Episodic Thoughts: “Triumph in the Skies 2” Episode 4

Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>
TVB Series 2013

Cast: Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Elena Kong, Him Law, Nancy Wu, Rebecca Zhu, Eliza Sam, and Kelly Fu.

Disclaimer: This is a watch as I write episodic thoughts and some information may not be accurate since this is memory based. Certain dialogue is reproduced with some creative license adopted. I apologize if there is any mistake. All opinion remains my own.


“Right… I think the holiday has ended. I know, I know, Zoe, it is time to go back to work”

This episode, the previously not so festive feeling Holiday is feeling a bit more festive in this episode and the hilarity continues with Isaac and Jayden. By far a far better episode than previous ones and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Before I begin, I must reproduce a conversation I had with a fellow viewer who said; “Kenneth Ma should really learn acting from Francis Ng. All Kenneth could do is pout with that pouty lips of his. Look at Francis…”

To be fair to Kenneth, he did far better in this series than that other disastrous one called Silver Something Shackled Sucks. But yes, Francis is supreme isn’t he. Just go and rewatch TITS 1 and I bet his approach to Samuel Tong is the same. He remembers his interpretation and it is perfectly consistent in here, as if very little time passed between TITS 1 and TITS 2. Francis, I salute you!

Oh and some good news. You get double dose of Myolie, as in Myo as Zoe and Myo and that new girl. So the wait is over.


Jayden Koo is entertaining and basking in his little fanclub of air stewardess, each demanding to have some time with him and in the end each agreed on the time management and Jayden smiles happily and smugly whilst Isaac wonders what’s the deal with these girls.

In the flight from HK to London, Jayden waltzed in and asked casually “Do you know why the flight from HK to London is my favourite?” and everyone went errrr and Isaac knew the answer and said “Because you can rewind back the clock to 8 hours before” and Jayden agreed and said “That way I can go to all my dates”.

That man lives by women and dies by women.

Anyway Roy casually said “I heard there’s a new lady engineer reporting back from training in Hainan (I think I heard Hainan, I stand to be corrected)” and Jayden suddenly stood up and said he will check with ground crew on status of the plane. Everyone wondered aloud “He never checked with ground crew, why now?” and they all knew it was because of a female engineer. Jayden walked under the plane and saw the back of a long haired engineer looking ground crew and walked towards that individual and with every bit of gentleness he could muster he enquired politely “You’re back?” and a man looked back at him and said “What am I back about?” and Jayden looked shocked. The guys in the plane were still wondering what’s with the female ground crew when Jayden walked in, sulkily slammed the cockpit door (I know it is heavy and all but he did slammed the door) and said “If I hear one more word about female engineer, I will eject that person from this cockpit” and everyone shut up as Jayden took the helm sulkily.


I wonder what happened? But it was funny seeing Jayden’s reaction and his moodiness.


Obligatory 15 minutes of Fala Chen but luckily there’s more here than just her.

Cut the long story short, Holly wanted to borrow 100 pounds to bet on Arsenal winning and Sam refused to lend her the money and when she thought Arsenal won, she sulked, big time. Before that she wrote emails to Daniel wondering where he was and wondered why he loved the sky so much and vowing she will go to the sky and find the answer.

Holly is giving me the airhead vibe, more so when next morning Sam wanted to make a cake (or souffle? Looks like souffle that he has been trying to make for 3 episodes), he walked away and she immediately went and childishly added all sorts of ingredients. Later Sam tried the souffle or cake or whatever and he immediately rushed to Holly, begging her to help him.

Turns out Holly did something that made the souffle the taste that Sam wanted. Holly tried to retrace what she put in and after many attempts, Sam tried it and suddenly, he quietly walked towards the window as Holly stared at him and Sam near tears remembered the past;

Zoe was not feeling well, she couldn’t eat much and Sam rushed out and bought her a similar souffle/cake and Zoe tried it and loved it. Much later, Zoe was much weaker and she quietly told him “Isn’t it about time you go back to work? The holiday is over Sam” but Sam gently said “It is still holiday. I will go back to work when I find that taste we had, that souffle we had” and presumably Zoe later died and he spent the years looking for that taste as we see him at present and he loudly said “Right… I think the holiday has ended. I know, I know, Zoe, it is time to go back to work” and Holly just stared at him as Sam made the decision to return back to his old life.


This is where Francis Ng is god when it comes to acting. This simple scene, him nearly in tears as he stared at the window, then the flashback of the perpetually perky Zoe and how she became weaker and weaker, quite nearly brought tears to my eyes. At that moment, Sam was the loneliest man in the world, holding onto that souffle and his link to Zoe and the fact that at some point he must continue to live even if his beloved wife have died. Even Zoe tried to tell him to live on. Fantastic scene.


So Sam ditching the hobo look and adopted the hair swept up look like the Sam we all know all ready and packed, said good bye to little Zoe, Manna said good bye to him, he thanked her and said if she is ever in HK, to be sure to visit him and when he left, a paper plane flew by him and it was Holly saying good bye happily and Sam advising her not to hurt Manna again and to live an honest life and find direction in her life and cryptically Holly cheerfully said “Maybe one day I shall see you in the skies again” and Sam said “And I will be your driver! Good bye Holly, be good to Manna!” and Holly waved cheerfully.

And I guess he will be her tutor later on.

