Bai Lu and Dylan Wang Pair Up Again in “Keep Running”

When Only for Love <以愛為營> aired last year, it was criticized for being unrealistic. The drama was aired in November last year, but it still ranked second among iQiyi’s most popular dramas of the year, losing only to Road Home <歸路>. Bai Lu (白鹿) and Dylan Wang Hedi (王鶴棣) both occupied the top spots as most influential female and male artistes which prove their strong popularity.

Bai Lu plays a strong willed reporter who somehow thinks about beauty all the time and the domineering CEO played by Dylan looks the part but his enunciation was unclear. Both were criticized for their superficial roles which lacked substance. In addition, the pair had kissing scenes in almost every episode. The director also utilized odd filming angles in the drama. However, the drama maintained high viewership after its release and every episode was packed with commercials.

Before Dylan and Bai Lu collaborated on the drama, the two had actually worked together on Keep Running <奔跑吧> where Bai Lu is one of the hosts. Dylan previously shared they let go off their images and played freely on the show. After officially filming the show, he saw Bai Lu’s professional and focused side.

A few days ago, Dylan filmed for Keep Running again where he reunited with Bai Lu. Fans were excited to see Bai Lu holding onto Dylan’s arm sweetly. Bai Lu wore a frilly mini dress while Dylan wore a white shirt with capped sleeves and black sleeveless denim jumpsuit on top. He topped off the cool look with a black tie and sunglasses. When they went outdoors, all the members changed into basketball uniforms and played in the mud. When they got off work, their faces were black with mud with only their eyes exposed and they looked like pieces of coal. Netizens had a good laugh at their funny selfies with Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞).

Dylan was caught cracking up when he asked someone to take a selfie with him. Even though he was covered in mud, he made sure his sneakers did not get dirty. Netizens joked this was a trendy man’s last insistence. The news brought up memories of Dylan’s other hilarious and famous appearance on The Irresistable <元氣滿滿的哥哥> where he wore a large watermelon over his head. It immediately became a meme and a trending search so netizens are excited for his antics on Keep Running as well.

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