Tan Jianci’s Breakout Role in “Lost You Forever”

Playing a nine-headed demon in currently airing costume drama Lost You Forever <長相思>, Tan Jianci (檀健次) is once again getting recognition for his strong onscreen delivery.

More Scenes Than Deng Wei

Despite starting out as a singer, the former M.I.C. member has consistently delivered in the acting department yet again since he got viewers sitting up playing a skilled portraitist in 2022‘s unexpected hit Under the Skin <獵罪圖鑑>.


While he has dabbled in variety, dramas, movies and singing over the years, it was Under the Skin which raised his profile, and the recent Lost You Forever which saw him join the ranks of siusang, poising the 32-year-old for a bright future as netizens call him “a talented artiste who brings different drama genres to life”.

Although his role Xiang Liu is male lead #3 behind Zhang Wanyi (張晚意) and Deng Wei (鄧為), screenwriter Tong Hua has mentioned that it is her favorite character among the four male leads, which explains why Tan Jianci has more romantic scenes opposite Andy Yang Zi (楊紫) than even Deng Wei – which caused a ruckus between fans from both sides.

Fans Resist Pairing with Wang Churan

With four more dramas waiting to air – Winner Is King <烽火流金>, Missing You <很想很想你>, Love Has Fireworks <愛情有煙火> and Go East <四方館>, his fans are already voicing displeasure about his co-star Wang Churan (王楚然). in Love Has Fireworks. The actress has been getting endless criticism from netizens after being exposed to be romancing her Fireworks of My Heart <我的人間煙火> co-star Yang Yang (楊洋), and for being indifferent to their criticism.

As Under the Skin gears up for the filming of a sequel, the scriptwriter is said to have unexpectedly dropped out after expressing “differences in opinion” with the production side, which insisted on introducing a female lead into the story, despite its first season having done well without any romantic arcs. As rumors swirl that the female lead is none other than Wang Churan, Tan Jianci’s fans are raising concerns that his hard-earned career might be derailed by the pairing!

Source: Upmedia

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  1. I started watching this the other night to see what the hype was and ended up binging 7 episodes in 1 night and didn’t sleep. It’s so addicting. However, maybe because I’m in my 30s, but I don’t find this character mistreating XY endearing at all. He’s got the visuals but I cannot get on this ship. Jing all the way!

    1. I agree with you. I like green flags, and dislike romanticizing the bad boy abusive characters as well. I do think Tan Jianci is a good actor though, and plays an interesting character. I haven’t started watching since there’s two seasons and I don’t want to be stuck on an exciting spot and having to wait 3-12 months for the second half of the drama.

    2. @pleikupho @lilseemonster
      I agree with you. He tortured XY so many times. She better not ended up with him. I want her to ended up with TSJ. I read somewhere that 2nd season will have only 21 episodes and it won’t be aired until year later.

  2. Tan Jianci did a great job acting out this role. I think he has the best performance out of all three male leads so far. But I don’t think his character will end up with Xiaoyao. Not trying to give too many spoilers here, but I heard the author of the original novel took part in this production, so the drama will likely stick to the novel.

  3. I’m not a fan of Xiang Liu but Tan Jian Ci plays the character so well and it melts my heart especially the boat scene and the sea scene.

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