Yang Zi to Pair With Leo Wu in “Flourished Peony”?

Having just celebrated her 31st birthday, Yang Zi (楊紫) received warm birthday wishes from former costar Li Xian (李現). After collaborating in Go Go Squid! <親愛的熱愛的>, Li Xian has consistently wished Yang Zi for six years in a row. Many fans hope the pair would partner again, and Li Xian was even rumored to star in Flourished Peony <國色芳華> with Yang Zi.

The historical drama centers around He Weifang (Yang Zi) and her escape from an arranged marriage. Incompatible with her husband and not wanting to be married simply due to business interests, He Weifang divorces and leaves for the capital. She eventually teams up with local women to start a successful business cultivating peonies.

Even prior to the start of filming, the drama has picked up quite a bit of buzz. Known for having the power to propel her male costars to great popularity, Yang Zi’s next costar is closely watched. Speculated male leads for Flourished Peony include Li Xian, Leo Wu Lei (吳磊), Zhang Wangyi (張晚意), Chen Xingxu (陳星旭), Zhang Xincheng (張新成), and Mark Chao (趙又廷).

While most fans are rooting for Li Xian, investors prefer the leading role go to Leo Wu who has a string of more recent hits including The Long Ballad <长歌行> and Love Like the Galaxy <星汉灿烂>.  Both Leo and Yang Zi also share a similarity as they were child actors who rose to stardom. Although this news left some fans disappointed, Yang Zi and Leo’s potential collaboration received good feedback as many praised the pair’s acting abilities and trust they will have great onscreen compatibility.

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Please let Leo and Yang Zi start in this drama… I cannot imagine both their chemistry…but they do have many similarities. Both are hardworking, dedicated, strong people skills and both are professional. I really like both of them off screen. both are down to earth and have a positive energy around them.
    I do hope Li Xian gets paired with Yang Zi one day but in a modern drama… Just my opinion…

    1. I thought the rumor was that Leo was backing off dramas for a while to focus on movies. There’s also a bit of an age gap between Leo and Yang Zi which makes me worry they won’t “fit” onscreen

      1. Oh yes, i read that too! Then the likely hood of this paring may not happen. Age wise, I better goggle Leo age, I forgot about it…… Li Xian is not so good with period dramas but their chemistry is great. I also want to see a drama with Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan again…

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