Yang Zi Responds to Criticism of “Not Being Pretty Enough”

Currently starring in fantasy drama Lost You Forever <長相思>, Yang Zi’s (楊紫) popularity reached new heights and gained increased public attention. Unfortunately, some netizens left discouraging comments about the actress’ looks that prompted Yang Zi to respond, “I have seen the criticism on my looks and I accepted them.”

Yang Zi demonstrated her high EQ and added, “It’s funny to say that I only play beautiful characters and it’s interesting to think about it. It doesn’t matter. As long as you are confident and use your work to show others that you are serious about your acting, that is enough.”

Yang Zi continued, “I also want to tell all the girls that confidence is the most beautiful. Everyone is unique and there is no one else who looks like you. That is something to be proud of. You don’t have to look at other people’s scenery. Work hard to walk on your own path.”

Netizens Discuss the Actor’s Salary

Recently the salary for the cast of Lost You Forever was leaked on the internet and became a hot topic. It was discovered that Zhang Wan Yi (張晚意) earned about 1.8 million Chinese yuan while Deng Wei (邓为) earned 5 million Chinese yuan. Added together, the two actor’s salaries were considerably less than Yang Zi’s salary of 20 million Chinese yuan.

Many netizens were upset for Zhang Wan Yi and wrote, “How is that possible for Zhang Wan Yi playing the male lead?” However, some netizens pointed out that Zhang Wan Yi had little star power prior to filming Lost You Forever and was only marginally recognized for his role in Awakening Age <覺醒年代>.

As for Deng Wei, the actor did not film any major production prior to Lost You Forever. Despite a slow start to his career, Deng Wei has since gained millions of fans.

Source: World Journal

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Yang Zi is a very intelligent woman and have self awareness and self confidence. I enjoy watching her projects… due to her humbleness, bubbly and considerate personally, many professionals like working with her. She is a people’s person. Ignore those jealous of her….

  2. The reason why yangzi is still so popular is due to her outgoing and friendly personality and reputable dramas. She may not be pretty but she acknowledges and accepts it. If netizens don’t like her looks just don’t watch her dramas then, no one forcing them.

  3. I’m probably in the minority here, but I actually do think she’s quite pretty, especially when she doesn’t smile. She might not be as pretty as some other actresses, but her acting more than makes up for it in my humble opinion. I don’t like watching glass vases because as pretty as they are, they break when the emotional scenes arrive.

  4. I like Yang Zi. I haven’t watched all her dramas but those that I watched I thoroughly enjoyed. She may not be the prettiest nor the best actress but she has this undeniable charisma that’s so magnetic. She reminds me of Ruby Lin.

  5. I agree that she’s not the pretty type. Her and that other Korean girl UA who is always playing the pretty girl type.

  6. Why complaining that Yang Zi is not pretty enough now? She has always been on the plain side from the start except in her role in The Legend of Chusen aka Noble Aspirations where here character and her costume makeups and style actually for once and the only time, in all her acting roles I had seen her in, made her so icy cool(as her character should be) and even “pretty”!

  7. She is not in the same league as DD’s look but i don’t think she is not good enough as long as she is not portraying the #1 beauty kind of roles. I would rather watch one with fine appearance and good acting than those who looks good but with poor acting.
    Heard rumours that YZ will be starring in a period drama with GJ and netizens are complaining.

    1. I read that too… I like to watch YZ in a period drama with Xiao Zhan….I cannot get enough of them in Oath of Love….Xiao Zhan looks so relaxed and natural next to Yang Zi. In fact, many co-stars are so with YZ, from leads to supporting actors/actresses. Which is why Dramas with Yang ZI is so popular in China. She can even charm viewers just watching her…

      1. @Hohliu I too hope to see them acting together again but I wonder about the chances. Those with big fandom like his may avoid more collaborations with the same female costar.
        I used to hope to see her pairing up with GJ in drama when he first got noticed after WoH but now…not keen anymore. Her recent male partners are not known for their acting (FCC, XK and now GJ). Netizens are hoping for a YZ-TJC second pairing up though I don’t recall seeing her acting opposite the same actor more than once.

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