Fala Chen Turned Down Opportunity to Film “Blossoms Shanghai”

Starring Hu Ge (胡歌), Ma Yili (馬伊琍), and Tiffany Tang (唐嫣), renowned director Wong Kar Wai’s (王家衛) television debut, Blossoms Shanghai (繁花)was a critical and commercial success. Blossoms Shanghai was the most streamed series nationwide when it aired from December 2023 to January 2024. Known for his high expectations and eye for vivid cinematography, Wong Kar Wai’s drama also featured a layered performance by the cast.

Recently, it was revealed that Fala Chen (陳法拉), 42, who just welcomed her second baby with husband Emmanuel Straschnov, had been invited to star in the series, but did not accept the role due to schedule conflicts.

In an interview, Fala shared she tuned in to watch Hu Ge in Blossoms Shanghai. Sharing that Wong Kar Wai had invited her to take part in the series, Fala unfortunately had to turn down the opportunity because she was still studying at The Julliard School and was also not confident in speaking in Shanghainese.

Although Fala missed out on a rare opportunity, she remained curious about the drama and watched it. Praising Wong Kar Wai for his innovative work, Fala praised the drama and its potential to be well-received internationally as well.

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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. IF she really was asked to be part of ‘Blossoms Shanghai’, it was probably a role so small that you might not even notice her in it………And, she really isn’t up to the caliber of the actual cast in it to start off with…….She should just be glad she found what she was looking for over in the States……..A relatively rich-husband, and a below-mediocre Hollywood career………

  2. The way I see it: she had other priorities, which include her health and giving birth and her family. Tiffany Tang took on 0 projects besides Blossoms Shanghai for 3-4 years and filming was done in Shanghai. Fala does not live in Asia. At the end of the day is a business decision: is the time I am giving up proportional to the exposure I will get? Won Kar Wai, Ann Hui, & Zhang Yi Mou are celebrated internationally but more so in China whereas her pick of reject projects seems like she rather have less screen time with more US celebrated directors. She started off her career by tackling the Hong Kong market and before she could fully immerse herself in the mainland market, she went to Juilliard and shifted her focus to the States.

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