“Only for Love” Ending Disappoints Fans

Starring Bai Lu (白鹿) and Dylan Wang (王鶴棣), romance drama Only for Love <以愛為營> has concluded but the finale surprisingly did not appear in the trending search list. Instead, many netizens complained that the ending pulled a bait and switch on the lead characters’ wedding.

Since the start of filming, Only for Love received a great deal of attention for its A-listed cast. However, when the drama eventually made its broadcast, it only scored a rating of 4.5 on Douban. Many netizens criticized  director Guo Hu’s awkward camera angles as well as the cliché plot which saw a financial reporter character falling in love (played by Bai Lu) with a CEO (played by Dylan). Netizens lambasted the outrageous plot and claimed that it was unwatchable.

The finale set the stage for a sweet and romantic ending and began with Zheng Shuyi (Bai Lu) losing out on a promotion because of her young age. In order to cheer Zheng Shuyi up, Shi Yan (Dylan) personally picked her up from work and kissed her in public. The couple later shared a sweet moment where they saw the first snow fall together and promised to grow old together.

Later Zheng Shuyi won the Outstanding Journalism Award and successfully got promoted. Shi Yan took out a diamond ring to propose which led many netizens to believe that the finale will end with the couple’s wedding scene. Instead, the scene was cut to a wedding for the supporting cast and the drama ended with Bai Lu trying to catch the wedding bouquet.

Many netizens expressed their annoyance by the drama’s ending especially since Bai Lu and Dylan reportedly filmed a wedding scene which will be broadcasted as an extra chapter. Frustrated that the drama couldn’t give the lead actors a perfect ending, netizens wrote, “Are they looking for a scolding? Why didn’t they release [Bai Lu and Dylan’s wedding scene] after filming it? I’m really speechless that the finale didn’t have the main lead’s wedding but it had the supportive lead’s wedding.”

Source: Upmedia

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Was it just the ending that was disappointing? I thought the entire drama was cringe. Although it might not be fair for me to say that since I dropped it. I can’t believe the director of this drama had the audacity to call Goblin outdated when this drama has a ton of problematic and outdated views on women and his camera work is head spinning.

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