Danson Tang Admits to Being Father of Two

After publicly proposing to his girlfriend Becky Su (蘇小軒) during Chinese reality singing show Call Me by Fire 3 <披荆斩棘的哥哥 3> in 2023, Danson Tang (唐禹哲) was revealed to be already a father. He has a 2-year-old son with Becky and also an 11-year-old son with his former girlfriend.

Recently, Danson was spotted with Becky and a mysterious toddler boy. Speculated to be Danson and Becky’s son, Danson later posted on his social media to acknowledge his growing family. Valuing privacy for his family, Danson wrote, “Other than myself, I don’t want any of my family to come under scrutiny because of me or publicly speak about my family. There are a lot of things I choose not to respond to, as I want to give my family space and protection. However, this approach can be a double-edged sword. No matter what, I only hope those around me are happy and live well. If you all would like to see in the future, I will share it with everyone. I hope for everyone’s blessing.”

Becky also posted on her social media, acknowledging the couple’s son. Posting a photo with her son against a colorful backdrop, the 29-year-old model wrote, “I wanted to find a good time to share this news with everyone. The little love of my life.”

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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.


  1. Baby daddy to 2 different women is where the max is hahah
    Once you get to 3, you are honestly gonna be like this guy is just the Nick Canon of Asia
    Note to all baby daddies with like 4 different baby mommas, you do not actually have impregnate every woman you date. I know it is a shocker but it is border lining irresponsible because yo are gonna give 12.5% of your attention to every 1 out of 4 babies? This is me assuming you keep 50% of your time for yourself to eat and work and then you split your remaining 50% of time amongst 4 babies

  2. Wow, he has a girlfriend??!!, that is not true. He does not like girls, that can’t be!!!!. Sarcasm, hehe hehe.
    I told some delulus that he has kids and a girlfriend and they said he is gay. He played a gay character in Iswak and they confused that character with his real life preference. There are those who still believe Joe and Ariel had and still have a relationship or marriage. They had neither. For Joe to date Ariel, that would be a miracle, and believe you me when I tell you a miracle.
    I wish Danson well with his upcoming wedding. I send positive thoughts and health to him and his little family. Congrats to him .

  3. Why is it that we always target black men when it pertains to fathering children with different women? Asian celebrities have children with different women too.
    White Hollywood actors also have different children with different women too.

  4. Speaking of Taiwan, congrats should go out to an older younger couple who got married. They remind me so much of Jam Hsiao .and Summer Lin, in so many ways. She is much older than young hubby, and has the same job role in his life like Summer has in Jam’s.
    These Taiwanese really know how to keep things private.

    1. I had the same though when I saw this article…I noticed TW media does not expose top celebs much. I did not even know about his first child. Unless the industry dont like you, your bad Press will fill the headlines. I remember Joe had a drunk driving news during a CNY period but the news was up for a day or two then silenced. But if you are disliked by industry like Roy Chiu for his womanising ways with afew popular TW celebs, the TW media was not kind to him. Thus he left and went to China.
      Of course he made the same mistake in China and had to return to TW.

  5. ah-ya, good thing i didn’t fantasize him for too long. He’s almost 40, it’s normal for men to have a family by that age. Not just celebs, ordinary men have children w/different women too. By ordinary, i mean men w/ $$

    1. It would be ideal to ha e all children with the same partner, but there times when circumstances happen in people’s lives.
      Yes it happens with your everyday working class guy too, I definitely agree with that. Yes, it is quite common in Asia to have a family, or looking to start one at Dawson’s age. How is @m0m0 doing?

      1. doing just fine compared to the stories of people you read on this site. LOL