Anyway Sam goes back to HK by… guess! Guess!! Yes, Skylette!! He walked in and quite realistically is in Economy class as the air stewardess says “The prime suspect is on board”. As he sat down by the window, Coco greeted him cheerfully and then it was Isaac greeting Sam and said “I will be flying the plane brother!” and Sam smiled sheepishly when Angela Tong in an unnamed cameo appearance, took the seat next to Sam, took one look at Isaac and immediately said “You’re the pilot on this flight? Oh no, I can see dark clouds on your forehead! Bad sign!! You will be the end of me in this flight!!” and Isaac was like “Madam, I can assure you I will drive this plane safely and without incident” and Angela was like “We shall see!!” and Sam was like what the hell just happened and then Angela said “I can see bloodshed thanks to your brother the pilot” and Sam hilariously said “He will be donating blood in 2 weeks, could that be it?” That was truly funny!

Mid flight, some wind shear and plane shook a little, to the pilots it was nothing but Angela panicked, grabbed Sam and began chanting with her crystals and all and Sam was like what the hell and then she said a lot of things about the capabilities of Isaac and Sam said “Well he is my brother..” and she gave him this look like “Oh I am so sorry you have such a brother”.

Seriously really funny scene, especially Sam’s expression. Anyway suddenly Angela stood up and cried for the air stewardess and Coco rushed to her and she said “I think there is a mistake about my seat” and Coco asked to check her flight ticket but Angela said “No no, I mean you try sitting!!” and Coco sat there with Sam looking bewildered and she asked Coco “Can you feel someone or something sitting beneath you?” and Coco spooked stood up and said “I will change your seats” and Angela before she left put a crystal on that seat and chanted and left. Sam was like again the bewildered look.

Not only him, but me too! I was like what the hell just happened!!

Anyway the flight was normal, great and Roy teased “Ahhh Isaac is practically very calm today, he has to since there is a special guest he needs to impress” and Jayden was like who and they said “His brother, Sam Tong” and Jayden says “The Samuel Tong?” and they said yes and suddenly Jayden didn’t look too please and his sudden seriousness shut everyone up.

Landing time. All was ok, Isaac doing well until the tower said to land faster at a certain style or whatever and suddenly Isaac panicked big time as Jayden agreed to the tower’s request and said to Isaac “Looks like we will be 5 minutes earlier”. Isaac was worried and Roy and I think Tucker both worried for him and Isaac said “Can you two just stop doing that?” and he said to Jayden “Protocol check?”

Pause. Can’t remember what was the word used, basically cross checking as per the manual.


And Jayden said “Please” and Isaac said “Please”


You gotta hand it to Jayden and his bitchiness! Isaac didn’t say please and he casually reminded him to say please. 1000 points to Jayden!!


Anyway checked everything, Isaac doubting himself and all that, Jayden didn’t bat an eyelid. Then landing and guess what? Practically the entire plane dropped on the belly sort of landing which is as we all know, is terrible.

The passengers were mumbling “Who’s the captain? Such a bad landing!” and Coco looked at Sam who looked like he will have to scream at Isaac for a job bad done and in the cockpit, everyone looked worried with Isaac looking like he just screwed up and Jayden… I laughed so hard when I saw his look. His what do you call that thing he wears on his ears? The speaker? The stereo speaker thing? Anyway it was almost sideways/skewed and he had this bug eyed look at he looked at Isaac like he couldn’t believe what happened.

In the plane, Angela walked to Sam and Sam sheepishly said “I apologise on behalf of my brother” and Angela said “Don’t bother. I already knew this” and she was about to leave when Sam reminded her about the crystal on the chair and she said “You keep it. With him as your family, you will need it” and she chanted on the crystal and walked away as Sam coughed when Angela blew in his face.

In the cockpit, Jayden being his sarcastic self was about to leave as he said “I have to say…. that was.. a .. “perfect” landing”

Oh Jayden, you can be such a bastard sometimes!

Roy says to Jayden “You don’t need to write about the hard landing do you?” and Isaac gloomily said “No, just write it as it is” and Jayden signed off on the report when words has it Adrian the CEO or manager or some top rank wanted to see Jayden and Isaac and immediately the guys were like “Adrian knew? So fast?”

In the offices Isaac walked along gloomily as Jayden was his usual cocky self wearing his rayban, they walked in expected some lecture when they heard laughter and it was Tony, Adrian and Sam!! Adrian smiled and said “Ahhhh come on in! I am happy to announce Samuel Tong will be joining Skylette as captain! You will never know the competition I had to beat off to get Sam! Welcome Sam! Now you and your brother can both fly on the same plane!” and Sam said “Thank you for the warm welcome, I look forward to working here” and Adrian says “Sam, not that I am blowing my own trumpet but Skylette has many new and experienced pilots. Here is Jayden Koo, our own rising star!” and Jayden didn’t look too happy at this news shook Sam’s hands. Jayden smiled charmingly as he without taking his sunglasses off “I heard so much about you when I was just a young boy” and Sam smiled sheepishly.

Ouch! Sam is old we know, but Jayden just reminded him!

In fact Jayden looked sorta murderous. You see… because Sam was the first Chinese Captain and now with him back, Jayden may not be the star of Skylette anymore and for someone who basks in limelight and attention, no wonder Jayden isn’t too happy.

