Crystal Liu and Dylan Wang Lead New Wuxia Series

Bringing Huang Yimei to life in The Tale of Rose <玫瑰的故事>, the Cdrama’s success saw Crystal Liu Yifei‘s (劉亦菲) followers climb by 300k in a week, pushing her to new heights of popularity. Confirmed to take on a new historical romance scheduled to air in 2028, rumors are rife that the actress is set to pair with Dylan Wang Hedi (王鶴棣)!

Eleven-Year Age Gap No Issue for Fans

Despite surprise from fans over their pairing given that the two leads have an eleven-year age gap between them – he is 25 and she, 36, anticipation remains sky-high for Dylan and Crystal’s onscreen chemistry, as Lin Yi (林一) and her similarly had an eleven-year age gap in The Tale of Rose, but their romance came off without any incongruity.

Portraying the life milestones of Huang Yizheng, a girl born into a wealthy family all the way from a varsity student through to marriage and motherhood, Crystal brought out the character’s evolution through subtleties in both her character’s micro-expressions and imaging through her natural and vivid acting style – while amazing viewers with her ability to pull off playing a varsity student.


A novel adaptation, Chang Ling tells the story of female god of war, Yue Chang Ling who jumps off a cliff after being framed by a traitor. Eleven years later, she returns, not only without ageing a day, but also morphed into a young and attractive girl to avenge her brother and the dead soldiers . She serendipitously reunites with He Yu, the one-time little boy who once sealed a promise to seize the world with her, who has grown up to become the powerful Dong Qihou. They join hands on a quest to uncover the truth together.

Set for a 2028 release, fans are excited for the first-time couple’s sparks

A Dream of Splendour <夢華錄>, her comeback to the small screen after 16 years, proved her ability to helm dramas given its dazzling critical success and strong ratings performance.

Fans are especially eager for her fighting scenes in the wuxia production, given that the actress had personally taken on 90% of the fight scenes in the Hollywood movie Mulan, from somersaults on horseback to sword fighting and archery. Her professionalism and willingness to always try the scenes herself despite there being stunt doubles on set, garnered praise from Hollywood production crew, though the movie itself received mixed reviews.

Scheduled for release in 2028 according to its Douban page listing, Chang Ling is one of iQiyi’s headline productions and is helmed by director behind Love Between Devil and Fairy <蒼蘭訣> and Young Blood < 大宋少年志>.

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