Yang Zi’s Shampoo Ad Stirs Controversy

90’s flower Yang Zi’s (楊紫) popularity soared after the success of Lost You Forever <長相思>, bringing in a continuous stream of filming and endorsement offers for the actress. However, the 31-year-old got into the limelight for the wrong reason lately when she was reported for allegedly contravening advertising guidelines in a recent anti-hair loss shampoo commercial!

Reported For Looking Too Good?

Yang Zi’s hair was only shoulder-length in October.

In the commercial, Yang Zi is shown holding the brand’s shampoo, and spotting thick, voluminous black hair which cascaded to beyond her waist.

As Yang Zi’s hair obviously reached only midway down her back at a recent event, and also appeared thinner in real life, netizens surmised that she was wearing a wig during the commercial. Since the shampoo product promises hair loss benefits, this might already count as false advertising, an illegal act in China.

While fans defended Yang Zi, saying the matter had been blown out of proportion by netizens, and that she might not have known about the requirement to put on a wig during the shoot, most felt that Yang Zi’s team should have thoroughly vetted the product and endorsement details on her behalf before accepting the job.

Source: Upmedia

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  1. This is hilarious. Do you think that ppl really believe this celebs are using all these products they promote? Decades of photoshopping, wigs, make up, plastic surgery, fillers, and what’s not. Impossible that anyone believes in advertising photos today . Just impossible. Let me quote Cindy Crawford almost 30y ago ‘I wish to look like Cindy Crawford’, referring to her own add in Vogue.

    1. I remember those words…lol… it reminds of of Evangelista’s : “We don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day.” Such a classic era..

  2. She is iconic in china’s entertainment & doesn’t have thick lust hair, which is well known. Flash advertisement is justified here and the company need to apologize. It’s time for them to be responsible for the product they try to sell that failed to do what they say.

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