At the pub, Tony, Roy and Isaac welcomes Sam and the next few minutes will be this episode’s weirdest. Sam was commenting on Isaac’s landing and the hand gesture he used like a bobbing plane up and down hitting on the table like his hard landing was very funny to watch as Isaac looked sheepish and Roy said “You can’t blame him Brother Sam. He was nervous in your presence” and Sam gave Isaac a earful as he said “If by my presence made you nervous, then you’re not ready” and Roy said “But you should see how he had to land minutes faster, he was just nervous about that, he was just fine during the wind shear” and Isaac said “I wasn’t confident about the shorter window to do the landing and Captain Koo just agreed to the suggestion so I had no choice” and Sam said “Isaac, if you can’t do it, then tell the captain you can’t do it. I’d rather you fly 2 more rounds before a landing rather than the hard landing” and Isaac nodded and I do agree with Sam when Jayden appeared, hugging Isaac like buddy-buddy and said “Actually it wasn’t his fault, it wasn’t my fault, it was YOUR (Sam) fault” and Sam was like “My fault? How is it my fault?” and Jayden said “Because he was too intimidated by your presence, the great Sam Tong”

Very weird exchange as Jayden went on to sorta defend Isaac whilst shooting daggers at Sam and Sam sounds like he was over critical of his own brother when he was trying to teach Isaac a few tips about decision making as a pilot and the art of flying and Isaac being very quiet, like being used as a tool by Jayden and Sam as they exchanged a rather polite friendly barb against one another. Obviously Jayden was having a hissy fit against Sam but poor Isaac, being reminded again and again how inadequate he is against his own brother or even Jayden as Sam said “You learn from your captain Isaac. You’re lucky to be under Jayden Koo and to be my brother, you can learn from us both” and Jayden was like “Oh no, I don’t think there is anything I can teach him”

Anyway the entire exchange was just plain weird.

Back at home, Isaac and Coco stood silently as Sam threw out the old food, expired food and unhealthy food from the refrigerator and gave an ultimatum; “You want this microwaveable food or me?” and of course they want Sam and Sam threw those food away and with that Sam is now back into their lives.

That night suddenly there was no electricity as fuse burnt and Coco panicked and begged Isaac to fix it but Isaac refused and Coco told Isaac about the weird lady with the crystals (Angela Tong) and that invincible something she felt when sitting next to Sam and Coco said “Did you remember that story about that old male passenger who was chatting with no one next to him in one flight?” and Isaac said “Of course, everyone knows that story, he was busy chatting to that empty seat next to him and ” and Coco said “AND later we are told the flight was carrying his deceased wife in the coffin, remember?” and Isaac said “So?” and Coco said “Sam was carrying Zoe remember?!” and she ran back to her room as Isaac was sorta spooked by that.

True! Not that he was taking Zoe back in a coffin but Angela didn’t know Sam’s wife died so when she felt a presence, Coco deduced it was Zoe. Isaac was certainly spooked.

Next morning at the airport restaurant, Roy asked if Isaac was ok and Isaac looked tired and said “Coco disturbed me with her ridiculous…” and he looked out the huge window into the window of the cockpit and inside he saw .. ZOE!!!! He eyes turned big and he looked again and Zoe was gone. Isaac was certainly spooked.

Anyway next we see a report by an engineer (ground crew) that a plane was purportedly hit by lightning and they had to check and in the end one guy asked for “Boss” and the radio was passed around looking for Boss and it finally reached a Zoe lookalike in all business tone said “This is Boss”.

Next episode. Will Isaac run crying for mama when he sees Zoe? How will Sam react?

Great episode. I was touched by Sam’s story with Zoe and I was tickled funny by Angela’s cameo, their exchange and of course Jayden’s antics and Isaac’s flop landing. The dialogue between the guys are funny, sassy and witty and very well written, especially the difference in approach between Sam and Jayden in certain situations. Not as funny as last night but the whole “Isaac donates blood regularly-he will be donating in 2 weeks” was darn funny! As for Jayden bitchiness, I look forward to tension with Sam.

Character wise, I am loving the old ones but I am growing fond of Isaac.

Performance wise, Francis Ng proves why without him, TITS 2 will not work. He is consistent. He is Sam, and he is the Sam in TITS 1 and in between at least 8 years has passed and still he could still channel Sam Tong, the tone, the looks, the mannerism, the behaviour. This is why he is a superb acting and my companion is right; Ron, Kenneth and the rest can learn from Francis when it comes to consistency. And his English ain’t bad.

Chilam is the breakout star of this series thus far. Whilst he may not be Cool Mort, I can see a little of Cool Mort in this Jayden. So far fantastic performance. I dread how Holly will change him. Please don’t! I am looking forward to more jealousy from Chilam’s Jayden. His Jayden is very very smug guy. And his sarcasm is just on point.

Ron Ng deserves some love. He is incompetent as a pilot, no doubt but so far not one news on him as Isaac when in 4 episodes, his Isaac is a very prominent character. His acting is usual, he can be deadpan and playful, he is not so wooden anymore and his Isaac is supposed to be the comic relief I suppose. Acting is not fantastic but I don’t think Ron deserves the non-promotion afforded to him in this series. Practically no news.

Kenneth is earnest as Roy but his English sucks.

