Dilraba Dilmurat To Team with 8 Actors in New Drama

A dismal report card in the drama department with both Legend of An Le <安樂傳> and Prosecution Elites <公訴> performing below expectations might have been hiccups for Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴), but her A-lister status remains.

In contrast to viewer complaints of Legend of An Le’s poor production values, Lost You Forever <長相思> scored in both ratings and reviews, sealing its lead actress and Dilraba’s competitor Andy Yang Zi‘s (杨紫) status as goddess of the costume drama gemre. While both Yang Zi and Dilraba were invited to the 2023 Paris fashion week, the latter appeared to be overshadowed by Yang Zi, as her treatment paled in comparison with BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo.

Previously mocked for her lack of fashion sense, Yang Zi impressed at this year’s Paris Fashion Week.

Still, Dilraba was appointed “Global Ambassador of Dior perfume and makeup” shortly after attending Dior’s show at the event, proving her naysayers wrong amid netizen talk that her star power is slowly losing its glow.

Dilraba’s Rumored Male Cast Heightens Anticipation

Wrapping up filming for detective drama Sword Rose <利劍玫瑰> recently, the 31-year-old is set to film an exciting manhua-based drama King of the Phoenix <萬渣朝凰> next, where she will pair with 8 different male leads in 8 mini chapters of the drama spanning across various time settings!

King of the Phoenix‘s original manhwa centers on a female protagonist time-travel through various settings including one where bloodsucking zombies appeared, Minguo era, xianxia, ancient costume and modern era, with Dilraba playing the female hero who reverses the plot by defeating villainous male characters.

Popular male actors who have been rumored to be cast alongside Dilraba in the drama include Love Between Fairy and Devil‘s <蒼蘭訣> Dylan Wang (王鶴棣), My Journey to You’s <雲之羽> Zhang Linghe (張凌赫), Mysterious Lotus Casebook‘s <蓮花樓> Joseph Zeng (曾舜晞), Ryan Ding (丁禹兮), When I Fly Towards You‘s <當我飛奔向你> Zhou Yiran (周翊然) and Zhang Xincheng (張新成).

With other names such as Wu Lei (吳磊), Xu Kai (許凱), Deng Wei (鄧為), Tan Jianci (檀健次) and Chen Zheyuan (陳哲遠) also thrown in, Dilraba is again on the discussion bandwagon; her resources as significant as female-centered dramas Lost You Forever and Liu Yifei’s (刘亦菲) upcoming drama Rose <玫瑰故事>

Source: Upmedia

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  1. They might as well name every young actors in that age bracket… All to drum more interest in the drama…

  2. All the attempts to make Dilraba and Yang Zi hate each other fail because no matter how hard the media try, and how hard the fans try, neither Dilraba or Yang Zi is willing to attack one another personally. Wait until the day one of them uses their own mouth to say they hate the other party, that’s what a real war is.

    Yang Zi shed lots of weight lately, in the past she dressed poorly for several reasons, 1, she might be a little unconfident about certain dresses bc of her weight, and 2, she needed to keep a low profile so some jealousy people won’t bother her.

    Dilraba and Angelababy have a strong foothold in the fashion industry, they do not feel threaten by anyone, if they are that stupid then when the nasty Zhao Liying took resources they would’ve fought with her already. They never did. Just remember that, before Zhao Liying got fashion resources, all these super models do not make wars.
    Also remember that, before Zhao Liying got Acting resources, all the actresses prior also did not make any wars. It’s obvious there’s only 1 insecure person that goes around making trouble for everyone else. After that person got her fame or grasped to something, she will make sure no one else gets them after her.

    Whatever haters have to say about Dilraba, they know they look forward to her new drama series all the time. I’m excited for her new dramas. You know you will watch it.

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