Ending Spoilers for “Another Era”

Roger Kwok (郭晉安), Tavia Yeung (楊怡), and Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) were at an event to promote their new drama, Another Era <再創世紀>. Since the ending has already been aired in Mainland China, spoilers have been afloat and the characters’ endings are of no surprise.

Portraying the antagonist, Benjamin’s character ultimately dies. When asked whether he is worried about the ratings being affected, Benjamin said, “I’m not worried. Right now, the levels of transparency are very high. Instead, viewers can enjoy the drama with a different perspective. I read one netizen post that because I angered the screenwriter, my character had to die.” Did he actually anger the screenwriter? “Of course not! I’m actually very grateful for him. I don’t want to keep portraying the proper good guy. I want to have antagonistic roles. Even if I need to gain weight to portray a fat guy, I will do it. As an actor, I want to have more challenging roles.”

As the main character, Roger’s character is also met with a tragic ending, where he suffers from a stroke. In regards to viewers pointing out that the stock trading portrayed in the drama was inaccurate, Roger said, “I’m unfamiliar with such complicated things. I just follow the script. I didn’t make up anything to add in. I’m thankful that viewers are paying such close attention while watching the drama though. I don’t mind mixed messages and reception. More opinions and debate are a good thing.”

To lighten the mood, Roger shared a comical moment with his costar, Tavia. “I almost got knocked out silly by Tavia though. One time, she picked up what she thought was a prop stick and wanted to bonk my head with it. But it was actually a real piece of wooden stick! Anything that she gets her hand on is considered dangerous!”

Tavia laughed and recalled a time when she almost accidentally stabbed veteran actor Chun Wong (秦煌) while they were on set to film Face to Fate <布衣神相>. Bored while waiting around to film her scenes, she randomly picked up a real sword and started stabbing a pile of stuffed hemp bags. A while later, she noticed that there was a large belly sticking out from among the pile of bags and realized it was Chun Wong sleeping. He was wearing hemp clothing and blended in with the bags.

Sources: On.cc [1,2]

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This drama has the potential, but too bad TVB didn’t want to take the efforts to slowly develop the story and characters like Mainland series do.

    Since this series is a collaboration with Mainland, why can’t TVB produced up to 40-50 episodes? After all, they should have the budget to produce a longer series with the collaboration production.

    Besides, i think the censored version also somehow affect the flow of the original story. For example, when i watched the iQiyi version, the scene where Benjamin broke up with Niki for the first time was deleted, so i was blur when it was told in later episode that they have broken up because i’ve not watch that scene until i happened to watch it when my family was watching the TVB original version.

    1. @diana80 Uhm, I don’t want TVB to follow mainland route of slowly develop the characters! Cdrama has way too much drags, that kid me not, but I would avoid modern cdrama like a plague!

      If you say more characters development, sure, but do it quick, nice and precise, instead of this drags with many unnecessary side characters that just waste the screen time and forcing people to use the FF button

    2. @diana80 Sometime it is quality over quantity. I would rather a shorter series that is well paced than a longer series with a lot of filler material.

      The story has potential but there are too many side characters. Roger and Tavia are the most interesting characters in the series with a lot of potential for backstory. I wish the script had put more thought into developing the deterioration of their relationship rather than rushing it to all of a sudden turn of mistrust to end the drama. And even if they mentioned more of how they suffered as the underlings of the rich and elite and their rags to riches story would be great as well. I thought the ending was quite strange and rushed.

      And Leo (Roger) didn’t have a stroke.

      Pakho’s character is very annoying.

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