Nancy Wu is believable as Coco the air stewardess and I a wondering will there be romance between her and Isaac which is sorta hinted a few times already in this series. Anyway nothing much to say of Nancy except she did well.

As for Fala, I still feel she is a miscast as someone without direction, someone sorta devious but isn’t a bad person. Fala never gives me the impression of someone that way. And for Holly to work she must be someone innately likable but Holly isn’t. I feel the problem is the casting. Fala would have been better cast perhaps as a specially written top executive of Skylette running the company rather than someone who has zero ambition and direction which will suit a more younger “airhead” sort of actress. Someone better at being playful than being dead serious pretending to be playful.

I wish there is a preview of Episode 5. Right now I am like “flying blind” as to what next episode is but I do think the next 1 or 2 episodes will be the various shocked reaction to reappearance of “Zoe”.

I must say though, at episode 4, this is turning to be a better series than I had anticipated and after some very unmemorable series since Reality Check, I welcome a series that gives me witty funny lines even if I had to sit through the cliche love relationships.

Like how Holly will romance Jayden before knowing Sam is the one for her and in the end probably ended up with neither.


This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at http://p2e-tits2.blogspot.com/. 



  1. Yay finally Myolie appeared. Looking forward to episode 5.

  2. to be honest i kind of enjoy truimoh in the skies a bit more may be because it showed how sam and zoe went from not know each other to being friends , boy friend and girl friends and finally married i wished that triumph in the skies 2 showed how sam and zoe actually lived until the day she died

  3. The scene where Francis tasted the souffle coupled with the flashback is hands down the best scene of the day! Who knew that such a simple scene would make me (and many others) tear up? Brilliant acting by Francis. His English still sucks though.

    Funn, you mentioned that you are looking forward to more jealousy from Jayden but dread how Holly will change that. I think Francis and Holly’s romance is going to trigger more of that jealous vibe out of Jayden, instead of changing it. Also, Coco will have a romance with Issac? for real? isn’t it with Him Law?

    1. Yea, I think Coco will have a romance with Him Law’s character soon, but Coco has a boyfriend now (Nick) so they have to break up or Nick has to die or something for Coco and Him Law’s character to be together.

  4. At first, I just watch this series for others actors and actresses because I see Fracis Ng looks old and not attractive like Kenneth Ma and Ron Ng … but just when I am watching the first episode, I entirely admire his excellent acting skill even though he not looks handsome and young as Chi lam , KM and Ron Ng. Some people in this website prefer young actors replaced the older actors but it is true that when put younger and older actors or actresses together in a series, the older were better than the younger because the older have more experience for acting. Francis, now I know why you are well-know in this industry and have so many fans around the world; I love you too.

  5. I watch this series because Fala Chen is one of my favorite artist but i agree with Funn about her in this series; I see her acting is not natural and a little bit weird.

  6. “Nancy Wu is believable as Coco the air stewardess and I a wondering will there be romance between her and Isaac which is sorta hinted a few times already in this series. Anyway nothing much to say of Nancy except she did well.”

    No, Nancy doesn’t end up with Isaac. Isaac and Myolie are a pairing in this drama. Him and Nancy = one, Kenneth and Elena= couple..

    1. Isaac & Myolie pairing sounds odd – imagine having a gf or wife who looks like your dead sis-in-law (whom your brother loves passionately until her passing). Guess anything goes in a drama…

  7. Silver Something Shackled Sucks.
    It’s Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles not Silver Something Shackled Sucks.

    And as for pairings, Ron and Myolie are a pairing in this drama, Nancy and Him Law is one, Kenneth & Elena is another one.

    And as for casting wise, it’s still very early (since we’re only in the first five episodes) to say that Fala is a miscast, since this drama has like 43 episodes.

      1. lol… Tatina, Funn was just being her usual funny self (in a sarcastic kind of way). Anyway, I’m glad I didn’t watch that SSSSucky series….

      2. If Funn is trying to be funny, it’s not that funny. Sorry if it sounds offensive.

  8. Holiday bet on Liverpool to win and not Arsenal. Such sacrilege to the Liverpool’s fan. Can’t even differentiate between Liverpool and Arsenal.

    Pay more attention to the details if you really wanna be a good reviewer.

  9. I love Chilam portraying as Jayden Khoo! He is so sarcastically funny! I hope this will be another classic character for him after the Chor ko ko! He is seriously good looking at this age! Urgh! I cant wait for the next episode!

  10. For fala chen, i just felt that she is trying too hard to be one of the rock kind girl with her hair and black nails? It is just so annoying and for now, as pretty as she is, I still want to see how she will get into her character. Keep everything aside, she is damn lucky to be between two main characters! 😀

  11. no news on ron is a good thing or bad cos ron usually only get bad news

  12. francis was the one that wanted to pair with fala because francis liked her from the first laughing gor movie i remember reading from an article

  13. Since you keep on saying that Fala is a miscast, well who would you, Funn, recommend?

    And not all roles have to be related to her “real” character/persona. If that’s the case, then there will be plenty more of people who will be a miscast for that role!

    1. And no, this isn’t a personal attack. Just out of curiosity.

    2. That’s a tough question for anyone who’s not in the business of doing auditions to answer. Auditions is the usual way to find the best actor/actress for a particular role. And, only after understanding the script.

