Yang Zi and Fan Chengcheng’s “Love Endures” Makes Promising Premiere

After gaining a huge surge of popularity from last year’s drama Lost You Forever <長相思>, Yang Zi (楊紫) is currently seen in Love Endures <要久久愛> alongside Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞).

Airing on January 20, Love Endures is adapted from the novel, Who Did You Like When You Were Seventeen? <十七歲你喜歡誰>. Huang Yingzi (Yang Zi) bumps into Jiang Yi (Fan Chengcheng) again after 12 years and memories of their childhood friendship begin flooding back. The story follows these two young adults trying to make it in the working world while Huang Yingzi and Jiang Yi navigate through life, love, and friendship together. They also reunite with the rest of their friends from the “Big Dipper” gang.

Prior to its release, the trailer generated over 7 million hits. Tugging at viewers’ hearts, flashbacks were shown of Huang Yingzi and Jiang Yi’s childhood with the Big Dipper gang – from studying together to arguing and getting into trouble. While the trailer left a warm, fuzzy feeling, behind-the-scenes clips were hilarious.

In one particular scene, Yang Zi bumps into Fan Chengcheng as he is riding on his motorcycle. Although th actor looks cool in the shot, Fan Chengcheng does not have a motorcycle license in reality and needed crew members to manually push the bike forward, as seen in behind-the-scenes clips. Viewers were unable to control their laughter after learning the truth.

Known for often lifting her male co-stars to stardom, Yang Zi helped Zhang Wanyi (張晚意), Deng Wei (鄧為), and Tan Jianchi (檀健次) boost their popularity after Lost You Forever. Because of this, she is a widely popular choice for leading roles and has a large number of dramas yet to be released, including Story of Joy (承歡記) with Xu Kai (許凱), Lost You Forever Season 2, and Flourished Peony <國色芳華> with Li Xian (李現).

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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