Cindy Au Reveals She Has Started Using Dating Apps

Revealing their separation in May, Cindy Au (歐倩怡) and Roger Kwok’s (郭晉安) announcement that they ended their 18 years of marriage shocked many in showbiz, as they had all along been known as a model couple. Appearing on Harriet Yeung (楊詩敏) and Shiga Lin’s (連詩雅) YouTube talkshow, Cindy shared her latest updates and even revealed that she has started experimenting with a dating app!

Open Attitude to New Relationships

Praised by hosts Harriet and Shiga for being a master of time management, Cindy recalled her toughest period of parenting, when her eldest son was in primary school while her youngest daughter was still in kindergarten. “I had to run back and forth between Kowloon and Sai Kung 8 times a day to fetch them to and from different schools, it was a challenge,” Despite being a housewife for many years, Cindy did not allow herself to fall behind society’s footsteps, and upskilled by obtaining several professional certifications.

The 44-year-old, who looks remarkably youthful for her age says she remains open to developments on the romantic horizon. Tellingly, she told the hosts, “It’s no issue, some people meet their true love only in the seventies or eighties, I think that’s how it is in our generation, you can’t stop how fate works whether it’s the end or start of a relationship, separations and reunions, sickness, ageing and death are all part and parcel of life,”

While Hariett and Shiga avoided raw nerves by sidestepping the word “divorce”, Cindy revealed that she had started using a social networking app, and even shared her two cents’ worth that she had learnt to keep her profile writeup simple, as she felt that some prospective male partners are put off by women who are too academically accomplished or have too many qualifications. Sharing her observation that “Women who enjoy exercise also seem to be popular”, Cindy added that she jumped on the dating app bandwagon with the intent of experimenting and discovering more about social networking.

Keen to “Broaden Her Horizons”

Having been in showbiz since she was 16, and leaving many aspects of her job to her manager to handle, her recent new job at a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic made Cindy realize that she was rather out of touch with the ways of the world. “I also want to learn about this world and how it is like in other industries,”

Recalling her health scare and brush with death in December 2019, Cindy shared that she had a high fever but could not find out what was wrong despite 3 doctor visits. Suffering a sudden bout of breathlessness in the middle of the night, she felt a debilitating sense of helplessness and even suffered incontinence, thinking she might die in that very moment.

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    1. Good for her. She seems to have a fun outlook right now — although I don’t think “dumbing” yourself down because you’re worried your intellect and credentials will put off men is a good idea. Just be yourself.

      1. ^ My previous comment was meant as a standalone, not a reply.

        But I do wanna reply that your comment is disgusting and misogynistic. It’s 2024 and we still get comments like these. You must be proud.

      2. i don’t find my comments is disgusting…

        If you keep your this private, i will have no comments…
        But if you tell everyone in public, that you sure accept the comments from peoples…

  1. I actually find her very refreshing. Not your typical housewife or actress but a life learner. To be frank, Roger probably needed someone more traditional and meek and this girl just was not it or she grew out of it. And I love Roger as an actor but his career took a while to take off and after it did, he was working non stop. His wife stayed at home juggling the kids solo on top all her professional certifications and exercise, so she was no less busy than him. Her making comments how the entire’s family diet can be healthier was honestly constructive feedback, but like she said, people living with her were not fans. She did not name names, but who else would live with her besides her hubby? Then hubby that is

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