      1. @Anti-NoTalent Diva,
        It’s not a tough question. I just want to see if Funn has any recommendations on who should have played Holly if she thinks Fala is a miscast. It’s an opinionated question. No right/wrong question here.

        The process of filming a drama in HK may be different from filming a drama here in Canada/US.

    3. Agree with Tina’s statement:

      “And not all roles have to be related to her “real” character/persona. If that’s the case, then there will be plenty more of people who will be a miscast for that role!”

      There were many miscasts in TVB drama series then. Moreover, how can those fadans have exposures to act different types of drama series?

      1. I agree with Sandcherry & Tina (:
        I personally am loving the way Fala is acting though. She’s giving me this presentation of a very playful girl, but she knows when she needs to smarten up.

        And as for recaps, I usually use K-tvb as well since I love the screencaptures and the descriptions is perfect! But I may switch to Falachenworld as well, loving her screencaptures as well! =)

    4. Well if im honest i cant think of any suitable than fala. And fala and francis does have chemistry – they both in a action movie together as brothers and sister so i think fala is actually very suitable in her role. I cant imagine kate, linda or tavia in the role of holly and be woth Francis and chilam.

      1. 君馨would have been a good cast for fala’s role.

      2. Despite the fact that Fala is such a gorgeous actor with such playful looks which kinda suit the role. I think Kate tsui would have been a good cast also, because she does suit being coupled with older guys, like Alex Fong in a great way to care

    5. Fala is really a miscast! for this kind of role you need to be more funky geek lookalike. Holly is supposed to be smart cos she is a NASA scientist.
      Fala acting is really bad in this serie! fastfoward the whole 15 minutes with her

      1. Has been established she lied about the NASA thing

  14. Yeh i agree with you. X Who would it be cause i cant think of anyone?

    1. me too. i cannot think of anyone more suitable. and please Not Linda Chung.

    2. Thanks. I am just interested in knowing since Funn has repeatedly said that Fala is a miscast due to the clash between her real personality and Holly’s persona. If that’s the case, who should this role belong to?

      And many artistes star in roles where they have opposing roles that doesn’t match their real persona.

    3. I think Kate would probably be a better match for this role actually.

      1. But just because they have a similar persona, it doesn’t mean their acting would be better..

      2. I don’t think Kate and Holiday have a similar persona… I chose Kate because she matches Fala’s star power and can probably pull it off better.

      3. Kate will be too distracting. Must be someone fluffy, someone that has that dreamy sort of quality that is believable as someone desperately looking for her missing boyfriend, who will go to extreme lengths to see her boyfriend’s viewpoint. Also someone pretty enough to attract the attention of the womaniser.Fala is pretty but she does not have that dreamy quality. Not her age, she fits the age, just the look itself. If Selena is a better actress, I will say Selena.

      4. @Funn I was actually going to say Selena at first because I think she will do a better job, but she is just not as big of a “star” as the other 2 for such a grand production. I am thinking Fala will portray the character better once her character matures.

      5. I wonder if casting is not about bigger stars but who is more suitable, and by being really good in that suitable role, wouldn’t that will make this non-star into a star? Like as in star making character?

        Fala just doesn’t give me the perky girly girl vibe. Since this series has Myolie representing the engineers and technicians and ground crew, why not add a woman in the management side? But that may make it more into that awful k-drama series so… maybe not. Not that I like Selena better. Too fluffy. But she seems to suit Holly more in a way.

      6. I personally think if an artiste has similar traits to the characters they’re portraying, it may not show the talents they have with acting. it may also not be that challenging either due to similarities.

        And if i were to pick someone besides Fala, I think I would say Mandy Wong or Shirley Yeung.

      7. Neither Mandy nor Shirley. Mandy maybe for Myolie’s role but not Fala’s. Shirley… if Selena is non star, Shirley is even worse.

        There must be someone of reasonable star status but more suitable. By the way is Fala THAT much of a star?

      8. I know that Mandy and Shirley isn’t up to Fala’s level yet, but I do think Mandy may be able to portray the role in a different light. As for Shirley, she has this playful but serious tone to her persona.

      9. And plus Tina never written that it was to be artiste that has the same vibe as Fala! She asked if there are any other artistes who could act that role. 🙂

      10. I think TVB did a good job with marketing The Five Fadans as their top level actresses , so if you think of the top females at TVB, your mind might go to one of them. I think they needed another top female star to the cast since there are so many big male stars. That’s just my opinion anyways.

      11. Funn what do you mean by ‘Kate will be too distracting ?’

  15. By the way Calvin Choi is in here. So many guest stars.

  16. I thought that there were many funny parts as well and I like all the little cameos. I was cracking up when the “girl” crew member turned around and it ended up being the guy from grasshopper with a dopey expression on his face.

    I also enjoy Ron in this series and think he is the glue that holds everyone together. I think he will have his turn to shine later when he pairs up with Myolie, Right now, I like the triangle with him, Sam, and Jayden. haha

    The Sam and Zoe scenes made me teary eyed and I was happy that Sam is finally back in Hong Kong! I also liked the whole setup of him bringing back Zoe and then it ends with Myolie’s other character appearing.

  17. this was a very good episode since it placed a lot of focus on francis and finally the appearance of Zoe ..

    Francis nailed it when he left Manna back to Hong Kong. The small details he adds to his scenes are just superb, i.e. his good bye to Manna was a very unique take. I loved how he ate the cheesecake. I think I can just watch him by himself all day. he can act without any dialog!

