Yang Zi Praised for Her Down-to-Earth Personality  

Cementing her status as one of China’s top idol actresses, Andy Yang Zi’s (楊紫) Lost You Forever <長相思> became summer’s biggest hit drama. To the delight of many fans, Yang Zi remains humble and does not have any diva attitude. Yang Zi is praised for her manners and high emotional intelligence, treating both costars and the crew with respect. Many who have worked with the actress vouched for her kindness and pleasant demeanor.

A costume assistant who worked on The Oath of Love <餘生,請多指教>, posted a congratulatory message on social media to Yang Zi for the success of her new drama. The costume assistant praised Yang Zi as the most authentic and down-to-earth actress she has ever met. Besides working hard on her role portrayals, Yang Zi would often treat colleagues out to the movies.

Another firsthand account vouching for Yang Zi’s amiable personality is from the cast and crew of Ashes of Love <香蜜沉沉燼如霜>, who revealed that on a very hot day during filming, Yang Zi grabbed water from her own car to help hydrate all those on set.

Veteran actor Zheng Guolin (鄭國霖) also praised the 30-year-old actress during one of his live stream videos. He recalled a day when Yang Zi filmed her scenes diligently and without complaint when the temperature hit over 104 degrees Fahrenheit. “I watched Yang Zi film her scenes on set. Every time she finished a scene, she would be exhausted and needed to rest. But she continued to film take after take anyway.”

Many artistes who have worked with Yang Zi have praised her publicly in the past, including Song Zuer (宋祖兒), Meng Ziyi (孟子義), and Vicky Liang (梁婧嫻). Song Zuer expressed awe that a fellow actress was so well-liked by everyone, praising Yang Zi as a straightforward and lovable costar who takes her work very seriously. Meng Ziyi and Vicki Liang, who worked with Yang Zi on Immortal Samsara <沉香如屑> and Noble Aspirations <青雲志> respectively, thanked Yang Zi for being patient in answering their questions in acting and taking time to be thorough and detailed in her responses.

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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I love YangZi, she is really a bubbly actress who make others around her comfortable. Many co-artistes who acts with her learn so much from her, and she helps them settle into their roles.
    I like her in ancient and modern dramas… I hope she will date someone who will truly love and treasure her…

  2. I love Yang Zi too. She is so good in her acting & also u can see her true self in the Sat nite game show too. Such a cute & beautiful girl. Wish her every success in her life. I am still watching her new drama “Lost You Forever”. Such a great drama. Love all the cast in this drama. Even though I am not familiar with all the young guys in this drama. Young as in new to the screen or am I wrong?

    1. Yes, they paired her with 4 newbies… I am aware the aim is to use her popularity to draw investments and viewership to this show with 4 newbies…
      She did very well in helping them settle in their roles. I enjoy watching her in varieties shows…

    2. Tan Jianci is the more well-known among the group of actors who were mainly in supporting roles. LYF gave them all the big break in popularity,

      1. He is not a bad dancer… And he does well in variety shows. But my favourite newbies to hosting is Zhou Shen…He is such a smart and cute chap.

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