if there no physical evidence on her face, nobody will believe her.
    Ofcourse, there are women out there who hurt themselves and claim the man do it too.

  4. Ahhhh liar and a drama queen. This can apply to BOTH of them.

    1. Agree wholeheartedly. Real drama kings and queens who don’t feel any shame in airing out their dirty laundry regardless of how it would appear to their child next time when she’s older.

  5. I really pity Crystal for marrying such a man. A true gentleman will not speak evil of a woman esp. his woman. Clearly, the husband is the cause of this broken marriage.

    1. Agreed, the husband is an idiot. Throughout the entire video clip, the husband is the one showing physical aggression (by constantly grabbing, approaching and hovering over Crystal, who keeps pushing him away). Ridiculous to think that a small woman would dare beat a big man. The husband is the one that the officers isolated in a room, which says something about who they believe to be the aggressor. Crystal should file a “restraining order” against the husband (for both her and her child).

      1. Since Crystal already filed divorce papers, she shouldn’t even go near him. Dangerous!!!

    2. Useless husband cherishes wife in the beginning of a courtship/marriage, then treats her like trash. To preserve her dignity, Crystal should’ve just file for divorce and avoid all the drama the jerk is trying to pull her into. Playing along with him by airing their dirty laundry to the media is not doing her image any good, though she’s not really that popular.

  6. Somehow if the evidence bears itself out, then Crystal seems to be the aggressor, the instigator and a pathological liar! Being a true gentleman does not mean that the man absorb all the abuse and not speak out to defend himself. There comes a time when a negative perception cast upon a person will an impact on his work and social standing due to vilifying remarks from the spouse. Unfortunately, there was no mention of either trying to seek marital counseling to help them through this period for the sake of their child.

  7. For the sake of her child, one strike is enough to leave him. Don’t want to risk death, jail and no one to take care of the young.

  8. Imo it doesn’t matter how small a woman is. You can’t judge a book by its cover. A tiny person can also be violent. My brother is bigger than me but I could easily scare/beat him up when he bullies me (back in the days when we were still kids haha). Either way I feel bad for the daughter and how her parents have to act like this…they should handle things adult like and lead a good example to their daughter. Bad mouthing each other isn’t the way to go…

  9. What ever Crystal,
    blah blah, a married woman and a billionair executive meet alone in a HOTEL just ONLY for discuss filming projects. Yah, yah, there no other places to meet, just got to the be hotel!

    1. Discussing in a hotel is quite normal but at 10 PM to 2 PM is definitely not.

    2. Hopefully the next discussion won’t be in some public mall toilet 😛

      1. Hahaha.. Too funny! Mall toilets should have a sign displaying ‘Gathering is prohibited’ from now on..

  10. i am not surprise that if crystal actually domestic abuse her husband..

  11. there’s a lot of blame and finger-pointing in this fiasco. i think they both share some responsibility in making things the way they are now.

    somehow i don’t believe crystal’s personality is as pure and clean as her image is, considering most celebrities aren’t. so i give her husband a benefit of the doubt too.

    if neither side decides to let this go without a fight, then we’ll really know who’s lying.

  12. Do anyone know how long they had dated before they get married and how old is her husband ?

  13. She ought to take a long break from marriage and divorce. This will be her 2nd one within 3 years.

  14. Both have the mental acuity of children imho… airing out their private affairs like this? Seriously… it reminds me of two kids throwing tantrums at a park after having a disagreement.
    Someone needs to scold both of them and have them sit in the corner and reflect on their behaviour.

    1. Things have already cascaded down to this, it’s not easy to withdraw now.. Whoever does so would seem like the liar who is not prepared to ‘bare all’..

      They should not have started this in the first place.. Just childish and a total lose-lose situation..

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