    I’m glad TVB got him back and i really hope there’s another script in the future for him .. he’s too underrated.

    chilam – he’s only good now in comparison to francis. i’m glad chilam has a spin on his character, otherwise he’ll be totally overshadowed by francis.

    Francis and Myolie chemistry – so far it’s a 5. Myolie has improved a lot from TITS1 but not much has happened in the story yet.

    Francis and Fala – 3. It’s just a weird mixture for me.

    Francis and Isaac – 5. Isaac is a little stiff but their phone conversation added a few points for me.

    Excited about the next episode.

    1. I never liked Francis Ng. He “mumbles and jumbles” all the time. I can’t even hear his dialogues sometimes. Personally I don’t like artistes mumbling his dialogues.

      1. ya he mumbled everytime he had to speak english. I really had difficulty understanding what he was trying to say. don’t understand why he can’t speak clearly.

    2. yays! agree all the way! the fact that Francis could ‘reexecute’ the same old Sam character (10 years later) is impressive! same here, i admire how he added little gesture and details that further enliven the character he plays. no doubt, his performance is consistent and supreme.

  18. Can’t believe that Myolie was only 22-yo when she did the original TITS. Her interpretation of Zoe is so well-loved by the audience and yet she was not even nominated for an award? Hmmm…

    Anyways, loved TITS2ep4 (especially the ending, which makes me really look forward to seeing TITS2ep5).

    1. Are you Georgie or are you Sandy?

      And yes it was necessary. It is of utmost importance that I swear to make my point. Without the swearing the point is lost. Swearing is essential, it is the life of this recap, the only thing that matters, other than the unintentional screw up of Arsenal/Liverpool to which changes the entire context of the entire recap that this episode itself is in the end negated by that mistake because Arsenal/Liverpool is football and football is life and it is not about Triumph In The Skies 2.

      1. I personally didn’t think it was necessary. If one was clever with their words (not trying to make it personal attack here), one can achieve the same effects even without using that word.

      2. So let’s assume I am not clever with words then.

  19. Jayden said “Because he was too intimidated by your presence, the great Sam Tong”
    ^ He never said that. Jayden said that he was because Ron saw his brother, he got nervous not because he was “the great sam tong”.

  20. Some corrections:
    * The bet was for Liverpool, not Arsenal.
    * Wasn’t “boss” nor it was “radio” being passed. It was walkie-talkies and it was “dai lo”.
    * The reason why Ron was nervous was because his brother was on the plane with him.

      1. Not necessarily. As far as I am concerned, Summer is an airplane technican. she’s only the leader for that other maintenance group, so not boss.

      2. If it was boss, then it is probably Pal Sinn’s role.

      3. In Chinese whenever someone sai Dai Lo it literally means big brother but in another context, it means Boss or the one in charge or the leader in the minds of the maintenance group. Hence I used the word Boss as a straightforward non-literal meaning.

      4. And it is meant to be a term of endearment, a nickname. Not literally she is in charge. I think that last scene was pretty obvious.

      5. I think you should stick with the actual dialogue used, said by the characters. That would make the recap a bit better and more accurate.

        “I think that last scene was pretty obvious.”
        Really? Sounds like you are making fun of Akira for misunderstanding that scene.

      6. Chinese subtitle says …

        “老大” = boss

        BTW, love having Chinese subtitles, which should be a “requirement” for all Chinese dramas/series/movies/etc. No chance for anything to be lost in translation. Of course, there can be “additional” subtitles in other languages (like English, etc.).

      7. Chloe, was I? If you say so. I mean if I can be made fun of for the few mistakes, I think I can certainly point out the various interpretations and the obvious interpretation to adopt. I am sure someone will find it funny that she took the literal approach and some may find my approach funny.

        I wish I can stuck to actual dialogue if I have the script. But since I was busy enjoying the episode as well, and the notice clearly says “Certain dialogue is reproduced with some creative license adopted.”, I am sure I should be allowed a bit of creative license. In the end it is what is implied by Jayden and the jealousy seething beneath his cool exterior.

      8. Subtitles are very good, but writing and saying the phases may be different as well. What I mean is that, for some chinese characters (esp for Canto), you say it one way but how you write it is completely different or vice versa.

    1. Mmm, that’s weird. I tried posting earlier and it didn’t submit.

      Anyways Chloe: try k-tvb. Her episode recaps are pretty good, accurate and funny at the same time. (:

      As for the recaps, i wouldnt be too picky since this is Funn’s way of depicting the episodes.

      1. That’s just Funn’s opinion on recaps or the way she does recaps. If you don’t agree with it. There’s always others who does recaps. 🙂

      2. “Falachenworld…” And no, they are more biased than funn? Lol

      3. No, Falachenworld’s recaps are very lively with screencaptures, they’re kinda like K-TVB. (:

      4. I personally prefer episode recaps with screencaptures. It makes the recaps more interesting to read. And sometimes, just by looking at screencaptures, you can gain a lot too without actually watching it. XD

      5. And of course screencaptures without watching let you experience how great francis’ acting was.

      6. Screencaptures? A better suggestion. Why not actually watch the series then?

      7. By watching screencaptures, I have a rough idea of what’s going on in each episode and If I do miss an episode, I can always check a reviewer that does screencaptures.

