Crystal Huang and Huo Siyan’s Blog War Goes to Court

Rumored love rivals, Crystal Huang (黃奕) and Huo Siyan’s (霍思燕) public spat last October has arrived in court! It was rumored that Huo Siyan was the third party in Crystal Huang and ex-husband, Jiang Kai’s (姜凱) marriage, leading to the pair’s eventual divorce. Siyan posted three insulting messages regarding a “spitfire celebrity wife,” and a “fat, oily husband” which was widely known in targeting Crystal. When Siyan refused to apologize for the defamatory remarks, Crystal decided to sue her in court!

Crystal said that Siyan maintained the posture of a victim in her interviews, despite her inflammatory posts on Weibo. Siyan’s remarks had a direct impact on Crystal’s reputation. On October 25th, Crystal’s lawyer issued a letter requesting Siyan to remove her defamatory Weibo posts. Claiming that she never received the lawyer’s letter, Siyan retained the offensive posts online.

In the litigation, it was understood that Crystal sued to have Siyan remove the three defamatory Weibo posts, apologize publicly on Weibo, as well as pay for Crystal’s litigation fees.

Crystal and Siyan’s court hearing will encompass sensitive testimonies involving their private  affairs. Thus, the two mainland actresses elected to not have a public hearing.

Sources: Ming Pao,

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Jayne: Crystal has given Siyan enough time to remove the defamatory blog posts. They must be bitter rivals for them to be unable to settle this outside of court.

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  1. How immature of Siyan! Regardless on the truth of it – just step down and be the bigger person.


  2. I don’t get it. So HSY is the 3rd party. But why did she call Crystal’s ex fat and oily?

  3. Dont know huo si yan, but when look through all of her pictures online i could not pin point her face, every picture look so different, either she has work done in different times but her look really diff.

    1. totally agree! i just google her and she look different in every pic

      1. Yea, she does look different in every photo. I almost did not recognize her. If she is mocking HY, then maybe it is true that she is the third party…

  4. Who are Crystal Huang and Huo Siyan, are they mainland actresses or Taiwan actresses?

    Good to have coverage of other news though.

    1. Canto,
      They are both mainland actresses, as mentioned in the article. Huo Siyan starred in movie, “The Last Supper” with Daniel Wu.

    2. They are both from mainland China and Crystal(also was known as Betty in the past) got known after the role of Yu ShuLian in the TV series version of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon with Qiu Xin Zhi, Shui Ling and Peter Ho. She has become one of my most favorite actresses since then and has been in movies lately rather than series.

      If this is true that SiYan is the third party, she is a bad woman!! it is also so immature of her to say those things to Huang Yi. I only saw Siyan in Mei Gui Jiang Hu and thought her acting was ok, but just realized that she is the same person that is having a battle with HY so I started to dislike her…

  5. Poor Crystal 🙁 Siyan is so immature

  6. I am familiar with Siyan, is Crystal famous in mainland too? What series is she in?

    1. Crystal (or Huang Yi) was in Wind and Cloud 2 (the one with Vincent Zhao and Peter Ho) and HZGG 3. Huang Yi has 2 million+ followers on Weibo, while Huo Siyan only has 1 million+. I guess Huang Yi is more famous?

      1. Crystal should definately be more famous than Siyan. I am shocked that you don’t know Crystal. One of her first and most famous roles was Yu ShuLian(the role that Michelle Yeoh played in the movie version)in the TV series version of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. She did a great job in that role and it was one of her first. She is mostly in movies now and does not really make series anymore.

  7. Huang Yi was in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon TV version. Never knew she married AND divorced. Jayne of course they’re bitter rivals. One woman just seduced her husband away and then insulted her online and refused to delete and apologise. I am glad she sued. But will she win? Is this suit in China? I wonder what is CHina’s stand in defamation.

    1. I heard that she did but just did not know who she married.

  8. I thought Huang Yi’s english name is Betty? When did she changed it to Crystal?

    1. Goddessofkrw,
      Huang Yi is known as Betty and Crystal. I believe Crystal might be the English name that she prefers recently.

      1. Yea, you know how often they tend to change their English names since it is unofficial. She used to be known but then changed it to Crystal and uses it more now…

  9. We always get to know celebrity’s marriage after they divorced, how sad. HY’s exhusband looks cute, btw.
    If Huo Siyan really the third party then why did she called HY’s ex with such bad prashes?

    1. where did you see her ex husband’s photo? I am really curious about how he looks and tried to google his photo but could not find it. Do you mind sharing the link to his picture?

  10. wow, I’m surprised that not alot of readers recognize Crystal, since she’s a pretty famous mainland actress.

    1. Probably cuz our Mandarin sucks so we only know hk stars. I wouldn’t bother watching a non-hk series unless it’s dubbed in Cantonese.

    2. Both of them are beautiful. Yeah, they are really popular by their twitter followers.

      Which is Crystal and Huo Siyan, on the left or right photos?

      1. You mean their plastic surgery? And don’t forget their botox or collagen lips…Korean, Taiwanese, and Mainland actresses are bunches of plastic dolls…I’m scared of watching them when they talk…Their botox lip can barely move…

      2. I don’t know about Huo SiYan but I don’t think Crystal has had any major plastic surgery procedures done since I have seen her childhood photos and she looks the same. Botox and all, I am not sure but major plastic surgery procedures, then I am almost sure that did not have any. If she did, then she would not look the way that she does now…

    3. I am also surprised that many do not know or recognize Crystal. I guess if you don’t follow mainland actresses or watch their series back then or their current movies then you will not know Huang Yi.

  11. lol… Weibo strikes again. In North America it’s called Twitter, which I think is apt given the number of “Twits” that use it 😛 Seems the same applied for China.

    Nobody gains anything by making such personal things public. I hope the slander lawsuit is successful.

      1. Thanks for sharing the photos. I am glad that HY goes for more than looks. But feel sad that her marriage did not last….

  12. always found Huo Si Yan annoying, mediocre in acting, and plain faced, dont know why they give her so many good roles in major mainland productions (The Last Princess, Rose Martial Arts)Must of slept her way up and now ended up in last Supper too.

    1. Don’t we all question why people are as popular as they are??

  13. The picture above does not look like HSY at all….

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