Fan Chengcheng Feels Pressure Starring Opposite Yang Zi in “Love Endures”

Starring Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞) and Yang Zi (楊紫), coming-of-age romance drama Love Endures <要久久愛> aired to positive reviews.

Once school friends, Huang Yingzi (Yang Zi) and Jiang Yi (Fan Chengcheng) reunite in their 30s in the present. Through flashbacks, viewers are taken through the start of their friendship in their teenage years. The school setting and soft cinematic lighting successfully invoke nostalgia and childhood memories.

Although 31-year-old Yang Zi’s casting was initially criticized due to her having to portray a student, it was 23-year-old Fan Chengcheng who actually had to put in more work to prepare for his role. Since the school setting was in the 90s, Fan Chengcheng had to research to understand the school environment during that decade.

On collaborating with Yang Zi, Fan Chengcheng admitted to feeling nervous. “Yang Zi’s acting skills are acknowledged by everyone, so starring opposite her definitely brings some pressure. I continue to try and improve, hoping to give my costars the right emotional response to help with their reactions. That way, it will help the audience see our chemistry and the fireworks we bring on screen.”

Although there is an eight-year age gap, Fan Chengcheng did not feel it was an issue and revealed that in private, Yang Zi is actually a very cute and energetic girl-next-door type. “Both of us are very talkative. After filming this drama, we became really good friends. We are always chatting and making each other laugh. There are a lot of silly and fun things that happened throughout the day.”

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