      8. Screencaptures is too much work. Jayne will have no time to sleep. And screencaptures can potentially attract TVB’s dreaded legal letter which some faced a few years back. Rather than screencaptures, you can take your favourite screencap and then go youtube or somewhere find the episode and watch as companion piece. I understand the need for screencaptures which will be useful for those who is waiting for subtitles but again, too much work.

      9. I think it depends on the person and how much time they have.

        It’s not any harder than creating a video, editing it, uploading it.

        And finding a recap video is harder than it actually sounds.

      10. No recap video but that episode itself which is easier than most thinks. But I am sure there are many waiting for subtitles which is why some would want screencaptures plus text recap.

      11. just finished watching the making of the drama. I think it has potential to have the same vibe as the first installment. Looking forward in seeing the development of Nancy & Him. Looks very cute & interesting. I am also looking forward in seeing Rebecca Zhu’s development and how she takes part in the series. 😀

        And screencaps with or without text is actually fine for me. I am not too picky with that. (: I personally have done screenshots for a project of mine and I know how tedious it can get.

  21. Did TVB change the theme song in Ep. # 4? I think it is a new one now. Am I right?

    1. I don’t know! I wanted to ask too! If they did replaced it, they did a very quick but bad edit since the screens showed two overlaps screens near the end of the song! :/

      1. For me, the version I have is singing Eason’s song from the first installment with purple chinese subtitles!

    2. At the end of Ep. # 4, it still showed that the theme song was sung by George Lam, but the actual theme song in the beginning of Ep. # 4 was sung by someone else (Eason)?

    3. I think someone edited the theme song for ep 4, for ep 5, the main theme song is still sung by george lam.

  22. According to Fala’s interview & this is what Fala says:
    “Talking about her role in “Triumph in the Skies 2”, a girl raised in the UK, go through a tough time with depression, later encounter Francis and Chilam in a love triangle. Fala said: “This role resembles me, the role was about a girl who has no direction until she takes off as a pilot, seeking self-confidence, although people continued to pour cold water, but in the end she successfully pursued her direction. It’s like me acting infront of me. I love my career, although being in the eyes of the judgments, I gained a lot of knowledge.””

    Source: falachenworld!

  23. i wonder if any of you guys noticed, the version on astro on demand is slightly different than HK’s..

    1. the opening credit where George Lam sings. HK’s a more complete edited version.
    2. In episode 4, I saw the green screen outside of the cockpit window during the night take off, where as, HK’s version is a night scenery

  24. I felt that Ron’s character in this is the main link between the first and second installment. He was the one along with coco who connected skylette people to the ever so likeable tits1 clan. I like his character and coco’s the most so far.

  25. Teary-eyed when watching the flashbacks of Zoe and Sam.

    Some how can’t imagine Francis and Fala together… he gives off a fatherly feeling when he is with Fala. (Cuz probably Fala’s character is immature now)

    1. Personally I think Francis is too old for Fala in TITS 2, but that is the arrangement made by the scriptwriter.

      According to the character descriptions:

      Sam Tong (Francis Ng) – 45
      Holiday Ho (Fala Chen) – 29
      Jayden Koo (Chilam Cheung) – 38

      1. I think that excuse does not hold water because Myolie was younger back then and they were perfectly fine. I think it is down to chemistry which is non existent between Francis and Fala.

      2. I think it’s still early to say whether or not they have chemistry or not (:

      3. 16 years is a large age gap, but it’s compunded by how old Sam acts vs. how immature Holly behaves. Also, he treats her exactly like one of his siblings so it’s very hard to read anything romantic in their scenes.

        Obviously there is also a significant age gap between Jayden and Hayden but he’s 7 years younger than Sam and behaves at least a decade younger too!

      4. Xuetong, not too early. Either they have it or they don’t. The only reason all these questions about disparity of age is because age may be a mismatch but the underlying problem is the chemistry. I don’t see anyone saying the same thing when it comes to Zoe/Sam scenes.

      5. As far as I could remember in TITS 1, it was Zoe who “went” after Sam, and not Sam after Zoe.

      6. @ Sandcherry

        LOL, sorry I meant Holly, not Hayden

      7. That’s true… Chemistry… Actually fala’s age is almost the same with myolie.

        Fala is 31, myolie is 33.

      8. I disagree with you Funn about “not too early. Either they have it or they don’t.”

        This is a 43 episode drama. We’ve just finished the first 5 episodes. So in a way, it is quite early. Fala says that her character goes through a character change throughout the series.

        I think we should wait until the drama is done airing to be able to say that they do or don’t have chemistry.

      9. i thought Sam and Zoe looks more like father and daughther

  26. Out of the other four current lead actress, Fala is the most suitable one for the role. They’re not going to let some second line actress star in a grand production, they wouldn’t risk that. I honestly can’t really think of another actress to replace her. So far she’s ok in here hopefully by the time her character gets out of the current phase she’s in, she’ll be better.

    I find it a bit too much that almost every character here is involve in some kind of love triangle, do they have to do that to every grand production?

    1. I think Sharon can possibly portray the character of Holly, I can see her in that role but she’s already part of the cast.

