Roger Kwok and Cindy Au Announce Divorce

Married in 2006, Roger Kwok (郭晉安) and Cindy Au (歐倩怡) have always been touted as a sweet and loving couple. During their 18-year marriage, Roger focused on his career and was the primary breadwinner for the family while Cindy slowed down her work output to focus on raising the couple’s two children. Dating since 1999, the couple did not let their 15-year age gap come in between them. After nearly two decades together and raising two children, it came as a shock when they announced they have been separated for the past two years and have made the heartbreaking decision to divorce.

After tying the knot, Roger laser focused on his career and rarely had any rumors. On the other hand, Cindy focused on child rearing and later returned to college to obtain her degree in nutrition. With both equally busy, Roger once confessed they faced a marital crisis due to the incessant arguments and eventual “cold war” for nearly half a year. Deciding to work on their marriage, they decided to make time to spend together at least once a week. Although this helped salvage their marriage at the time, core issues remained unresolved, ultimately leading to their divorce.

On both their social media announcements, Roger and Cindy shared similar sentiments and wrote: “I am thankful to have walked a beautiful journey of many years with you. Two years ago, we started living separately. Deciding to divorce was not an easy decision and took a lot of thought and communication for the both of us. This decision was difficult but could not be avoided. I am thankful that we have both sacrificed for this relationship and have worked hard for this family. Here, we wish each other the biggest happiness.”

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Roger Kwok and Cindy Au Led Separate Lives Before Divorce

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