Crystal Huang’s Failed Marriages Caused Her to Lose Her Career

Chinese actress Crystal Huang Yi (黄奕) was the industry’s new rising star after starring in 2003’s My Fair Princess III <还珠格格三之天上人间>, and at the peak of her popularity in 2009, she married businessman Kai Jiang (姜凯), after only knowing each other for 41 days. The marriage didn’t last a year.

In 2012, Crystal admitted to her relationship with businessman Andy Huang (黄毅清), and in the following year, the couple tied the knot. Crystal also gave birth to their daughter in the United States. Unfortunately, that marriage didn’t last either—it was a messy split and a media circus, with both parties spreading cheating and domestic abuse claims, lies, and negative gossip about each other all over the Internet.

Crystal’s acting career suffered a result. She opened up about her feelings in regard to the divorce during her speech for I Am a Speaker <我是演说家>: “There was just so much negative news all over, and it made extremely scared. I feared for my future. My jobs abruptly stopped. Advertising companies frantically contacted me for compensation.”

She felt hopeless. Her only security was to stay in hiding and avoid the outside world. She did not leave her home, stopped checking her phone, and did not go online. She even stopped contact with friends. “I had insomnia every night. I cut all my hair. I don’t know how long that time lasted.”

It was her 70-year-old father who inspired her to pick herself back up again. “He told me, Huang Yi. Do you want to ruin yourself a lifetime? I knew I couldn’t  give up then. I have a 70-year-old father and a young daughter. I was not qualified to give up. I want to create a better future for the people who I love, who love me, and myself. Everything will start from zero.”

It was at that moment when Crystal started her entrepreneurship, with some acting work on the side. Unfortunately, her first business was a failure, and she lost a lot of money. Defeated and embarrassed, Crystal considered quitting again until she met the country boy “Lele,” who despite having lost both of his legs and his parents (his mother left the family, his father passed away), he still lived on with happiness with both of his grandparents. Crystal found encouragement in Lele.

In 2014, Crystal started a postpartum clinic which became a success, pushing Crystal to open a second clinic. She has also invested in a cake baking business.

“Going on the wrong bridal sedan chair was fate’s arrangement, but insisting on walking the right road was my decision.”


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  1. More of the fact that the first marriage made she look like a gold digger, and the second marriage made it look like she’s cheated. All in all, it seems she can’t figure out her personal life, and it just so ugly all over the news that her credibility went right down the drain, no one want to be her fans, and that’s why she lost her fame.

    1. @littlefish She could have been rich herself if she continue to work hard and get more famous. There are also faults in all those business men too, they use their money and power to marry anybody they want and leave them whenever they like because they can. And they don’t get blame because they’re the ones with money, whoever marries them are gold digger no matter what.
      The idol concept thing was not a big thing until a few years ago, and everybody did not have internet even in 2000-2008. If she were to be a recent idol, her fans would’ve definitely back her up no matter what type of mistakes she made. But unfortunately her fame was early in the past, if people publish bad news article about you and there are lots of bad words of mouth about you then you’re done. Glad to hear of her faith and success today.

      1. @davy I’m not saying those business men ain’t at fault, however, if people lay a trap and you walk into it thinking you will get rich, not once but twice, it’s her fault as well? And yes, if she was today idol, the fans would back her up

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