    2. Yeah so far Fala is ok. I know some people dislike her for this role but then when you try to think of someone else better, more suitable then can’t think of anyone else. Probably Kate Tsui then and I dont even like her. But she does have the tomboy, rebellious look if she wants it to be. Or if Joey Meng was 10-12 years younger, she would have been a great fit 🙂

      1. Fala is the most suitable. Even i cant imagine sharon with francis and chilam but fala and francis actually hv chemistry – both in the movie together as brother and sister.

        Seriously though, cant think of anyone .

      2. As you said brother and sister. But not as a couple.

  27. At four episodes, compared to recent series rolled out by TVB, I find ‘Triumph’ has a lot more heart and substance.

  28. Holiday wants to bet on Liverpool, not Arsenal…

  29. 4eps was very good and at last I get to see Myolie. The preview for next eps look exciting…cant wait!

  30. Just finished watching episode 5 and it was a good episode. Myolie english is good with clear pronunciation. And nice toned body.

  31. I am one of the few people who didn’t watch TITS 1 when it first came out in 2003, but always wanted to. When I knew that TITS 2 was going to be broadcasting soon, I decided it was high time that I watch the first series. I’m still not done watching it (on episode 36) but couldn’t resist watching TITS 2 as it’s being uploaded on the internet. I’ve got to say that I’m disappointed that they haven’t talked about Belle, Donald, Zita, Chris, Paul etc in passing. I would like to know what happened to those characters. And it’s strange that Issac and Sam’s parents haven’t made an appearance yet (maybe those actors are no longer with TVB?), or at least mentioned in passing…Oh well! It’s still early on in the series. But since we’re on episode 5 already, I’ve got to admit that I’ve given up hope. A tad disappointed with the series so far but will continue to watch 🙂

  32. I truly love Francis Ng character. really wait for more

  33. So glad Myolie finally appear!!!!
    Very bored with the Falan storyline this far.

  34. Love the Angela Tong part haha..
    Fala is definitely miscast. The way she act as holiday look a bit forceful. The black nail polish, black eye shadow and tacky ring. Doesn’t fit her at all. I would think Elaine Yu would be better choice. or Selena, but dislike selena always talk like someone having ashtma or out of breath most of them time..

  35. Jayden Ko is suave, good looking and all, but still prefer Sam..=)..

  36. why isn’t funn writing for episode 5? that’s the best episode for the week! and colcluded that chilam and myolie are the best and most outstanding and most memorable after these 5 episodes! was great too because no more fala’s annoying role and bad acting! most audience now agree that myolie overshadows fala big time when she appears alhough tvb gives fala more screentime! that shows the difference of quality of acting between myolie and fala, myolie makes a breakthrough and gives a dominating inpression and shines after only 1 episodes while fala failed to make it with more screentime! netizens criticisms to fala are legit!

    1. wonder if funn has personal dislike for myolie, funn stopped writing when myolie comes in and becomes the most interesting role to watch for along with chilam. can’t wait for the interesting development between chilam and myolie, myolie and ron and myolie and adrian.

      1. Funn has posted the review of episode 5 in her own blog.

      2. No no I wrote for ep 5 since 2 days ago but Jayne has yet to post it. I will usually post at my blog here http://p2e-tits2.blogspot.com/ Jayne needs some time to repost since it it weekends. I am following through with my recaps for this series whether I like it or dislike it so be rest assured I am writing for it.

    2. sorry to me francis was too consistently francis and very bland. he got totally overshadowed by the amazingness from chilam and myolie who gives fresh and lively performance. francis also failed to create chemistry with fala but maybe that’s because of fala’s weak acting because sam and zoe are awesome and fala also has no chemistrt with chilam, while summer and chilam are amazig to watch! really shows why fala shouldn’t be tv quen and myolie is one 🙂

      1. well its because Francis had to play Sam in the sequel, if he was given a brand new role, Im pretty sure he would pull it off too. plus, there are freaking 38 more episodes to go, plenty of time for Francis to showcase his amazingnessss.

      2. if someone told me Francis rewatched TITS1 before filming this to study his character and make sure it was consistent, I’d believe it. very professional and excellent actor!

  37. Watched until episode 5, so far Francis has the best acting skill, just rewatched the first one series then this. Flawless, English slightly improve when talking to the small girl. Kenneth Ma need to look dumb cause thats his character. Roy Ng went a little too mature but not consistent, maybe he wasn’t as playful as 10 years ago, Summer looks entirely a different person eventhough with the same Zoe look. LOL

    1. Kenneth Ma need to look dumb cause thats his character.

      This is quite perfect, perhaps that’s why his english isn’t proper, lool.

    2. top notch performance by Francis … it’s been a whole decade .. and Sam is still the Sam I knew 10 years ago.. unreal, amazing !

  38. From the recap, I get that Coco is living with Sam and Isaac.

    Did the series explain where has Belle, and Sam’s parents gone to?

    1. Yes Coco is living with Sam and Isaac like a sister. I think earlier on there was a very short mention of Sam’s parents through Isaac, still out of HK. If my memory serves me right. And absolutely no mention of Belle.

      I mean Coco might still be in touch but I don’t see why Sam or Isaac would mention here since they have problems of their own.

      If there are no fans here who told me Coco is Joe Ma’s sister, I would never have remembered. Also not one mention of that fact as well.

  39. Stop referring Triumph in the Sky as “TITS”. You are attracting the wrong type of audience…

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